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HM Shirt, Asos Jeans, Lancaster Bag, New Balance sneakers

These last days flew by and I didn’t even noticed it. As my Italian trip is about to end, I realize that gratefulness for these moments should be released. Rome is such a pretty city, filled with historical and majestic places, that even as a Parisian, it should be pointed out that Rome is as beautiful and quite incredible on its own. On the first day we arrived, even though we were completely exhausted, we decided to enjoy the city and wandered through it as if we didn’t know where we will end up. This trip was actually under the wandering philosophy.

As I hate guided tour, and since Rome is constantly filled with horde of tourists, the perfect strategy to enjoy such a place was to take a walk and wander through its millions incredible and cute streets. As surprising as it is, we stumbled upon the Ghetto hood, via Pietro Cossa, and I can say that it is one of my favorite place to be lost. If you’ve been to the Marais in Paris, this hood is quite the same. It’s filled with cute restaurants and on Sunday, it’s the perfect place to enjoy a brunch. Furthermore, as for my outfit, I was wearing my Tomboy attire, composed of the separate pieces I’ll be always sure to grab before heading to the airport: a boyfriend stripped buttoned down shirt, a pair of ripped hight waisted skinny jeans, and a pair of sneakers, because who would I be without those?

When you’re living out of a suitcase for several days, it’s tricky to be stylish without repeating wardrobe attires. As for me, I’m constantly thinking in outfits when I’m making my suitcase before flying out.

1. It’s all about the basics. Travelling, either way through Europe or, anywhere else, requires precision and organization. You know you can’t bring with you all of your wardrobe, so cut to the essentials. Remember, it’s more practical to bring some basics and play with those, than bringing pieces that would be hard to style then.

2. Travelling requires sneakers. Advice is: don’t bring heels, because you won’t wear them when visiting sites, wandering through the city of your pick, or taking a stroll. Wandering doesn’t mean you have to dress up like typical tourists – meaning, wearing shorts and an old bag pack. Travelling with style is also about comfort. Sneakers like my beloved New Balance will definitely be loved by your feet.

3. Hands free. Finally, grabbing a body cross bag or a bag pack will be of used. Tourists are always travelling with a big backpack because, it’s known, while visiting sites, it’s be more of use to have your hands free of anything. Leave your pretty designer bag at your place. Somehow, you’ll better be off x


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