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A Quick Guide To Adding Navy To Your Wardrobe

NavyThink in opportunities..

Don’t worry guys, I’m not turning you into a color hater. You may have noticed, for quite some time, that there’s a trend for minimalism, and that in the fashion community, some abnegate the idea of wearing any color. And whilst I’m all about simplicity – proven by A+B that my style revolves around a few elements – I love giving my wardrobe a twist by adding some color. Let just consider navy as a color. It’s not black, it’s navy actually. Some colors can bring to your outfit something fresh. Actually, whilst I’m all for making it easier to get dressed in the morning, accessories are a part you can’t skip. It will help you to feel great in the clothes you’re wearing.

How to make your outfit comfortable, easy to replicate, appropriate and fun? These last few days, I was checking all of those racks of clothing, and I’ve been searching for something navy. Navy is the next Fall color. Those pieces have became staples in my wardrobe. Apply those rules to find out what works for you, and your wardrobe, and what don’t.


BDG Shirt (same here, here and here), Mango Skort, Nike Shoes, H&M Hat (same here)

Figure before splurge. The biggest mistake you can make is to buy things on a whim and that they don’t fit. I’m all about thinking through before splurging on anything I would buy. There is something rewarding when you finally splurge onto the perfect components for your wardrobe.

Think in opportunities. Oh so important. It’s all about thinking when you’ll wear it. Such a hat is not a banal accessorize. How you pair every part of your outfit matters. It has to fit and you have to feel great when you’re wearing the whole ensemble together.

Assess in classics or impulse. With any style, you have to understand yours. As in any situation, in fashion there are trends and there are classics. What you want to do is fill your wardrobe with classic pieces, since trends always come and go, and your style should be unique, personal and not commutable. Adding navy to your wardrobe will add a twist, and ease up your morning routine during Fall.

Pair it with alternatives. As always, before you splurge on any statement piece, just evaluate your alternatives. Make sure it’s the perfect keystone piece – and a boyfriend white shirt is always handy – and that you’ll be able to pair everything you’re wearing with it, or at least, you won’t be staring at your wardrobe endlessly in the morning.

How would you add navy to your wardrobe? Do you consider it as a neutral? What about your perfect and classic accessorize?

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