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How to develop your style in 10 steps

How to develop your style in 10 steps? Developing your personal style is tricky. It’s revolves around your inner skill to develop your personality through your clothes, and besides, without any external help. It’s a whole process, and it’s okay to try different trends and experiment with combinations, but truth is, you don’t want to wander a lot. It’s about developing your own personal signature and, for that I though I will share with you some inspirational quotes of designers, which totally have inspired me through this long process of developing your “personal style“.
1. Anyone can dressed up and glamorous, but it is how people dress in their days off that is the most intriguing (Alexander Wang) 
Indeed, when you’re about to go out for a special evening, it’s easy to dress up glamorous (grab a red lipstick), but on your days off, the first thing you’ll grab will express how you feel and how you want to be seen. When it comes to mine, first thing I will grab is a pair of skinny jeans, and a black button down shirt.
2. Style is personality. It’s having the ability to look at things beyond fashion and the self-confidence to transform even the simplest thing into something special (Dolce and Gabbana) 
Personality comes through yourself and through a lot of things including your style. Definitely it expresses through your words and ideas, but through your style, it’s a way for you to express your perception of fashion, and your ability to adapt to trends (or according to it, if you reject all of the trends). You can transform something simple in something special when you’re adapting your style to you silhouette.
3. Confidence, if you have it, you can make anything look good (Diane Von Furstenberg)
Confidence is the key. I admit it’s hard to believe in it, to be confident and to love who you are for who you are with flaws and qualities, but it’s essential. It’s easier being said, but I found out it’s making the all difference, especially when you want to embrace you true personality. Being confident as DVF said, can make anything look good. Confidence is the thing that will make you radiate and completely own the piece you’re sporting. 
4. Personal style is about projecting ease and confidence, and knowing it’s all in the proportions (Francisco Costa) 
It’s all about proportions. Depending on your heigh and silhouette, something will look perfect on you, or not. Moreover, one crazy important principle is to test your outfit according to proportions. Don’t pair Mom jeans with a shirt that will waste the incredibly flattering cut of the jeans. One piece can totally make the trick if you choose carefully what piece you will pair it with.
5. I think personal style comes from within because it’s a philosophy and an attitude. If you’re honest and true to yourself, you will have the best personal style (Stella McCartney)
Personal style doesn’t have to be overthought and superficial. Then, it will be noticed and it won’t look good on you. Personal style is all about your own personality, what you want to express with your clothes is somehow something you won’t need to express with your words. 
6. Personal style is about taking classic pieces and reinterpreting them to make them your own (Frida Giannini) 
Personal style doesn’t have to be something out of the ordinary to be yours. Your personal style can be just about reinterpreting the classics your own way, and it doesn’t have to do anything with the eyes watching and scanning your every move. Reinterpreting classic pieces is kind of the thing I do, and it’s my philosophy of living Fashion. 
7. Personal style is what drives you to be an individual, whether it be clothing, music, art, jewellery, opinion et cetera. It is being who you are and being proud of where you are from (JP Gauthier)
Your style is yours because it has the power to express your philosophy, your ideas and your confidence into what you believe. It’s definitely a form of Art, and it’s how you can express yourself through your style. No need to think about what others will think. Be proud of who you are by expressing yourself. 
8. It’s about knowing when to say yes and when to say no (Michael Kors)
There are pieces you will definitely say no to. I have said no to many pieces, and the fact that it’s all over the runways or on trends don’t make it good to wear. Wearing Moschino/ Scott reinterpreation of Barbie’s pink and completely unwearable collection won’t make you cool (it will make you on trend, for sure), if you don’t embrace it. 
9. Less is always more with personal style. Just know yourself, know what works for you and be naturally confident in expressing that (Stella McCartney)
This is my personal philosophy. My own personal style would be sum’ up as a collection of black, white, grey and denim multipurpose pieces of clothing. I love trends, but I love more reinterpreting a pencil skirt, supposedly made to be worn with a crop. I would pair it with a stripped tee, some high heels and a denim shirt tucked around my waist. 
10. I always say that I don’t like when people follow trends too much, just because it is on the runway. I think what you wear really does need to reflect what your own personal style is (Rachel Zoe)
I don’t think there’s much left to say than: embrace your personality, and don’t forget, trends come and go. Trust your guts and wear what you know will look good on you, according to your silhouette.