How To Wear All-White, Without Looking Overdone

One thing is clear: Pinterest is to blame..

How to wear all white

As a believer in the all black everything look, I’m going to bring you a case, which has never came across around this space: the all-white look. Ain’t only for weds, and for your wardrobe, it’s cool to add a mix monochrome color alternative.

How to wear all whiteHow to wear all whiteHow to wear all white

Wearing: Zara leather jacket (similar here), Suncoo dress (similar here), Adidas Shoes

I’m going to get quite clear in my message, you should invest in black and white pieces in sort of building the best minimal wardrobe, which focusing also on the Tomboy side of your style. I’m here for that, and here’s the reason you should first invest in key pieces, before getting your hand on neutral, still perfectly designed pieces. Knowing your wardrobe priorities is the first step, and investing in such a piece of a black, studs informative, leather jacket is the beginner stage. Work from the basics and then go up.

If you’ve already completed your perfect all-black everything look, it’s time for you to step up and if you feel, like myself, that there’s a gap to fill in the department of the white wear, keep on reading.

One thing is clear: Pinterest is to blame. Looking for inspiration, my interest into the white mesh dress paired with a leather jacket has grown fast. Let’s just process this image (white dress layered over pants) or this queen (gown) or those details (short). 

The best part is the result. Paired with sneakers, I’ve never though it could look so good, and it wasn’t on purpose. Living from a suitcase for the past 6 months, you’re gradually keeping up with your wardrobe, and trying to style everything in different ways had become a challenge. When you want to lift up a look and get it interesting, it’s great to have options, and especially when you want it to be tougher on the edges. Biker leather allows. 

Photos by Deborah N

Leather Jacket
Ganni, Asos, Gestuz (pick!), Asos, Mango 

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