Healthy and dewy skin won’t magically be granted to you one day. As for everything, you need to work on it. I’m not an expert or a dermatologist, but I learned some trick to achieve a hydrated, healthy and dewy skin.

Living in downtown Paris; it’s quite difficult to lead a healthy lifestyle. Regarding all the brands we’re constantly advertised with, there’s not one when I don’t find something new that might do the trick. I tend to stay close to the things I know about, according to their composition and the effect they promised would be granted as soon as I’ll be consistent with the use of the products.

As for skincare, I don’t do in complicated things, and if you’re in that team, I totally understand why. Some creams and serums are pricey, but they do work. I’m constantly on the search for the right one, but one thing that I keep in mind is moisturized.

Living in such a city as Paris (and as polluted) it can be quite difficult to maintain a healthy skin. Each time I’m travelling to a city closed to the ocean, I feel the difference. Paris might be beautiful and exciting, but some products and tips are needed to maintain and achieve this healthy skin I’m talking about. I won’t talk about products, but rather about tips I acquired along my search for the perfect skincare routine.

How to get a dewy skin? Here are 5 tips to get a dewy skin which I’ve been constant with regarding to:

1.WATER. It has been said, and I won’t be the first one to tell you how important it is. Staying hydrated is the key of a dewy skin. You need to drink at least 8 cups of water a day. So drink up starting jumping out of bed.

2.SWEAT IT OUT. Exercising is not only the key to being more energized and better, but it also has an impact on your skin. As you’re sweating, your pores are opening and all the toxins released out of your body. You don’t want clog pores, and just think about the feeling of achievement after a class of Bikram Yoga.

3.MOISTURIZE. Your skin needs to be moisturized twice a day. Depending on your skin nature; the moisturize you’ll use might be different. Nourishing your skin is really important since it will prepare your skin for your make up, and it will give your skin an healthy glow, while feeling like cotton under your fingers.One thing that I love to do is to use Coconut oil as a make remover. I’m constantly drowned to natural ingredients and raw pure coconut oil is the basic element I use as an everyday moisturizer. Of course, I use a suited moisturizer for my skin such as the Toleriane cream from La Roche-Posay and the Roseship and Camelia Serum from Grown Alchemist as I already mentioned them before. They work magic!

4.SUN PROTECTION. Wrinkles, sun spots and all those nasty things are the kind of things you don’t want them appearing on your skin while aging. Aging is beautiful, but it’s also nice to avoid all of those disadvantages. So, I know it has been said many times, but I can’t emphasize it. Wearing sunblock is so important. I love the Kiehl’s ULTRA LIGHT DAILY UV DEFENSE SPF 50 PA +++ as it’s lightweight, but still doing it’s job perfectly. Living in a city doesn’t protect you.

5.BEAUTY SLEEP. It’s free as drinking water. Sleeping is part of the process of recharging your battery, but it’s also an ingredient to the achievement of this healthy and dewy skin. I love to sleep with a sleeping mask, but as my favorite one is not available in France, it’s quite difficult to find one, which is good. Again, it has been said, but you need to sleep. It’s been demonstrated that our generation had loose one hour and half of sleep for the past century. Get 8 hours of sleep, and your next – day dewy skin will thank you.

I hope these tips helped you and sometimes even if it’s obvious, we’re stubborn and we don’t realize how important it is. Healthy lifestyle requires work, but pretty sure you can do it, and dewy skin will be yours! x