How to Make Your Work Space A Reflection Of Your Style



The title sounds vain, but it ain’t what I aim to express through it tho. I’ve been upon looking for some personalization regarding my furniture. Nothing gets better when you finally get your hands onto all of those floating around your desk. It’s even better when you’re onto the details expressing your style out loud, the details sparkling and reflecting creativity, inspiration and your style. Then, you can enjoy your creation.

There are a few things your work space needs, and I won’t work it around all the details, but one thing I wanted to approach was especially the case of my computing furniture. As a digital creative, my computer is my main tool, and contemplating the personalisation of my furniture, first thing ahead. I found all of my covers on Caseapp. Unique, totally pinnable and creative. Note to those running after the uniqueness and memorable: it’s a great place to create unique design for your laptop or your phone.

Here is my list of what you need to consider to make your work space cleaner, pinnable and minimal:

Clean space

Let’s start with the basics. Ain’t no need to over-add details. Concentration comes from clean space, and when you’re going for a bright white or a woody brown, the cleaner the better.

Details matter

I believe in minimalism, and it doesn’t need any baroque details forĀ  you to make a statement. As this being said, when you’re designing your case or you skin – and I did both – I only went for marble for my phone, and for simple but creative details for my laptop case. Picking something expressing your style is definitely the best shot.

Stationary Coffee books

If this is too much, you’re allowed to ditch it, but I don’t find inspiration unless I’m looking for it. I need inspiration to get through a creative process, and even if I tend to decorate my office with marble, plants and candles, I love to have coffee table books or glossy magazines opened, so I can pinned IRL inspiration. Uniqueness is the thing I’m always looking for, and sometimes Porter or Vogue come handy.

As for those who are sharing the search of the uniqueness, you get a code from Caseapp, which is giving you 20% whilst designing your own skin or case.

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