Monday Update #1


U P  A B O V E   Monday Update #1. The past week has all been about finallizing my entry for the contest Bloglovin x HM Breathrough Blogger, and it’s been awesome to set up all the atmosphere I wanted to recreate, and see those alive on my camera screen. I’ve spent the week in my hometown, P A R I S, and working on collaborations and new designs, including some editing felt good. Although, I’ve been also on the run looking for a wedding guest outfit – which I finally found, and that would make such a great idea for a new post. On the one hand I love Paris, and when I think of it, it’s where I have most of my life, where I grew up and where I’m based and founded this platform. Here you would find the most amazing little hidden alleys, and not mentionning the fact I’m always running around bumping into the dopest place. Even tho, I’m quite missing catching flights, for the moment, I love catching up with everyone, and being able to work on all of those pile amount of work is refreshing.

R E V I E W Where to start? The past week have been all about catching up and being able to finally shoot something new for you, my trusted loved bees. It all has been hectic switching from one job to another, and never ditching on my beloved circle, whom I’m dearly missing for some. Also, for the next coming months, it’s going to be a lot more reckoning. Jumping from one place to another, and being now a part of the squad of Bloglovin – The Edit was quite a great news. I’ve been now writing for the squad in the section Fashion and Lifestyle, and you can find some of my articles here and here. And they say opportunities come along the way as long as your work hard. Damn true right? Now, I’m looking for summer, because let’s be honest, it’s one of the best season. I just love the sun, the music and dancing, and I’ve been thinking about the plans for the coming summer month. To be honest, I’m updating quite a bit my wardrobe, and I’ll share it up with you this week – shopping Asos for this and this, and also Topshop for a new workout gear.

I hope you understand why I don’t have so much material from P A R I S to share with you (raining, raining, raining). I’m honetsly happy about every comment you leave on the blog and on Instagram. You’re the best xx






  • nonsoloamore

    First of all – I love that Asos shirt. And I totally understand you. I want summer as well. We should have summer right now but it’s pretty cold and always grey. Don’t know where the sun hides these days….

    • Great, we have a common share for this Asos piece! And yea, I was desperate, the weather is on/off for the past days, and it’s hard to keep tracks of it when you want to shoot editorials..x

  • Best of luck for Bloglovin x HM Breathrough Blogger I’m going to go and find you on instagram now! I’m @shesaidyes xxx

    • Thanks so much Megan! Followed also 🙂

  • Sheri

    It is fun when you get to go back to your hometown. I hope you enjoy the wedding and all the best with the HM – I know you have been excited about it.

    • Yea, but I do miss being overseas! It’s going to be hectic, but so worth it! Thanks Sheri, I am indeed! x

  • Can’t wait to see what you choose for the wedding outfit, and keep us posted about the Breakthrough Blogger results. Your photos are stellar as usual 🙂

    • I’ve been looking all over the e-shops for the perfect outfit/ dress, and I think I found it. I can’t wait to share it with you. As for the Breakthrough Blogger results, I’m so excited about this contest. I gotta to say, Leandra Medine is one hell of a role model for me – she’s behind the set up of this space! Thanks I really appreciate it Chantae! x

  • Chris

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