Why You Need To Never Back Down


Wearing: Suncoo dress, Zara leather jacket

It’s normal to feel anxious when starting a side hustle, whilst working in a company since you didn’t land your dream job yet. One of the worst feeling you could ever experiment is the feeling of looking back and wishing you had been brave enough to face your fears. FOMO (Fear of missing out) is a real thing, and trust me, it’s in your human nature to wish you would have done things differently.
As they say, there’s no elevators to success, you have to take the stairs. Regrets are not available when you really want to succeed and thrive, and land your dream job. Here are the five reasons why you should never back down.

#1 Field you excel at By now, I’m sure you have a pretty good idea at what you’re good at, and what is the hobby you excel at. What is the one you devote a huge amount of time? Think about it – it’s the first step: do you have a hand for crafty things? Do your friends and family think you’re shining at a particular task? There are some popular industry today and you would never think they could become a real business, such as graphic/web design, handcrafted home decor, and what about photography? There’s an abundance of other bright not presumptuous ideas. What is yours?

#2 Give it all Hard work, tenacity and talent are the three main components of your success, or at least you have to give it all to get somewhere. Efforts bring success and there’s no space for your fears. You should have some insiders business/inspiring/ and slashiers models. In whatever field you want to thrive, there’s room for you. Getting in it at 100% means also you have to refine your approach.
Insider tip: figure out what your “competition” is doing and take it off in the complete opposite of it.

#3 Don’t be fearful, be aware of your strengths. Being filled with understable sort of self-doubt stops you from chasing your dreams: someone is going to get it first. Don’t hide in the shadows. It’s okay to be fearful, but think of the incredible feeling of fearlessness afterwards you hit your first success.

#4 Refine your approach. Even if you’re scared of jumping off the train. You’ll always hear the market is saturated, and that’s true, but until you become the best version of what you’re offering your readers, it will stop you from innovating. Here the thing: you’ll find people shaking things up in your industry of predilection. Unless, you want to be stuck and never land your dream job, you have to work hard, find an expected way to realize your project. Most often you will be scared as hell to take the next step. There’s nothing wrong with it, but there’s something wrong with holding it back. Accept fear and you’ll get what is written on your business plan.

#5 Don’t focus on inventing a new product. Try and fail. Take advantage of the social media area we’re living in, and test the waters. The people you’re connecting with are composed in the range of the people using social media. Test their responses to your work. Post often, but don’t overflow their feeds. You don’t want to be seen, as annoying, but as talented. Most of it all, you can find inspiration everywhere and even when you’re not expecting it, in your friends’ talents.

As for me, I’m expressing every bite of feeling I feel when taking risks above. I do hope you would ever feel the same, and if it’s the case, share it with me. We should find an hashtag to express it right? Let’s take down… xx