Old City


Pull & Bear Coat (Similar here)

Whenever you may stand in this old city – one of the oldest actually – you constantly feel like you belong to something greater, something that is beyond what you may have expected anywhere else. Jerusalem – if you may have ever been there – is one of a kind, and every time I’m going back there, there’s something different about the surroundings. Always somewhere to be, someone to see, and once I’ve stumbled with my crew upon one of the most magnificent building, I knew there was a chance for us to go up there, and check the view from above. Those pics are the first part of my Middle East journey, which is actually the place I move two months ago (already!)… Definitely living the slashier life, and constantly meeting new people who are making this space evolving at each turn I’m taking to follow the right or isn’t it? – artistic track.

Question is: how do we know we’re on the right tracks? There ain’t no definition for it, standing up for what you think is in accordance with you personality is in my opinion the choice we all should make – and that includes yours truly writing from above while flying. I guess there’s one thing that may need to figure out: do you feel comfortable, fulfilled and happy with where you’re standing? Your surroundings are quite important and if you don’t feel fulfilled where you’re standing, it’s never late to analyze your situation and antagonize the results. Realizing I’d be constantly in ow-e in front of such a view, exploring the world with eyes wide open is part of what I love to do. Above are some of the pics I snapped and some, you might have seen them already on my social media channels. For so, and more, watch this space. Something huge is coming. Have a great Sunda-ze x