Five Steps To Launch Your Own Brand

steps to launch your brand

One of the most crowded industry, and hardest one to get a foot in, is the Fashion industry, and especially today. There are multiple ways to get yourself part of this industry, and it has already been said, but I do think if you really want to achieve something, work is the best solution you could ever come with. Just over two years ago, I’ve launched my blog and eventually, my own brand, Tomboy Chronicle. I’m well aware of the work needing to be done. My blog is all about the evolution of a wardrobe build around basics and three shades of color – white, grey and black – with the involvement of the denim material. I have learnt a lot along the way, and I would have never thought I would find the motivation to keep on with editing this space every other day. It’s been the best and most challenging adventure I have ever pursued. Below, you’ll find the five steps to launch your own brand. 

When your guts tell your things are fine or that you should jump head first, it’s not necessary as life threatening as you might have expected. Starting your own brand is terrifying, but so exciting! Having confidence in your work is key, but it’s also important to take risks. You need to feel very confident into your brand-idea, because launching your blog/brand/product is a process where commitment, passion and self-motivation matters.

Don’t throw yourself out there without any prep or plan. It’s a HUGE amount of preparation that goes into launching a work project such as a brand/ blog. It may see ambiguous, but work pays off. So, before launching your product (blog, brand) make sure you’re creating a strong brand statement. Your statement is a short phrase reflecting your brand’s core values and philosophy. Along the to-do list you need to tick off, evaluate your budget. Today you need a web space, don’t underestimate this post.

Interest in your blog from your reader comes because, first you’re really passionate about your topic and you’re showing it. Your blogging route must be define around your skills and what you’re good at. It could be a food blog, because you’re a great chef and of your inventiveness. Fashion blogs are also another area, but your strength in that area is that you have to have a personal style that will define you. It may be not enough to be passionate – you have to create outfits that will catch the eyes of your readers.

Your brand vision determines your business or blog’s core lines. It’s the bottom of the pyramid, and it’s what makes your brand yours. It should be the vector of your purpose, your values and your personal style. Building up your brand is not about an instagram-worthy shot and showing off about it, but it’s all about your creativity. For Tomboy Chronicle (as a blog and brand), my point of difference is my minimalistic, monochrome style combined with an element of Tomboy styled inspiration.


Being an entrepreneur and building your brand is hard work. So, it’s really important to know your competition and stay on top of trends. It takes years to know what you’re beating up against. Knowing your market and how to manage each obstacles is a daily struggle, but it doesn’t mean you couldn’t do it. Instead of trying to copycat every successful blogger/ competitors, you can think the other way and collaborate with them. Team work makes it your job a dream job.

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  • Hi Liana,

    Trusting your gut is a key step. I build a neat brand from the inside out, letting my intuition guide me.

    Fabulous post.

    Listen to nudges. Feel pulls. My brand is unlike any on earth because I do things differently than most other bloggers, but not to be different. I just listen, and act, versus thinking everything through. Free flowing stuff.

    Thanks much for sharing with us.

    Signing off from not so sunny NYC.

    Blogging From Paradise

    • Hey Ryan,

      Thanks for the sweet words! It’s exactly what I think! x

  • Dylana

    This is a wonderful post! Love those jeans, too, by the way!


    • Thanks Dylana! I’m glad you liked it! x

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  • I am working on a new project at the moment and those tips are very helpful!

    The first one is the most important one!



    • I love working on new projects! It’s so exciting! And the #1 one is the one you should never give up! x

  • I am curious, Liana. Brands do have a story behind. Would you have one too? Because if you do, I think it would be interesting to read.