Happy humpday kiddos! I’ve been already talking about how we need to stop comparing our style to others, this being unproductive and that everyone’s success is different. Truth is, comparing yourself to others from time to time is necessary because, to be successful in business and in life, you have to always and constantly learn and adapting. You don’t have to change your blogging voice drastically; you just have to be aware of what your competition is, in sort you may learn from it.

You don’t have to check others’ blogs constantly, but simply check a few blogs similar to yours and see how they can help you to be better at what YOU do. Of course, one of the trap is to fall into the trap of jealousy, endless comparison, depreciation of your own work and being overwhelmed with how much others bloggers have achieved, which you may have not. Truth be told, I’ve seen myself falling into this trap. You just need to realize that those bloggers, who have turned their blogs into flourishing business, have made so after years of practice and hard work. To be in business for yourself, and be successful is what matters. Endless comparison is not the best way to achieve this goal. The key here is analysis, and being able to look at other blogs with an objective eye towards learning instead of comparing

1. Identify competitors. As fashion bloggers, we may be all competitors in some way. It takes time to understand, but it’s not true. Each blogger out there has a special niche (Defining and growing your niche will be my next blog tips article, be prepare!). Precisely, you need to define your niche, narrow it down, consider how long they’ve been blogging, who they work with, what is their platform (WordPress and blogger are really not the same tool) and make a list: who are the bloggers in the same place as yours, and bloggers that are at the place you want to be. First step done: there are your competitors.

2. Analyse your competition. Once a month or more, you just need to look at your blogger’s competitors with an analysis eye, and not a jealous one. Check this with an objective eye. Meaning, look at what type of posts they’re posting and which of them have the more interaction, and take a look at their social media account. You cannot compare with a super blogger such as Chiara or Kristina – they’ve been working on their business for so long that it’s quite hard to compare yourself to them. Try to understand why they’ve been better than you – understand that and try to learn from it. Perhaps, they are more genuine into their writing, they have a simpler and clean design or their pictures are prettier. Then, you need to check what they’re using as equipment, or if they’ve required the service of a designer.

3. Ask for help. You may want to learn how to be a better blogger (maybe, that’s the reason why you’re reading this), but one tip is to interact with others bloggers and try to help each other’s out. Being competitors doesn’t mean you can’t ask for help to your competitor, who they’ve already been successful. The more of us successful, the better it is. As I said, we don’t all have the same niche.

4. Take directions. After analysis, you need to define your next goals for the coming month. Make a list of what you need to go there and achieve your goals. If you want to focus on developing your audience, define 5 things you want to do, and stick to them. It might be about your design, make some research, and you can definitely find some free templates that will respond to your wishes, and what you want to achieve. Creating goals and tasks is the most important step here. Without the work and specific tasks to accomplish, you may be discourage real quick and give up. If you’re serious about that, stick to your tasks.

5. Work, and stick to your tasks. It’s time to accomplish your tasks, and not to continually analyse your competition work and success. One thing I’ve learnt, is that if you want to be successful, work have to be done. Success is not given easily. Let go of the need to constantly comparing yourself to others and measuring your blog’s numbers to others. The comparative analysis has been done, now it’s time to take actions and aim for the success you want.
Competition is important, because it makes us want to grow and develop our own skills. If not, we will just be too lazy to do anything to improve our business. What’s important is to find a balance; as in anything: don’t be obsessed with your competition, but don’t forget about them. It’s a way to learn more about your business, your aim and yourself!

Image source: Wanderlust and co