April Review

A Case For Flare

Could we just take a step back? May is here, and I can’t believe two things: first, it’s raining as it’s November out there, and second, April review is right on time: page 5 of the year is starting its course, and my birthday just went by. As for April, it was quite a busy month. College is finally over for me – I can’t believe I’m writing down this, but I’m so excited to be over with Law School. I’m starting to realize that everything that will encounter the road I’ll design for myself will be completely unexpected. I won’t tell more yet, because I don’t want to jinx myself. There so much more to expect for the next months actually!

Quite a busy month, and as we just came back from Rome, we had the chance to discover Historic gems and enjoy a little retreat, even if the sun wasn’t always ready to please us. A Case For Flare. Warmer month are coming ahead, and I’m so excited for it. I do have my favorite outfit down there, what is yours? I’m quite eager to know!

How was your month of April? x

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A Case For Flare