I was so happy to read that some of you were ready to take the leap, or were thinking about relocating to another country. Feeling less alone. We’re not pretending around here, so don’t you ever think it’s a light decision. It’s amazing to take the moving leap. Now, one part that ain’t lovely is the moving process. Moving sucks! When you have a luggage limit, it’s not enjoyable. Read on to get organized and find out about my 9 tips to appreciate your move.

  1. Throw/Sell stuff

Chances are you won’t be able to ship everything to your new place. Even if the thought of throwing everything out is appealing, chances are you’re coming back eventually, and it’s nice to know some of those will wait for you. Some of those need to be squared away, such as gym memberships, your university card, phone bills, credit cards debts, anything trying you up to your hometown. Make sure you leave enough money in your account to be able to live for the first few months.

  1. Pack Up Your Stuff

This part is essential and it’s the opportunity to found the minimalist in you. If you want to be the minimalist, just like me, I promise you: two suitcases seem to be enough. Okay, it’s eventually a reason to be such organized when you can’t take with you not more than one suitcase. Also, I bet, I won’t miss anything I’m going to left behind.

  1. Plan where you’re going to stay

Getting a ticket for somewhere you chose, and having nowhere to stay after landing on the ground is only appreciated for a few seconds. Having somewhere to stay is even more appreciated when you just flew by night – if you know someone who will let you live with him for a week (or two!), it’s the best option. If not, the short term rental is also a solution.

  1. Book your ticket early

Eventually, you have found a job or an internship, and you’re aware of the day where you’ll start to work. As for me, I booked my ticket to arrive a few days before. Moving to another country is stressful, but arriving and to enjoy every second of your stay, I advise you to arrive a few days before so, you’ll take your first marks.

  1. Learn the language

Chances are your destination is an exotic one, but still, they speak English. If you’re bilingual, there’s a chance you’ll need to speak English on the first days to get familiar with your surroundings. I probably have had to mention this before, but language is key. It has always an influence on where I’ve decided to relocate. If you’re going somewhere where your mother tongue is different from the language spoken, it’s time to grab that book and learn some!

  1. Make to-do list

Essential. Necessary evil. Even if you’re not a pro at to-do list, those will save you in terms of organization. There are so much stuff to be aware of before boarding. To name a few: have you covered your beauty essentials? Do you know in which category your job falls in (casual, creative or corporate)?

  1. Locate your place and your job’s location

Essential as necessary: Google Maps. There are so many apps to make your life easier, as Citymapper. Before boarding, check out the transportations and how to go from your place to your job’s location.

  1. Learn about transportation

If you’re not a driver, chances you’re relying onto transports. Buses, trams, subway or cabs. Eventually you’ll need to get a new phone subscription, and your transports app is going to be required to live and enjoy your experience abroad.

  1. Don’t forget your family

You’re going to want to have 10 parties with your friends before leaving, and I’m already planning mine. Something we shouldn’t forget is our family. It sounds cliché, but in reality, your family might be the people you’re going to miss the most. Make sure you’ll have the opportunity to communicate (FaceTime, What’sApp, Hangouts, Skype) or a pencil will make it right! If your mum/dad are concerned you’re not coming back (even for a short trip), assure them you’re planning on coming back in a year or so.

Finally, you’re an independent woman. Don’t let anyone tell you’re not able to move to another country. It’s your chance to find your true passion. Just go with it!