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Travelling is one of the way you’re putting you out there. It’s a way to test if you can embrace the whole no routine lifestyle, or not. As a wanderer, I’m completely into this no routine lifestyle. Every time I’m overseas, I feel like the world is not what we imagine it is. Something more incredible that it seems to be, and each corner can definitely reveal something different for you. Learning from your experiences and travels is something you’ll keep only for yourself, unless you decide to share it with others. Keeping up with a Travel blog (and they are so many great one out there, I’m obsessed with World of Wanderlust and Tuula Vintage), is a great way to choose your next destination, if you are also a member of the Wanderer club. There is this impression of freedom, as if the world is just here for you to embrace the journey, just not only the destination.

As for my last trip, we went to Rome, and we just came back from this insane trip where we’ve embraced completely the condition of a wanderer travelling through European cities. Every day was kind of unexpected, and we discovered so many things we didn’t plan to see. Stumbling upon great places for coffees and food was definitely one of the perks of this trip. As for today, I wanted to share with you some places we’ve been to, and which I definitely enjoy. Rome is a food destination and is known for the incredible Italian food such as Pizza and pastas. What I didn’t know was that there was some coffees places and restaurants which have embraced the whole vegetarian, gluten-free and healthy lifestyle. Actually, as an addicted to this kind of food, it was so nice to be able to enjoy some Italian food the way I like it to be.

Here are some places you want to walk in when you’re in Rome:

1. Ginger

This place is in the Historic center of Rome, and it’s filled with people morning through night. The food is delicious – I had an Açai bowl and an amazing smoothie – and the place design is so great. It reminds me of New York and their amazing Juice bar I stopped by every morning.

2. Buddy

This place is incredible, but you might miss it when you’re taking a walk through the Vittoria Emmanuele / Toro Argentino hood. The concept behind the service is great; it’s sort of a buffet and you can eat whatever you want. Anyway, I tested their Lattes; and the thing I adore about them is that they carry out some Almond milk. It’s so rare to grab a good Almond latte those days.

3. Ops

We stumbled upon this place as we weren’t searching for anything in particular. It’s definitely a place to test when you’re in Rome. The people are so nice, and they will do anything to give you what you want even though their english isn’t quite fluent as expected. They are known for their Vegetarian food and their delicious juices and smoothies. I test the Detox one, and this was one of the best Juices I’ve ever tested including those I tested at Juice Generation in Manhattan.

4. Kosher Bistrot

In the heart of the Eternal city, it’s one of those place you want to test. Grabbing either way a coffee or having a glass of White wine is such a pleasure. It’s located in the Ghetto hood, and their food is so delicious, especially the salads.

5. Gelateria dei Gracchi

If you’ve been following our trip through the Eternal Rome on Snapchat, you will know what I’m talking about. Nothing less than the best gelateria in Rome. This place is so small, but their ice creams, they are definitely worth the indulgence. The trip to go there after our Vatican visit-ish was hilarious and unforgettable.

It’s all for me concerning the places where to eat and grab a cup of coffee in Rome. There are so many others, but those are the ones I wanted to tell you about. They are definitely the best for peep who wants to eat less Pizza and pastas when in Italy. Have you been to Rome? What did you think of the food there? I’d love to know! x