Afterwards of Moving To Another Country: after The Move

What’s next?


I honestly believe there are two kind of people in life. The ones who are constantly on the move, and have a traveller soul and the ones who are fund of their home place. I definitely belong to the first group. If you’re been following my journey overseas, you have realized I can’t be pinpoint to a specific square case, and that I need to book a ticket to feel complete. If you do too, it’s your lucky day, because I just came home two days ago – and by home, I mean Paris – and before returning back to my second home, I wanted to share with you my experience abroad. Some post inspires me to write more about experiences I’ve encountered, such as ‘9 things to do when you are moving to another country’. Moving SUCKS, but it’s obviously necessary when relocating. You’re completely obliterating this part when you’re ticket back home is booked, and you’re feeling a nostalgia about the six months gone. I won’t start on this part of my experience – let’s keep it personal to the core minimal – and let’s jump onto the travel guide part. Returning home afterwards of moving to another country is unrealistic. 

Tel Aviv.. Honestly, where to begin? I’ve always wanted to write this guide in complement of the others I wrote six months back, but it’s a bit different to write a quick guide about a destination you’re visiting for a week and the place you’re considering as your second home. Obviously, there are so much cool things to do in such a cool city as Tel Aviv. Pretty sure you guys don’t want to read a 6000 words guide… so by no means, this is a definitive guide to Tel Aviv and here are the places I came across whilst living for six months in this incredible place which is Israel. It’s just a selection of things I love to do when being there. Don’t hold up against me if this one ends up to be a bit longer.. Pretty sure you’ll love it. 


Auberback Records was just around the corner… and a peaceful place to work and grab coffee, whilst listening to soul records.


The road to Caesarea is filled with heavenly background /Instagram worthy palm trees.  


If you’re thinking what area, there are two main ones that should be considered: Inner downtown such as Rotschild/ Nahalat Binyamin/ Rambam st or Dizingoff/Arlozorov st. In my experience, there is not much than being inner in the city, unless you’re in Tel Aviv and Israel in the Summer, and best shot is to head closer to the beach. 

Eat/ Drink

Take a trip to Tevala or Moon sushi. They have great dishes. 

Have a sip at Kuli Alma, Neve Bar, Port Said and The Prince.

Grab coffee at the Coffee Yom Tov on the number 30 of the street. Then come at night for the particular hipster vibe. 

Check out the Meat market, and the Shpagat, Suzanna Café, Dallal Bakery, the Little Prince

Take a hint at Café Xoho and its incredible quinoa dish.


No trip to Tel Aviv is complete without doing the Carmelit to Gordon beach promenade, a short walk of 30 minutes that will take you from south to north of the city, and came across the famous promenade of Tel Aviv. I have a rather preference for the Carmelit beach side, but I understand why peeps are more attracted to the Gordon / Ben Yeuda beaches. They are always full with enthusiastic people.

Hang out with the hipsters people of Yom Tov hood, just behind the HaCarmel st – perfect snorkelling and finding hidden spots.

Take a trip in the hood of Neve Tzedek and head of to the promenade in the direction of Jaffa.

Check out the HaCarmel market, and obviously the end of the street for the flowers market. Ain’t a place like this to shop for blooms. 


Take an afternoon check out at the Museum of Art

Shop at Mayu (wardrobe essentials!), Myki, Shlomit Ofir, and eventually Boutique 5 to jump into handpicked Israeli designers. 

Processed with VSCOcam with a7 preset
Tevale has the best green juices you could find in Tel Aviv.


Myki, small and intimate boutique is the place where you can find the creation of Israeli designer Maya Zukerman – minimalist and contemporary wardrobe. 


Curated selection of Israeli, Japanese and Europeans pieces. Only designed around basics and my favorite combination of colors – black and white.

IMG_3494IMG_3511IMG_0909Processed with VSCOcam with a7 preset IMG_2361

Next step.. Take a one hour driving to Caesarea. Head off to the beach of the Bin Yamina area, and be assure, no one will bother you up there. Secret spot… Maagan Michael is my heaven on planet earth.

The view from above. Always so sad to leave!

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  • Jennifer Morrow

    I can definitely relate! I just relocated 3,000 miles away to the Caribbean, packing and moving sucks (reading your relocation article next). Thanks for sharing your favorites after the move.

    • Hi Jennifer,
      I can definitely relate! I’ve never been to the Caribbean, and I’d love to go. Moving sucks, it’s awful but it’s a necessary step to more forward!

  • I have lived in seven different countries so I can understand you well. Moving from one house to another is one thing, but relocating to another country – that is a whole other story. Love the picture of the beach, very inviting

    • I can’t believe you’ve lived into 7 countries! That’s a life story! Relocating is something I enjoyed and I’m not done with it! It was a hell of a deal! Haha, glad you loved it! x

  • Krystin

    Wow, what a great post! Very interesting to read someones experiences moving to another country.

    • Hi Krystin,

      I’m so freaking glad you liked reading it! Greets and hugs to you!

  • Ashwini

    Israel was unknown to me until I stumbled upon your post. You post is a perfect place to know all the things that pretty much sum up as to what to do, where to eat and where to crash in Tel Aviv. Following your blog for more updates on your travels in Israel!

    • Hi Ashwini, I’m so damn glad you stumbled upon it! Tel Aviv is my home away from home, and I did this post to show that there are so much to do out there! Greets, hugs and welcome to ya!

  • Tamshuk Saha

    I can totally relate to this post. I had to move to Singapore in 2010 and I understand all that stuff that comes along with moving to a different country. As I said before in one of your previous posts, I am already in awe of Tel Aviv through your posts. Just love the photos. Keep them coming.

    • It’s so true Tamshuk! Thanks so much, I do love reading your comments! It’s so refreshing and you just have such an experience in travelling and settling out of your comfort zone! xx

  • Jona | Backpacking with a Book

    Liana! You got me with “I honestly believe there are two kind of people in life. The ones who are constantly on the move, and have a traveller soul and the ones who are fund of their home place.” I can totally feel you, especially I’m in the long yet slow process of moving out! It sucks, but I’m more assured now, that I can move on!

    • Haha Jona! I’m so glad you’re part of this team also! I have a traveller soul, and I’m proud of it! I need to stay in the move and even if it’s tedious, it worth it! xx

  • Bernard Tan

    I have always wanted to move out of my comfort zone and stay in another country, but there seems to be way too many things holding me back. I totally need a pull factor for me to move to another country.

    • You should zone out of your comfort zone. Staying in the same position for a long time can be tiring, or else. It will open your mind and you can be assured, wandering and not settling, meeting new people, learning a new language, dealing with the visas issues, that’s such an amazing experience that will definitely make you grow! x

  • Really enjoyed your beautiful photos! nothing better than sitting on the beach, no matter which beach- even the ones in England aren’t too bad with their cold winds and browny waters!! XD

    • Haha Sarah, I got you! Nothings is better. I’m water babe! x

  • I love this guide! And you need to shoot some of the surfers catching waves in Tel Aviv – I feel really silly, but had no idea the beaches there were so amazing! It’s incredible 🙂

    • Thanks Chantae! You don’t have to! The beaches are just amazing, and my favorite one is the one shot next to Maagan Michael Kibbutz in the north of TLV, it’s untouched by human hands, so perfect as a breath of fresh air! xx

  • Those are gorgeous photos! I would love to go visit Tel Aviv. I have an uncle who travels there a lot for business and he raves about it. And now I know where the hipsters hang out!

    • You should! Thanks! I know why he’s raving about it! It’s my favorite place to go back, and to live! xx

  • Lance

    Lovely photos. I must say I belong to the travelling group as well. I love exploring new places. I can’t imagine being a home type of person. Thanks for sharing your experience:)

    • I’m glad we’re part of the same team #wanderluster! Thanks for passing by Lance! xx

  • lexhan

    Have always heard of Tel-Aviv via sports or normal destinations in the world but your post has redesigned the way I see this wonderful place, am not much of a travel else I will want to go there someday in the future. Thanks for sharing.

    • It’s true, TLV is a sporty destination, but it’s also one of the coolest destination ever! Thanks for stopping by Lexhan! xx

  • Swayam

    I now want to visit Tel Aviv. Very people have written about Israel , let alone Tel Aviv.I am sure you would have found the city fascinating.Does it have a beach?One of your pictures shows sea.

    • This city is fascinating, and every corner is amazing. Of course! Tel Aviv is a costal city and the beach was just around the corner of my place! x

  • Anamika Ojha

    Your post has changed my perception about Tel Aviv. I never knew that it’s such a beautiful destination!

    • Wow Anamika, that’s so awesome! I wouldn’t dare to think I would change one’s mind with my writing or photography, but you just made my day! You should check my other post about the desert then 😉 Thanks! x

  • Sona Sethi

    I moved to Singapore 2 years ago and I can completely empathize. You got a wonderful chance to stay in Tel Avis and experience its richness. Thank you for sharing the cheat-sheet.

    • I’ve heard so much about Singapore and it seems like an amazing place, but so different from Europe where I spent all my entire life actually. YES, this experience was the best I’ve been lucky to have yet, and the richness I took with me was just crazily unexpected! Thanks Sona! xx

  • I have been moving around for the last 10 years and it is definetely something that has changed me. I no longer have a home, I have several! I would love to travel to Tel Aviv soon, but since I am planning on moving to the US I will pospone to avoid visa problems… Great pics!

    • Wandering and moving for a couple of years as you do definitely change you. From inside out, it’s shining through because you’re opening to new things. You’re learning about yourself and about your reactions to situations you’d never thought to encounter! There’s no visa problems. US are completely okay with Israel. They’re politically friends, and there’s not even an issue! xx

  • I moved ages back and don’t recall much as my change was gradual. I suppose it is not as easy but it is fun anyways. Have a good time

    • It’s tedious, but YES it’s so fun! Thanks Ami !! x

  • Komang Ayu

    maybe… very much the place you visit. You are great. I can not always be on vacation. I do not have much money for a vacation. I just go around tourist spots around where I live.

    • Thanks so much Komang! I totally get it, and that’s what I do when I come home! There are so much places to visit tho! x

  • I loooooove your style and pictures! Really would like to visit but not just yet, Living in Dubai at the moment so gotta make sure they don’t stamp on my passport 😉

    • Haha, no worry about that! Israel don’t stamp on passport anymore! Thanks!! x

  • Vyjay Rao

    Do not get to see many blogs about Tel Aviv or Israel. So loved this post and the details of Tel Aviv. The place comes alive in your post through the words and pictures.

    • That’s so nice to say Vyjay! I so appreciate it, and Yes, it’s true. Not so many blogs talk about TLV, and that’s a shame, because this place in the center of the Middle East is just amazing and a bubble of fresh air! x

  • Rashmi&Chalukya

    We have travelled a lot but as much as we love travelling and exploring different countries we completely agree that relocation is tiredsome and frustrating. We would chose to make a home and then travel and explore 🙂

    • YES, relocation is tedious, but it worth the drive! I’d love to just travel and not settle for a moment, but then you need a home! x

  • Subhadrika Sen

    I have just relocated again (i have stopped counting the number of times) . I understand its tedious and some places greet you with a culture shock as well. But I guess after the first few days, the sheer fatigue vanishes creating room for curiosity and thirst to explore the new place. thats what happened to me all the times i have relocated.

    • How many? I’m so curious to know Subhadrika! It’s exactly how I felt: after a few days, you’re just taking it with perfect acceptance, and you’re just ready to explore this new place! x

  • Jane Rosewood

    It’s so cool that you’ve been to Tel-aviv! Next time you’re there you should totally visit Florentin neighborhood, it’s the best place for young people!
    Enjoy your new home 🙂

    • YES Jane, I love Tel Aviv, and as you mentioned it, I’ve lived there actually. Florentine and Neve Tzedek is my kind of hood, and it’s definitely the best place to live for young people! x

  • Meg Cale

    You make Tel-Aviv look so fresh and modern. Definitely looks like the type of place I need to visit. I especially love the photos. Beautiful job.

  • Ariel Samangka

    I want to travel to Tel-Aviv now. Yes, truly when you travel, you seems to feel like every place you’ve been to is already a place where you can actually call your home. I like how you have written this article, it only shows how big your heart is in sharing your travel experiences.

  • Julie

    I have been moving around three continents during the past five years and I agree moving is hard and tedious, but you get to see places and expose yourself to other beautiful parts of the world and you call home everywhere. The beach of the Bin Yamina is so beautiful and I just want to dip myself into the blue water now. Thank you for sharing the secret spot.

  • bc21578

    Never been to Israel, but TBEX is in Jerusalem next year. I’ve almost gone to Israel a couple times, but plans always fell through at the last minute. I am certainly the first type of person as well!

  • I have never been as free as you when it comes to traveling. But your lifestyle is what I have been dreaming of to do in the future. It is the reason I do set up a blog of my own. That will be the start on how will I be more aware of the blogging world. Tel Aviv is a popular city. I have been reading a lot of it on travel blogs. I haven’t been there though.