Some of you were so pleased with my last post, and requested me to write another one, so let’s do this!If you guys have any more requests or questions, try to put them down below, so can track them and get you an answer and have a discussion with you! Last time we discussed how to get more blog partnerships, and before how to start organising your life. So now, here we are: you have a blog, you narrow down your niche and you know what is your UPS, it’s time for you to know how to create stories and blog posts that fits your identity. How to do so? What do you love?

  1. Gather ideas. Start a list of the topics you’re passionate about and projects that matter to you. Brainstorm and don’t rush the process. As soon as you have at least 5 topics to choose from, you can start writing your first post. Be passionate, it’s the first step.
  2. Create a simple outline. It helps you to stay on tracks and for fellow bloggers, three reasons why: easy to follow, since your main topic is the center of what will become your brand, and then put subtopics. Final reason, it’s the best outline method for beginners to start identifying potential series for your next posts.
  3. Divide a lengthy topic into series. It can be great to get out everything you want to say into one post, but if you have too much infos, the better way for you readers to keep up is to separate topics into series of shorter posts. Anytime your topic have more than 3 subtopics, you can consider splitting the post into a series. Then, you need at least 3-5 supporting ideas for a single post. Make it simple and closely related.
  4. Squash your self-limited beliefs. There’s nothing holding you back than you. Somehow, we impose on ourselves limits, even if we mean it or not. Undo imposed self limitations by countering them with a positive mantra. Think about the things you’ve done, you do have success in your life. Tell yourself you can do it, out loud.
  5. Have a vision. If you want to grow your blog and establish your business, your posts, more than interesting, should embrace your brand identity. So through any post, your purpose of blogging should spring a unique philosophy and you should have your own unique identity, that you want to communicate. 
  6. Work backwards. Plan your business destination such as you would plan your next adventure. No path of success is complete without a plan. Once you’ve came up with the specific point you want to increase, put all your energy and effort into its realization. Then you can write them down and why not share it with your audience? Eventually you can actualize your old content because, as you can imagine, your audience is yours for a reason. It’s the occasion to refresh some memories you felt by taking those pics for ancient content. 


So much things came up to my mind when I was creating this content, and when I’m preparing my editorial content, I took the habit to take some notes, and save some interesting articles I came across. How do you guys deal with this part of the creation of content? Let me down down there! x