IMG_2241Hi guys! It’s already Thursday, and usually this post was meant to be scheduled on Wednesday, but kiddos, sometimes we don’t control hectic weeks. So today, I want to talk you about something specific. I’ve already pointed out some tips for you to be successful as a blogger, such as finding your blogging voice, or how to use your social media at its best. As I already mentioned this, your niche is really a big part of your blogging journey. It’s all about finding it, and hooking your readers onto something that only you can provide. As a blogger you need to create a loyal audience, choose a name, grown readership, provide quality content. Since I’m learning this little series, I’ve learned a lot about blogging and I continue to learn through weekly brainstorming. I though I’d share this week what I’ve learnt about the search of your blogging niche. Finding your niche is important, because your decisions regarding your blog should take this in consideration. This business is continuously evolving, so we’re still finding out new things every day. It allows you to have great opportunities, and I hope it will continue for a long time. It can be difficult to find out what makes you different among the thousands of blogs out there. First, you have to find a creative idea that will set your blog apart.

1. Define areas of interests. You blog should be about something you’re really passionate about. This idea will define your brand and what sets your blog apart. If you’re not interested or passionate enough about your topic, you will quickly run out of ideas or subjects to write about, and if you’re planning on blogging for a long time, you will get easily bored. What about asking yourself what you’re passionate about? Do a list of what you do in your spare time. What kind of blogs do you like to read? Your area of interests should be something you could easily talk about endlessly, or what makes you truly unique among others. As for me, I could easily think about a lot of things, but one thing that can pinpoint my areas of interests are the evolution of a tomboy style around key pieces such as minimalistic one. It’s definitely my UPS (Unique selling point) and it defines what I love to call my brand. What is yours?

2. Creativity is the key. Along this road, I’ve learnt some things about creativity and the definition of your brand. I love to learn more and sharing it with you. Getting creative is the fun part of a blog. Sure, you might have started your blog for a reason, but the challenge is that you have to be creative every day. It’s okay to be inspired by others (Pinterest is surely a trustworthy source of inspiration for yours truly), but following with what everyone else is already doing is the easy way out, but the challenge is to find creative ideas that will haven’t been seen before, and that will make your voice and your blog special. My favorite blog are written by people who stands among the crowded blogosphere because they dare to do something that wasn’t done before. I can only think about Noor, Sara or Margaret. They are my favorite bloggers because, they did something special, and they inspired me every day, and what I’m trying to do with Tomboy Chronicle is evolving around the same idea. I definitely want to inspire others and share my personal style and story with loads of people.

3. Hook your readers. Rule number #1 according to me, is that I would never post something I will not be interested into reading. The challenge is here. Above creativity, you have to ask yourself is you’ll read what you will post and if it will interest your readers. Thinking about it, your readers are coming back to your blog because they find an interest into reading what you have to say, and the reason is that because you hooked them as you would do with yourself. Brainstorming is kind of the only way to do it. Of course, it’s challenging and by now, you may have realized it takes a lot of time. Following others and copycat won’t do any good. The blogosphere is so crowded that you won’t stand out that way.

4. Find your strengths. It’s linked to your areas of interests. Interest in your blog from your reader comes because, first you’re really passionate about your topic, and second because you’ve some skills that you’re using in the best way. You blogging route must be define around your skills and what you’re good at. It could be a food blog, because you’re a great chef and of your inventiveness. Fashion blogs are also another area, but your strength in that area is that you have to have a personal style that will define you. It may be not enough to be passion about Fashion – you have to have some skills at creating outfits that will catch the eyes of your readers.

5. Ask yourself some questions. Finally, some questions might lead you onto your “find your niche” route. Ask yourself in what you’re interesting into? Why are your reading the blogs you’re reading and why are you constantly coming back to it? Is it just because of the concurrence or because you find their style inspiring and that you want to learn something from them? I certainly know why I read the blogs I read. For instance: I’m continually coming back to Noor blog because, I’m really inspired by her and by her travels. As for Margaret, I love her esthetic and also, she’s a law school student as I am, and it’s really refreshing to read her opinions about the both area I’m also interested into. Also, you can ask yourself what are the areas people often ask your advices for? In case, you think this niche is saturated – I must admit that when I started, not so long ago, I though about the saturation and it’s not always easy – and you may ask yourself how you could do it another way.

It’s the end of today’s tips. What did you think about? Did this help you out? I hope so, and I’d really want to hear your advices about the tricky thing of finding your niche!