5 Real Truths To Find Your Style


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I know there’s a ton of articles telling you “Blog secrets revealed!” or “How to be unique in the crowded Fashion sphere”, but the truth is there are only 5 real ingredients for any successful blogger.

And it’s not hard to figure them out. Look at the pretty successful blog already out there doing a great job. What do they have in common? What makes you coming back everyday on their platform? How would it possible for you to achieve success? What is the recipe? 

Once you’ve answered those questions, you’ll be on the right road. Luckily for you, we’re going to skip all of those tough questions, and we’ll get straight to the answers. Dive right into the 5 things to start doing to find your uniqueness. 

#1 High-five yourself. Your style is yours because it’s unique and special. Of course, you have the ability to put together some incredible outfits, and you don’t need someone to give you his approbation. You’re dressing for yourself, and you’re doing it according to your own personality. It’s also a trick to motivate yourself to try more and not backing back about something you don’t feel like giving up onto. What about being happy about that outfit you’re wearing today?

Ps: A big misconception is that you need to wear designer clothes to feel part of the big league. You don’t. Some bloggers only wear affordable pieces, and they are definitely the best influencers out there. 

#2 Set some goals. People with goals are more satisfied with their lives. If you set some style goals, it might be easier to accomplish them. Plus, you’ll feel like you’re in control of your own style and in progression. It’s up to you to find your style. 

#3 Put on some IRL glasses. Instagram is such a tricky social media. Don’t you feel that everything is always picture perfect? Sometimes, I won’t lie, I do. Exception is most magazine editorials have a team to make them look incredible and to make you feel like it’s all rosy and glossy. Kick in this tendency to give yourself a hard time, and start to look at things, as it’s already good the way it is.

#4 Giving back. Soon as you realized some people as less lucky than you are, you’re realizing that it’s not all dark. Put in perspective this, giving back feels good. Giving back to charity – think about the clothes piling themselves in your closet – will feel good, since you’re helping others.

#5 Stop this FOMO syndrome. This FOMO (fear of missing out) is somehow one of the most popular syndrome in our society. I read somewhere it’s time to practice the JOMO (Joy of missing out). Around Fashion week, I feel I’m missing something important. But, as a blogger, my device is almost glued to my hands. Trying to beat this one constantly, it’s hard work, but it doesn’t mean you can’t find inspiration through your Instagram feed

Ideally, all of those 5 truths will set up a path for you to find your style. As long as you combined those #5, you’re going to kiss a$$ in the blogosphere and in life. 

Do you find these truths to be true? Tell me down there! 
  • I agree with you!

  • I absolutely feel the FOMO, though this year I’m happy to be missing out on Fashion Week by going on my honeymoon instead! xx

    • Fashion week is quite one of my favorite moment, but your honeymoon is way above! Where did you go?

  • There was a phase when I tried to follow the treading style in grade school. I quickly realize it was too much unnecessary work and I usually didn’t even like what is trending. Now I wear what I feel looks good on me and is functional.

    • Hi Jojo,
      We’ve all been through this phase – always looking for approval in high school and trying to keep on with the trends the popular girls were stating days after days. You were right, the moment where you can express yourself fully is when you can finally let shine your personality. And it all comes through Fashion also! x

  • EG Green

    I’ve always prescribed to the philosophy of no style is the best style…but it turns out that no style is actually a style all of it’s own. It’s just a matter of how you pull it off! 🙂

    • Haha, I loved your philosophy! You’re right, everything is a matter of how you pulled it off, and that’s the only way you’re going to make it work! x

  • john rodgers

    One of the most important things to be a success is to know ones self, Your strengths to maximize on and your weaker moments to improve upon. The article was very helpful and everyone should read it through several times.

    • Hi John,
      I’m so flattered with your sweet words! Don’t mind me, and share it! I love inspiring people with the things I write. And you’re totally right, ain’t nothing more important than knowing yourself first perfectly! x

  • Christine M Leger

    I have always struggled to find my style, and now that I have two kids, it is becoming more and more of a struggle to find ‘fasionable’ mom clothes. Thank you for tips

    • Hi Christine,
      I totally get it. There are priorities in life, but I do feel that grooming yourself is one of the key to feeling better in your own skin! x

  • Aditi Chauhan

    FOMO is going to be a deterrent for people in our society. I agree its time we stop the FOMO syndrome & love the JOMO practice. Good write up 🙂

    • Yes and yes. FOMO shouldn’t rule your life. JOMO power! Thanks x

  • Veronica Pototska

    This FOMO thing is killing me now! I see where others are and I keep comparing myself to them. And I waste so much time doing it, instead of actually working on my goals.

    • I’ve already encountered this Veronica, and it doesn’t worth the thrill. It’s so easy to compare yourself to others and then starting to think you don’t do great job. The idea behind it is that it doesn’t matter where they stand, what matters is you and your work. Being able to focus on your work and thriving, doing more is the only thing we should focus on.

  • Kids Travel Books

    Great tips! I’m so casual and hate overthinking clothes. I tend to wear the same three basic styles and I love it. But, I have to admit that even though I do love my particular “uniform” it is fun to do something different once a month or so. For me, it’s more enjoyable to have those different outfits rarely than when I tried to dress for other people’s expectations.

    • I totally get it. If you got anything from my space, it’s that I do love my basics, but I sill love switching the components from time to time and aiming for something unexpected. Sure thing, don’t dress for the others. Dress for you and only you. x