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On the Shore of Caesarea

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We’re in May? I have absolutely no ideas how already the month of April is gone. Guess I’ve been extra busy for the couple of past weeks. On the shore of Caesarea. For the most, I didn’t realize I forgot to post about my recent trip to Caesarea – other than on Instagram – my bad. So before we know it, Summer will be here, and we’re going to start planning on some great things. Watch this space! Since, I’m back in Paris – but still on the run, you must see Snapchat – I’m planning on hitting the purpose of the #girlboss. Meaning, even if Spring is a bit slowly, at least I know where I’m heading: eating, strolling, working, more strolling, boarding on flights, and stopping a moment to share with you the wonderfulness of one of the oldest place – historically speaking – I’ve been able to set a foot on. Not waiting to share more on my strolling… 


Caesarea is not Tel Aviv, so if you’re thinking where to stay, I would advise you to pick wisely. It’s a huge city, remotely in the north of the country. As for me, I stayed in one of the most unknown place and that deserves some applause: Nahsholim. Best shot is to head to a place where you can hope on to the closer beach. You won’t be disappointed: this place has the most wild, non-crowded, white sand beach of the shore. I’ve stayed at Nahsholim Kibbutz, and I dare you to try it, the food and the view are still those of my best memories. 

See/ Do

No trip to Caesarea is complete without strolling through the National Park and its Theatre. Astonishment is mandatory. The history of this place is outstanding, and if you like stories, you should check on, and pick the right guide. 

For a headspace moment, rise up in the morning, and either head for a run along the beach, or head to the Ceasar spa.

Next step is my heaven, my secret spot and that where you’d find me when I have some spare time. Sitting on the sand with a cup of coffee: Maagan Michael white sand beach.. xx

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