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5 tips on How to deal with negative comments


0cee1047ef87beffb656f203795a201dExceptionally, today article won’t be related to blogging tips as usually. I don’t do life improvement topics on the blog, because I don’t think I’m quite the expert at it. As everyone, I experienced the downsides of the Internet, as well as the good sides. You may think that putting out there photos of yourself, or whatever regarding what you love to do will only attract good vibes, but it is proven by far, that people, due to the possibility allowed to everyone to hide behind a screen, tend to say whatever they think about you.

We all should be able to receive negative comments with respect for the person writing down their opinions. As a blogger, or even in general, you should be able to hear it and take it, and consider them as not completely unconstructive.

I have experienced it before, and I know that the first thing you’ll want to do is defend yourself. It is perfectly understandable, but there are other ways to deal with negative comments.

      1.Prepare for it. Putting either yourself, your passion or your work out there is a risk. There will be some people who will disagree with your opinions, your sense of style or even your entire project. Don’t ever think you will please everybody, because you won’t be loved by everyone. If you’re calling yourself a ‘stylist’ or a ‘photographer’, just make sure you have some body of work or list of accomplishments to back up your claims.

       2.Calm down. As a matter of fact, it’s the first thing to do regarding negative comments. Don’t take those nasty comments for yourself. Read them and pass on.

       3.Learn from it. There’s a difference between shallow, negative, nasty comments and constructive ones. Any comments about a blogger’s appearance should be classified in the box ‘shallow’. There is not such a nasty thing that lowest a person for their appearance. If readers are commenting on disclosure, sponsored post or the core of the article, for which the photo is a back up, it is constructive and it can help others to understand their point.
A lot of time, hurtful comments have some truth. Learning from it, I know that only the truth may ever hurt you, and even though this person is shallow and nasty, you can definitely try to understand their point and learn from it to upgrade your competences.

       4.Listen and Use positive language. If you feel the envy to respond, ever way it’s through mail or on Instagram for instance, it’s better to use a positive language. People will be a lot more surprised with your tone if you’re trying to listen to their claims without lowering the level of your language. Better to skip the aggressive and blunt way of responding, and focus on making them comfortable. Sometimes, all they want is to be heard.

       5.Back up your response. If you’re feeling like there is a way to have a genuine conversation with your interlocutor, maybe you could respond to them while bringing up some facts to back up your opinion. Better to find a solution and try to solve the issue arising there. Of course, you could also ignore it or even delete it.

Some negative comments should be deleted; comments that are being hurtful for the sake of being hurtful. Pointing out physical flaws are always those I’m considering moderating. I will try to understand the point of the reader first, and then consider the options.

Overall, your blog is your space. Personal attacks should not be allowed to spare in a free way, and that’s only my opinions. In the past, I had to deal with some nasty comments, and they have been hurtful, even though I’ve had realized those people were nasty to be so. Responding to negative comments on my blog, or any social media had always helped me.

Moreover, it’s always better to respond to negative comments with respect and understanding, since your readers will remember your aggressive reactions and your positive ones. As for me, I’ve always considered the positive option, because I’d never want someone to ignore or respond aggressively. I hope those positive thoughts have helped you and I’d love to hear more of your thoughts and your advices! x

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