On the Shore of Caesarea

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We’re in May? I have absolutely no ideas how already the month of April is gone. Guess I’ve been extra busy for the couple of past weeks. On the shore of Caesarea. For the most, I didn’t realize I forgot to post about my recent trip to Caesarea – other than on Instagram – my bad. So before we know it, Summer will be here, and we’re going to start planning on some great things. Watch this space! Since, I’m back in Paris – but still on the run, you must see Snapchat – I’m planning on hitting the purpose of the #girlboss. Meaning, even if Spring is a bit slowly, at least I know where I’m heading: eating, strolling, working, more strolling, boarding on flights, and stopping a moment to share with you the wonderfulness of one of the oldest place – historically speaking – I’ve been able to set a foot on. Not waiting to share more on my strolling… 


Caesarea is not Tel Aviv, so if you’re thinking where to stay, I would advise you to pick wisely. It’s a huge city, remotely in the north of the country. As for me, I stayed in one of the most unknown place and that deserves some applause: Nahsholim. Best shot is to head to a place where you can hope on to the closer beach. You won’t be disappointed: this place has the most wild, non-crowded, white sand beach of the shore. I’ve stayed at Nahsholim Kibbutz, and I dare you to try it, the food and the view are still those of my best memories. 

See/ Do

No trip to Caesarea is complete without strolling through the National Park and its Theatre. Astonishment is mandatory. The history of this place is outstanding, and if you like stories, you should check on, and pick the right guide. 

For a headspace moment, rise up in the morning, and either head for a run along the beach, or head to the Ceasar spa.

Next step is my heaven, my secret spot and that where you’d find me when I have some spare time. Sitting on the sand with a cup of coffee: Maagan Michael white sand beach.. xx

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  • Lovely photos! Just followed you on Instagram 🙂

    • Thanks!! I’ll do the same x

  • Jennifer Morrow

    Where is Caesarea? Would love some descriptions and details of your trip to accompany the beautiful photos.

    • It’s up in North of Israel! It’s next to Haifa, which is the biggest port of the Middle East x

  • Victoria Virlan

    Looks like you had some good time in Caesarea! It would be great to know more details about your trip there! http://www.thenewelegant.com/style/new-york-new-york/

  • Your pictures are amazing! I’d like to spent some time in this blue cafe…

  • Seems like you enjoyed your stay in Caesarea. You took some stunning pictures. What camera do you use?

    • It was def’ one of the best moments of my trip! I fell in love with the landscapes! x

  • Wow, pretty pictures – I’d also love to know what camera you use 🙂 The beach looks like it could be in California! Did you see any of the surfers catch any waves there?

    • I used my iPhone or my Canon 550D! Yea, actually I saw some of them catching waves! Impressive! x

  • These pictures really made me wanna pack my bags, get a VISA and travel to Caesarea! 🙂 I really loved how you framed your photos. Thanks for summarizing your activities there 🙂

    • I’m so glad I gave you the envy to book a trip for Israel. It’s my home away from home, and I love sharing my love and endless recommendations on this space! x

  • Bernard Tan

    I love the pictures! What camera are you using at the moment? Did you edited the photos?

    • So, for those, I only used my iPhone, but I’m using a Canon 550D! Most of them are edited with Vscocam x

  • Sheri

    Since you mention that this is no Tel Aviv I am assuming that Caesarea is in Israel? How long did you stay there? Aside from the National Park, are there other things to do there? I am trying to figure out if this location would be better for a week stay or a weekend stay.

    • Hi Sheri, so yea, it’s not TLV, it’s in Israel, up north. I’ve stayed there a week and we went hiking around the National park and Tiberias – which a close town. There are a lot to do, but you need to be able to drive! x

  • The photos are really beautiful! I would have never guessed that the beach was in Israel. I want to know more about the food you are eating in the pictures. I would especially like to know about that flat bread dish!

    • Haha, it looks like Cali right? This bread isn’t bread actually – it’s made of veggies, and it’s toast. It’s kind of amazing, eaten with the avocado, it’s my favorite food! x

  • Jona of Backpacking with a Boo

    Lovely, lovely photos! Very instagrammable! The name itself sounds lovely: Caesarea.

    • The name of the city sounds amazing right? Haha

  • I’ve never heard of Caesarea- it looks like a lovely weekend break though! It’s funny you say it’s a big city- from your photos I get the vibe it’s a very calm place!

    • It’s not well-known, because it’s in the north, but it’s just one of my fav spot! It’s a wide city, and I’ve been to pretty much only calm places! x

  • gorgeous photos! i haven’t been to israel yet but would love to some day! curious to read about your beach spot 🙂


    • Hi Sher,
      You really have to fly there someday! I’ve written about them in my last post on Tel Aviv! You’ll find everything! x

  • Jessica Friend

    Wow! I’d never heard of Caesara… it looks very beautiful and it’s definitely got me day dreaming whilst sat at my desk at work. 🙂

  • Eva
  • Shounak

    Good info. Had no idea of this place called Caesara. Its part of the world , I have not explored at all.

  • Rea Novak

    Visiting Israel is high on my list, I really hope to get to know this country next year. Again, really nice pics! 🙂

  • Rashmi & Chalukya

    We have never heard of CAESAREA but from your pictures it definitely looks like a great weekend getaway and with national parks it looks like a place for nature lovers. Thanks for sharing!

  • Danielle Jayne Hayes

    Just like a lot of the other comments here – I’ve never heard of Caesarea before either! Your pictures sure do make it look pretty beautiful though! Looks like you had a great time

  • Vyjay Rao

    Caesara looks bewitching, a slice of paradise. It is these relatively little known gems that interest me.Stunning shots too.

  • Komang Ayu

    sometimes we are lazy to do the work. just enjoy your days. there will be a new spirit in activity.

  • Christina

    Caesera looks amazing! After some time by the shore, I would definitely like to visit the National Park and theatre as well.

  • Vyjay Rao

    Caesara is a new place to me, lesser know than Tel Aviv, but it really looks stunning and its history too must be intriguing. I am sure I would need to pal for a trip there, when in those parts.

  • Wild & The Moon? No way! There is one in Dubai as well and I didn’t know there were other locations!

    Amazing pictures <3


  • john rodgers

    There is so little I know about this country. Caesarea is one thing I did not know about. The beach sounds perfect and I would rather be on the seashore than anywhere else in a country. I really like the first photo with the rocks and water, that would be such a great place for sunrise or sunset photos.

  • Punita Malhotra

    You have a great eye for visuals. The place is defnitely gorgeous, but the pictures are coming alive because of the fresh angles and perspective. Great post. Superior. By the way, who’s the tomboy?

  • Karen Burns-Booth

    I’d love to visit there and I love how you managed to have such a carefree time there too, which is shown in the photos!

  • Terumi Pong

    I have never heard of this place so I need to check it out! I love coffee shops and cafes and the National Park sounds spectacular.

  • Janine Good

    What beautiful pics of your experience in Caesarea! It looks like a beautiful place rich with beauty. I would love to get there at some point!

  • Tom

    I stopped in Caesarea on my way driving between Tel Aviv and Nazareth–it really isn’t very far from anything and a great stop. As you basically demonstrated here, the thing to do there is wander around and take photos, a great spot for it.

  • Christina

    Caesarea sounds like my kind of place. I love uncrowded beaches with miles of beautiful sand! No wonder you lost track of time. With such beautiful nature around you it must be so relaxing.

  • Indrani

    Great series of pic! Very relaxing atmosphere in the pictures.

    Ideal set up to work in peace.

  • Subhadrika Sen

    It seems you have had a great time . I love the photographs of the sea. I had recently been to the Welsh seaside myself and i am recollecting fond memories of my own trip. I love the fact that theres a National Park and a theatre two very different thing in the same place.

  • I have never heard about Caesarea before! Your pictures show that I should include it in my to visit list. It looks like the perfect mix of a colonial old city and a small mediterranean town. Lovely!

  • I like staying in non touristy places too, that’s where you discover the real vibe of the city you are visiting. The scenery looks amazing and I love the beach and the fact that it seems nobody to be there. Going for a walk in the morning along the beach sounds like the perfect way to wake up.

  • Laveena Sengar

    A national park and a theatre together in one place is kind of a big deal. I can see through had a blast there. Your pictures are so beautiful that they gave me major outing goal.

  • verushka ramasami

    I have never heard of this place Caesarea but love the name. Looks like you had a good trip. As always beautiful pics. Strada Cafe looks straight out of Paris ! How long was you there for ?

  • EG Green

    I had no idea where Caesarea was but now I’ll have to include it on my first trip to Israel. You’ve got some great pictures, both in this article and on your IG!

  • Such amazing pictures. Had never even heard of Caesara before today! And to know that this is Israel was kind of a shock!!

  • Veronica

    I really want to visit Caesarea sometime. It also looks like a great place to hide from a city for a few days. Your photos are great!

  • Tamshuk Saha

    Wow, never knew of this place in Israel. The place looks quite lovely especially the beachfront. It is really wonderful to read about all the different places of Israel in your blog. Keep them coming 🙂

  • <3 Israel looks so beautiful, in every way. I can not wait to get there! Do you a recommendation for when to travel to there? It looks awesome in May, but does it get even better? Any times to avoid? Oo! Or maybe a great festival or other celebration that is good to make the trip for?

  • Anamika Ojha

    Have never heard about Caesarea but your pictures say that its a beautiful place to visit and enjoy time with nature!

  • Brianna

    The beach here looks gorgeous! Is it warm enough to swim in? Would you consider Caesarea to be a budget-friendly destination?

  • Yes, Caesaria is not Tel Aviv . We loved the ruins and the amphitheater and also the beach too . The blue of the Mediterranean was mesmerizing to say the least. We did not stay there but just stayed for sometime and drove to our next destination further north . Love your photos.

  • Sam

    Really digging your photos in this blog! I love the clarity and crispness of them all. I only hear about Caesarea on the Bible, I think? But already, I can imagine why the place can be so poetic.

  • Hi. I had to use Google Map to find Caesaria. I had it in my mind that it is some remote and isolated place in the middle or edge of nowhere. As it turns out, Israel has limited territory so I somehow pictured this destination out of proportion. But that is how it certainly looks from the photos of the beach. The empty beach (near empty that is) seem to suggest that. For me, a near empty beach is the best of them all.

  • KT Peralta-Nielsen

    Your photos look really good in this post. My favorite is the cafe facade and the last one. Caesarea looks like a place I would want to visit one day and include in my bucket list for now. Looks so serene and peaceful with no tourist crowds – big check in my book.