California Dreamin’

After another running-out-of-the-home late, but still packing lenses and stuff, I headed to one of the most unknown hood of the city



SheIn Top, Asos Jeans, Jonak Shoes, Vintage hat

California dreamin’ or at least, according to my state of mind, that’s where I want to be. According to this tee, there ain’t nothing that wouldn’t state either, or the contrary. The aforementioned silhouette is very 90s, mixed with the on-trend layering that is starting to take over every blogger/influencer when it’s starting to get colder. As long as I said, I didn’t have quiet the European winter I’m used to enjoy, and here, as I’m slaying it in the most known, and overdone city, it seems not a damn sunlight would ever come out. So there, after another running-out-of-the-home late, but still packing lenses and stuff, I headed to one of the most unknown hood of the city. Stumbling upon this area, I sat watching the life setting down and the people setting up their national off-day of May as requirement. Quietly not the typical Monday routine. 

Back to my double black outfit, I only had to cover my Californian tee – yet, the spring cold would allow me to ditch the jacket – with a precious black leather jacket to tick off the casual and layered look. When it comes to layering in the Summer time, I always opt for the leather or the denim. Tho, I’m considering the option of the bomber – which is constantly on my wish list. Although, I have a piece up on my list and it’s starting with a d-. This pair of ripped HW black jeans are easy to combine. They basically work with everything. I’m always customizing this hat, to make it extra special. Tying up a black vintage bandana or a necklace full of round bids. That’s why I’m buying more vintage, and enjoying the vintage shops around here, they have a story or a different vibe to them brought from within.

So I guess, when capturing those frames, and working back again, I was looking to project what I though it’d be to run out wearing only casual pieces. Trying to achieve this glowy-no-makeup look, unruly brows, layered with a double jacket, ending with pointed booties is the approach I’d have taken. Eventually. The mission felt raw, still fresh with the urge to unnecessarily layering, manifested in my favorite story of the year. So far.

Back to basics. White tea, black jeans. Ready. Set. Run. 

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