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Happy Birthday To Me!!! Here What I Have To Say…


Two days ago it was my birthday, and I am in Paris! I don’t think I could have ask for much more than getting back home for my 25 of age, and I am just so grateful for everything that happens this past year, full of events, discoveries, travels and blessings.

I took a day off, and spending it with my best friend, family and sisters has been a milestone after returning from a six-month layover – should I call it a layover or? – experience which has flown away as quickly as the golden snitch, or as Harry Potter was chasing it for a whole game. 

I wanted to celebrate my 25 in a different way than before, and I hit this number with balloons.

Meanwhile, cutting through the day, even celebrating, making a day counting is not the specificity of it, as everyday shouldn’t be one to celebrate, but what I would wish for was nothing else than being surrounded by those you love the most.

Being on national soil points towards happy moments, seeing back friends I met along the road, and celebrating this one-precious moment/ day we’re getting older. To the days where there’s nothing but adventure, adrenaline hitting you right to the core of your soul. Growing up overseas makes integrating lessons the hard-hitting-back-way, and it’s even more and more fascinating

And no, no one is taking you seriously until you hit a certain rock bottom age. Or you hit the age of wrinkles. Or if you wear red lipstick.


Zara Jacket, Zara coat, Asos Jeans, SincerelyJules Tee,  Adidas shoes, Lancaster bag 

With no doubt, it ain’t for me, but the layering is. The surroundings aren’t perfect, but Paris in the morning is so quiet, that it seemed appropriate to play around with my balloons. To layering, experiences, wandering and losing yourself in a city you’ve never set a foot yet.

So instead of making a toast to myself, the birthday girl, I want to say “cheers” to the most wonderful, caring, supportive people, without whom I wouldn’t be the same! And of course, I want to toast to you guys, for following and supporting me, making me believe that it’s possible to turn every little dream into something real. Onto the next step!