Life Well Travelled

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”


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Before getting on a the flight back to where I settled for the last few month, I had many discussions with closed ones, and essentially one of my closest friend. While checking in, I had one reminiscing, if not the most significant reminder to myself those past crazy months – that as Saint Augustine said “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” 

I first started this blog in order to document my travels and any kind of inspiration that would provide sources for me to create outfits and in attempt to put into words any adventures that long awaits, leaving you and yours truly speechless, in hopes of inspiring each one of you to buy a ticket and take the ride. I’ve never dreamt  that I would decide to book a ticket and start a journey here, in the bubble of the Middle East, and I can’t regret it.

It’s a dream destination for obvious reasons of the sun and the sea, but I didn’t anticipate how truly unrealistic every corner would resonate. The culture, the people and the hoods are constantly amazing me, and adventure awaits for you around every corner. 

What to see and do: Apart from sunbathing – considering it’s January, you should wait a bit– you should explore as much as possible. Explore Jaffa, both of the Shouk (HaCarmel and Hapishpishim), Neve Tzedek, Sarona Market and even the walking along the seashore is a safe bet at sunrises and sunsets. You may have notices that I have a thing for sunsets, and I try every time to catch up with sunrises. 

Where to eat: Traditional Israeli food, fresh fruits, coconut, seafood and smoothie. 

As a lover of travelling, and of adventures, I can only consider that the Life Well Travelled campaign and # on Instagram is such a great opportunity to share the wonders of our journey. Share your #lifewelltravelled too! 

*I was on radio silence for almost a week and I’m truly sorry about it. When something bad happens, it’s how you realizing that mending your soul takes time and coping with any reminiscing  memories of oldie days can offer a remedies.