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How to be minimalist, but still comfortable while travelling

How to be minimalist, but still comfortable while travelling? It’s the whole interrogation. As you may have noticed, my personal style revolved almost only about minimal pieces, basics that will never get old, but still chic, due to my belief that clothes can definitely empower you.

Everyone’s belief is different, and we all have a different style, but as for the power of clothes, as Kym, designer of Ellery told, I only tend to plan my outfit for the week. When I live by a suitcase, this turns to be difficult. As packing is a challenge, I only bring with me simple, minimalist pieces that I know will be worn more than once, since I can’t bring my entire wardrobe. That being told, there are some rules. Read on to see.


Pack your basic Jeans. Jeans are the core of a wardrobe. A Case For Flare skinny, ripped or not, you can’t do without them. Ripped black skinny jeans are basics that I always bring with me, and when I don’t know what to wear, they are the first thing I’ll grab. Then I’ll build my outfit around it.

Some¬†savior Leather. Blazers are basics, but it’s the same for leather jacket. Once you own a perfect leather / suede jacket, life will be easier. Such as travelling. Only outerwear you need to bring with you, especially when travelling through Europe. You never know when it’s going to rain, so be farsighted. As for example, those photos were taken few minutes before it pours cats and dogs.¬†

Always go for flats, and preferably booties. Not the first one to say this, but flats are essential when travelling. While I adore sneakers, I have a pretty good collection of ankle booties. I always go for booties with some silver details such as those buckles. They are so comfortable, and you can wander around the city without being worried about your feet.

So that’s my tricks guys, and it came really handy lately, particularly when you’re struggling on mornings rushing out the doors, and don’t have the time to be creative. Heres’ my last outfit from Rome!

– Ripped Jeans –
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– Leather Jacket –
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