largeHappy HumpDay kiddos! So today I wanted to focus on Social Media, and bring you some tips I’ve learnt while brainstorming through the magical tool we call Google. Social Media are useful necessary tools to whether sell your brand, make you known or even share exclusive content with your readers. Even though you’re not a blogger, social media such as Instagram or Twitter can be so time consuming, because following the right people on Instagram will make you double tap each of their photos twice. Either way, since we’re talking about blogging, social media can be very useful for you to bring extra content, share your posts at a day-to-day schedule, but it’s surely not easy to understand how to use it properly. I’m currently a lover of Instagram and Pinterest, more than Twitter and Facebook. As a lover of everything shareable regarding visual content, I have a tendency to be more on those two social media. So, here are some guidelines for you to use them properly.

1. Use a scheduling app. This little trick is new to me, but it’s so useful that I wanted to share it with you. There are apps such as Coscheduling, Buffer or Hootsuit who will maximize and save your time. These apps allow you to schedule your tweets, Facebook posts and Instagram one and you can schedule in advance whatever post you want to share. Plus, the calendar app allows you to create a complete posts calendar, that will, trust me, be very useful, when you want to be organized about your post for the next week or even next month (depending of the subject of your website). So download it, it will make your life easier, if you’re like me.

2. Use Pinterest to grow your traffic. This particular social media is really appealing regarding its visual content. I’ll admit I have a tendency to reach for this one more than Tumblr, and for one particular reason: Pinterest engineers have changed something and they introduced an algorithm for you to be able to see and share pins more relevant to your interests, who you follow and your related pins. Even though you don’t have to understand this part, it’s pretty relevant for you and your traffic. Pinterest is quite manageable and useful because it allow you to share with your readers what elements define your brand and your style. One way to use it to its best capacity is to create Boards that will directly engage your readers and their attention, since it’s perfectly organized and clean. Furthermore, you can schedule your pins, so you reach potential readers while they’re looking for pins just like yours. By creating and scheduling your feed, you’ll be productive and save some time.

3. Try to be exclusive. If you’re posting on Instagram, there’s a chance you’re also posting on Twitter and Facebook. After brainstorming loads, I discover that your reader, for them to be engaged, need to realize they are engaging because of the exclusive content they had the chance to discover online. Let me explain it in another way. Give your readers a reason to follow you on Instagram by keeping some content exclusive to Instagram only. It’s tempting to post 10 pics of the same outfit in one blog post, but think about what your readers want to see. Try to save some for your feed, because if you love Insta, it’s because people share a part of their content that is exclusive and also glam!
While you try to post daily on there, I know it’s not always fun to see the exact same content on all your social media channels. Indeed, it’s clearly possible that your feed won’t make it to those other websites!

4. Engage with your audience. One essential thing that I constantly try to do is to engage with my readers. I always take time to respond to comments on my website, as I do on Instagram. If you’re doing what you do it’s because you want to share something with like-minded people right? So it’s time to take some action to engage with your readers and respond to them is part of it. You’re a lot more appealing to gain a follower (and engage them to follow you) if you reply to their comment – and also, you can leave comments on your fellow bloggers page to support them!

5. Use tools. We don’t all have a photographer bf (just checked that case!), but it’s not essential. We do all have smartphones apps that can help us to edit, and filter our photos!
I have my favorites as well, but one rule is to not overdo it! You can enhance the beauty of your photo, but it has to be like it’s still your photo! I like VSOCam, SnapSeed and LookSee. Also, I love to frame mine (as you may see), and I’m using Afterlight – which is like so good.

What about your tips for blogging? Did you like these one? I’d love to know! 

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