Recommendation for Paris. Eating, shopping, wandering, sleeping can be quite a struggle in the capital. As for coffee and food, it’s always nice to have some recommendations, and friends recommendations helping, it’s quite easier to pick a place to take a coffee or to grab some food. Addition to what I’m writing down there, there are some places I didn’t have the chance to go, but those I’m pointing out are quite amazing coffee place. Grabbing a good cup can be quite a coffee struggle. Instagram worthy, they are most are.. but some are just nice for meetings or enjoy a good cup of roasted coffee. So let’s go!

1. Coutume Café

In the heart of the 7th arrondissement, it’s a place where you can have one of the best coffee ever. Pretty rough marble tables inside, and there is no terrace, but incredible big upfront windows. This place is lively, and if you have the luck to be seated in the corner next to the window, it’s even more comfortable to enjoy your break. The opening hours are really flexible, and it’s one of those Café that are still open past 7 pm.

A Case For Flare

It’s facing the Jardins du Palais Royal, and it’s definitely one of those hidden gems I was talking about. There’s just room enough for a bar, where you can sit, and enjoy a giant cup of soy coffee. Just around the corner of the Famous Comédie Française, it’s quite a chic place to schedule your meetings there.

3. Merci Canteen

Coffee place and food canteen. Best of both world are comprised at this address. Loving the constant movement of the crowd, and this place is particular, since it’s literally an old book shop (aka vintage book shop). You’re completely surrounded by old books, and you can definitely sit down, sip your coffee or eat while reading some books you picked from the shelves.

4. Maison Bastille

If the Liberty patterns should be personified into a place, it should be here. Nice minimalist white and tan tables surrounded by flowery printed walls. The place is awesome to grab some foods, and enjoying a coffee break here is a mandatory choice when you’re hesitating.

5. Carette

Institution. Delicious pastries to accompany your cup of hot chocolate or green tea. Whatever works, but if indulging, it should be there.

6. La Caféothèque

This place is so vintage and rough, that I always want to stop by when I’m around the corner of Rue de Rivoli. Coffee is quite strong, but good. Apple pie or carrot cake in the fridge will makes you feel like you deserve to indulge, even if it’s the middle of the noon.

7. Coutume Instituuti

It’s literally my Finnish GQ. Around the corner of my old faculty, I loved to go there when classes were finally called off for the day. It’s filled with cool people and the playlist they’re constantly playing is so nice and refreshing.

8. The Broken Arm

Food canteen, coffee place and shop store. All in one, but all so good. Brunching there is required; they have so many dishes you want to try, and you should.

9. Télescope Café

Next to the Opera place, it’s such a great place to grab a cup of coffee and have a nice chat with the two owners of the place. Most of it, the best thing to try is definitely the banana bread. There’s something amazing about this place, since it’s located inside a little street around the Corean hood of the city.

10. Café Craft

Around the corner of my ancient hood, wandering through the 10th arrondissement is incredibly nice and lively when the warmer month are swigging by (don’t consider this week weather as a reference. Under pouring rain it’s pretty depressing to take a walk there). Grabbing food there or just meeting friends is so nice. It’s a coworking and friendly environment, and it’s perfect to work.

11. Fondation Café

In the heart of the Northern Marais, there’s this little coffee place where you can sit at the terrace and enjoy a big latte in a green giant cup. Their roasted coffee is so damn good, that it’s the main reason why I love to go there, and walk the whole route, even if it’s pouring rain.

12. Claus

Main reason to stop by this place: brunch. As for me, they have quite the best pastries, and the place design is so minimalistic, luminous and bright, that it sounds like perfection to enjoy some dishes.

13. Juice It

It’s my go-to place when I want to grab a green smoothie to recharge my batterie. They have the best one, and since there’s not of places in the city who makes good juices, I recommend this one.

14. Boot Café

When entering, you might have some doubt about this place and what they’re selling. Very retro, very recommendable for their coffee and their juices.

Those are my food and coffee recommendations for Paris! I’d love to know which one you like in Paris or elsewhere. Every time I’m travelling, I’m always looking for some good coffee places. What are yours? x