Hair Care Routine

Beating up the authenticity of the tousle still precious hair
ain’t what I do. Not without taking care..

hair care routine


I’ve always been a huge beauty and hair care junkie, so it ain’t a surprise when I though about sharing my hair care routine – been there, done that but, never regarding my hair. I couldn’t wait to come up with this routine and obviously, this year I definitely want to focus more on the Lifestyle part of this space, and I will continue posting some throughout the year!

So, let’s start off with a bit of my hair care routine story. If you ever read this Leandra Medine’s post about her hair, you would understand where I stand for the past 10 years of life improvement trials. Inquiring mind and freezy hair should know there’s a solution to this endless problem of your baby hair thriving above your scalp. Everytime I’m getting out of the shower, I’m confronting with the no-ending game usability of a unconscionable tool opting for the beating of the authenticity and the natural character of my head. I was said there’s a ton of fantastic products, but I’m constantly avoiding building up on top of my head. For the first 17 years of high-school student life, it was a complete mess and untidy tousle at the crown. So here we go, bear with me, this is going to be a long article – but if you’re in the constricted cirqle of the curly brand squad, you won’t be disappointed to learn a bit more.

Hair care routine

The Weekly’s: Twice a week I wash my hair – and I can see the forthcoming opinions – I have curly freezy hair, so there’s no way oil is building up after a few days without washing them. They are much better when I don’t shampoo them more than twice, since they’re going to  be more fragile. Yes, they are really dry, but as everything you can do something to nourish them. If you’re afraid of the scent, there are some hair perfume, one I ordered (Balmain Paris Silk Hair Perfume) already and that I’m enthusiastic about.

The process: It takes a huge amount of time to go through all the steps for having shiny straightened hair. First, it’s taking at least a couple of days: the day before, I use coco oil / argan oil as leaving moisturizer oil for the night. Then, next morning, for shampoo, I use the OGX hair-line (Kukui Oil line, which is a favorite of mine). Then, at least once a week, I use a Repair Hair mask, and mostly it revolves around involving shea butter. Add a warm towel around your precious tousled messy gifted hair. As for my routine, it’s stay the same, but I change brands from time to time, so consider the useful tip of switching for your hair  not to get used to something specific.

hair care routine

Time to blow dry them. Either way I blow dry them directly, or I use first the tool called a diffuser – which is definitely helpful when you have curly hair and you don’t want to throw their sanity under the bus. I use the Babyliss Hair Dryer Argan Heat Ceramic. Then, last step, if I want to give them so style – I despise the flatness of my hair – I’ll go and grab a curly hand such as the Babyliss Pro Titanium one.

The Daily’s: Mostly it’s about protecting my hair from the heat, using it almost daily, since living in a country where humidity is known as the common thing here. I’m a fan of Moroccanoil line and obviously I can use it everyday; they won’t bother the treatment. A few drops and you’re good to go. Using a heat protection tool is also good, and that’s the one I’m using.

You’ll find all the products here and there – scrolling down.