Tel Aviv Surroundings


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Wearing: Zara jacket (similar here and here), Missguided coat (here), Asos Jeans (here and here), Vintage bag (similar here) 

The moment I stepped a foot in Tel Aviv surroundings, the moment we drove through the country and that I started to wander around the streets, my jaw dropped. When I decided to move, I wanted to find a place where I could find myself living or, at least enjoying the life. I has never stayed that long in a city away from home, and I only a “western” vision of it.

This is the first part of my travel diary. This is by far one of the most incredible places I’ve ever been. So powerful, so lively, so young, disorganized but still, spotless and clean. I tried to capture as much as I can, and so a ton of it are on my Instagram, but it worth posting them onto this space. Every part of this country is completely worth to explore – the Israeli desert seems to be, at sunrise, straight out of a movie. It’s only when I see all of them together that I realize that I already had a great time and that ain’t the end yet! If you have never been to Tel Aviv, I highly recommend you to enter this one in your Bucket list. It’s a place you won’t forget, and that will tear down each cliché… 

  • Your photos are beautiful and full of atmosphere! After reading your post I want to go to Tel Aviv. I’ve got really good plane connection from my city in Poland so all I have to do is to choose a day and book hostel.

    • Glad they’re inspiring! You should, definitely! If you need anything, let me know. This city is my home away from home xx

      • Good to know, when I will be that far may I write to you? I’m really interested in this place.

        • Of course! My contact mail address is always up for anything! x

  • WOW that picture of you on the balcony is stunning. It looks like an incredible place, like you say! What are those blocks wrapped up? They look like soap or cheese 😛

    • It’s in Jerusalem. We’ve been sneaking up to the top of the place, and then we could see the whole holly city! It was just amazing, I couldn’t stop staring! And for the blocks it’s just handmade soap, but they smell so good! x

  • A Road to Travel

    I have wanted to to to Israel for some time but always thought of Jerusalem. Love the pictures and now I now that if I do get there I will have to add Tel Aviv into the list as well. Hope we can find some good flights when we are back in Europe in the fall.

    • Some of those are in Jerusalem, but sure, you have to add TLV on this list! You’re going to find cheap ones. It’s not that pricey to go there! x

  • Jennifer Morrow

    Looks like you are having tons of fun! Definitely not what I imagined.

    • Yes! I had a ton of fun. I’m starting to miss it big! And yes, it’s nothing to what peep imagine before. It’s thriving with energy, cosmopolitan and there are so much things to do!

  • These pictures are great, and it is nice to be able to go through the pictures without words and imagine Tel-Aviv in my mind and what an experience over there could/would be like.

    • He Sheri, it’s a one life experience. This is my home away from home, and I loved the city as soon I landed a foot in! Glad you liked it!

  • Tel Aviv is so much fun!! I’m always a big fan of cities with beaches and was surprised how European Tel Aviv felt to me – almost like Barcelona a bit. Make sure you seek out some authentic hummus from a hummus stand (you’ll know when you find it). I also always wanted to check out Jaffa but never got the chance.

    • TLV is really a mix between NYC, Marrakech and LA, with a slight Middle-East warmness. It’s just amazing how the city is thriving with energy. I did, it was our Friday appointment with my friends haha! Jaffa is kind of my fav place to go on my days off. Nothing better than to walk right upon there and enjoy the weekends entertainments x

  • Rachel B

    I love this photo journal! That picture of the balloons is so amazing, I keep scrolling back up to look at it!

    • He Rachel, Yes it’s one of my fav! When we went there, we arrived when a wedding was celebrated? Here’s the reason of the balloons! x

  • Tamshuk Saha

    Love these photos.. I’ve heard some really nice things about this place

    • It’s one of the best place on earth as for me haha!

  • Capt Liz

    Definitely going on my bucket list after all of those beautiful photos!! Killed it, and I love the style of your website! Gorgeous.

    • Hi Liz, you definitely should! Thanks so much! x

  • Bernard Tan

    Thanks for sharing the photos! Totally love it! Would want to head to Tel Aviv soon!

  • I was supposed to make a trip to Tel Aviv this year and it fell through! These photos are making me so jealous. I definitely need to make it there in the future. – Evanne

    • Oh my Evanne, you have to schedule it! It’s one of the best place I’ve ever been to! x

  • Ahammed

    great pictures i love the coffee and donuts ,hope that are delicious as they look 🙂

    • Haha, in December, they’re all around the bakeries. There’s one place they makes the best and it’s the only place you should go if you want to enjoy the best donuts ever: Roladin! x

  • Tina

    Such a great way to showcase this place! Lovely pictures – I would really like to read more about your travel experience 🙂

    • I wrote a lot of articles about my travel experiences, so I’d be glad for you to read them. It’s my best experience yet! x

  • sanketdhume

    Loved your pictures. The middle-east is such a misunderstood place. The world deserves more and more of these pictures and stories to help them realize, that despite all the conflict, normalcy not only survives, but thrives in these lands 🙂

    • It’s exactly what I aimed to show when doing that kind of post. Through my blog I want to show my readers that Israel and the Middle East is not a war zone as it is described on TV everyday. It’s a magic place and there are so many things to discover there. x

  • Rashmi & Chalukya

    We have heard about Tel Aviv but have never been there. All your picture looks gorgeous and this definitely makes into our bucketlist. Thanks for sharing.

    • I posted a lot more pictures on my Instagram, and it’s really the place where you could follow my adventure day after day! You def should go. For me, it’s one of the best place I’ve set a foot on haha. x

  • Veronica Pototska

    Liana, I simply love your sense of style in terms of photography, storytelling and outfits! I bookmarked your blog with some of my most favorite ones.

    • Veronica, it’s not about cheesy (or whatever), but yours is up on my bookmarked list! I’m blushing with all those compliments! Thanks for everything (and for the group!) xx

  • Shivansh Chaudhary

    Lovely pictures, which camera do you use?

    • Thanks buddy! I use a Canon 550D! Which one do you use?

  • I really got a sense of Tel Aviv from your photography, it’s great! So now that you’ve moved, have you found the place where you can enjoy the life? Hope you have 🙂

    • He Sarah, that’s so amazing! This place is exactly the one where I can enjoy life.. but not yet! I’m still looking! I had to move out of the first flat! 🙂 x


    Wow, I absolutely love all your photos! Tell Aviv looks absolutely beautiful. It’s definitely on my bucket list! Love your outfits as well.

    • Hey Ann, I’m so glad you liked those! Some more are coming! YES you have to go! x

  • Uh oh! I am going to have to go to Tel Aviv now! It looks amazing! My husband has been there and really loved it.

  • Subhadrika Sen

    I had seen Tel Aviv years ago when I was a kid. Needless to say i have forgotten everything. Your post and especially the photographs were a great help to me . The place has changed much from what I remembered. And I remember very little.

  • theglobeater

    I really love your photos, it felt as if I was actually in Tel Aviv by just scrolling through them! It looks like a city where modern and ancient mix together in such an harmonious way that it instantly gives me a sense of peace. It’s always been one of my dream destinations, I guess it’s high time I made this dream become a reality 🙂

  • Lovely photos! Tel Aviv looks so cool and I need to try those doughnuts so I think a visit is in order!

    Anne-Sophie ~ City Cookie

  • Hra

    I love love your Photos!!! I felt like to be there… Your outfit is so stylish… Good job Liana 🙂

  • Your pictures are amazing!You really captured the vibe of this place!We can feel a great sensitivity and a keen sense of aesthetics coming from your pictures.Keep them coming!!We love your blog already!

  • pm explore

    Well done! Love the photography of the surrounding area! How long have you been in Tel Aviv? How often do you go there?

  • Tatum Skipper

    I love the pictures of the balloons up against the clue sky. I have never been to Tel Aviv and have haven’t heard much from it, but seems absolutely stunning! I love how you are doing a diary type of thing too! Go girl.

  • Julianna Barnaby

    That looks beautiful – it’s almost like you are there! Wonderful photos and it looks like you are having so much fun!

  • Fairytale Studios

    I really love all your photos. Thanks for sharing this.

  • Tescha

    I plan to visit Tel- Aviv next over the Easter period. I am so excited. I love all yours pics…it tells a beautiful story of authentic culture…rustic old culture yet with popping up western buildings. There is a bit of both worlds and that I love 🙂

  • Susan McNulty

    These photos are incredible! I love how they seem to be small moments that add up to one glorious day in Tel Aviv. It’s a place that I’ve always wanted to visit, and your post has added fuel to that fire.

  • Yogo Cream

    The photos you took were truly beautiful. How I wish you told the story behind those. It would be lovely to know the name of the places you went to. So, what’s your favorite place and food in Israel?

    – Me-An Clemente

  • RUBY Caberte

    Hello, Liana! Are you working in Tel Aviv? Your photos are amazing. Working in place like that would be awesome.

  • AngeliePangilinan

    I never knew Tel Aviv is such a beautiful place! I’ve only heard about it when I watch NCIS and this is definitely not how I pictured it. It’s simply beautiful on its own. Thank you for sharing these photos and changing my perspective of Tel Aviv. 🙂

  • orana velarde

    What great photographs! It’s very easy to sense your vision and that gives you an advantage. I don’t think I’ve even seen photos from Tel Aviv and these are quite beautiful.

  • It looks like such an incredible place. The photos are stunning. It reminds me a little of Turkey maybe. Or a combination of Turkey and Egypt. I hope you find the right place for you and have a lovely time there!