Week in Square

Week in square 1

A couple of snaps from my device I  took this week or as I like to call it, week in square. Instagram is ruling our lives, us bloggers, and as Snapchat (@Liananm is mine, follow me!), it’s such a fun way to share your daily life, in a glamorous way. This week was all about appreciating Paris through the lens of my camera. It’s all about the planning of the next trip, and I definitely can’t wait to pick my next destination. Nothing urban, but a lot of palm trees . Coffee, a little black dress, and the feeling of accomplishment after a run of 8 Km. Snaps talk for themselves, and my Instagram is @Tomboychronicle. If you’re not following me there, you should. I’m cooking some stuff I’m excited to share. Eager to know how your week went, so tell me down below! Have a great weekend x