Every Woman Needs This Wardrobe Staple

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Works everytime. Never fails.

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Sometimes, the simplest outfit is the hardest to find and put together – like the perfect pencil skirt or the perfect ripped jeans or the nicest lace cami that fit just right… but when you finally find it, it feels good. Really.

Lace cami are of those pieces I’m really struggling to get my hands onto, maybe because I don’t think I can pair it with every thing (wrong), or that it won’t fit any silhouette (wrong, again). I’ve been dying to be able to put together an outfit that would express my tomboy side (addition of the Stan Smith) and still feel comfortable, relax wearing a pencil skirt (without stripping away all of my left feminity), because as we know, I stay away from that ruffles, dots and bows box. 

As soon as I tried this Fifth The Label skirt paired with the cami, I knew I found my summer uniform. It’s serving me well, and beyond the night club.

Here are four of my favorite styling tricks to instantly tear up your lady statut without losing your boss statut of sight.

1. Find balance

The easy trick is to balance your outfit. If you’re revealing skin upside, you want to balance it with showing less downside.

2. Pay attention to the details

I’m either a all in or not kinda girl, which means, when it comes to details, I want to pay attention. This makes an outfit wearable and it makes you confident. I also do this because the whole fabric issue is standard, but it doesn’t have to be of yours.

3. Accessorise

Only thing you need to think about is your jewellery. It will keep you feminine even tho you paired this outfit with sneakers.

4. Soft look

Sleek hair, and keeping your make up fresh and natural will make you stand out.

You can play it up  a bit for a night out with a bright lip, but the lace cami makes all the talk.


The Fith Label Skirt (Similar here and here) Zara top (similar here and here), Stan Smith shoes

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  • verushka ramasami

    Such a versatile piece of clothing. I love these types clothing items as they perfect for travelling .

    • They are so perfect for travelling. You don’t have to worry on how you’re going to combine them! They’re versatile and good looking! x

  • This is a nice outfit and you are great at combining items that others might not have thought to put together. I also love the style advice.

    • Tks Sheri! I love combining items peep would never thought to put together. I love to play with fashion, and that’s why I’m so passionate about! I’m so glad you like those! I only build my posts around those! I want my blog to be useful! x

  • Fantabulous outfit! You look gorgeous!
    That corridor shot is well taken.

    • Thanks Indrani! Such a compliment! x

  • lexhan

    Light, simple and class. A fantastic choice I recommend. You sense of colour is cool too.

    • Thanks Lexhan! My style revolves around those 3 things you mentioned. I don’t like to be overdress, so I tend to make it simple, light and always colorless haha! x

  • The whole look looks great on you! My fav part is the top bit, would steal that top bit out for myself 😛

    • This top is just amazing, it’s fitted, and yet it’s flattering on anyone! There’s something about lace I can’t deny. It’s upgrade the whole thing right? x

  • Paola Viaggi&Delizie

    Very nice outfit! At the first glance I thought it was a dress. Top and skirts are very well combined!

    • Well.. YES, it’s a top and a skirt!! Good call! Thanks, I’m glad you like it! x

  • Laveena Sengar

    I just love love your outfit idea! Amazing pictures. 🙂

    • Thanks Laveena! It’s one of my favorite outfit I combined! x

  • Love the classic black with lace accent to spice it up a bit! Perfection!

    • I love when you can pair surprising elements and make it a bit spicey! Thanks Shane! x

  • Lovely outfit! Suits you very well. The photography too done well.

    • Thanks Indrani! So happy you appreciate it and the photos! xx

  • I like what you said about finding your summer wardrobe. I found my dream shirt a few months back, bought it in three colors and that is my entire wardrobe. When you find something that works, just go with it!

    • Exactly! When you find the perfect essential, there’s nothing but just going with it! xx

  • verushka ramasami

    Great photos you look fab ! I am now getting rid of my wardrobe so been rather selective of what I keep or buy 🙂

    • Thanks Verushka! Love getting rid of old stuff, selling them or giving them to someone! I feel lighter then! x

  • I’ve been looking everywhere for these kind of tops, one in black and one in white. They’re just so versatile!

    • I’ve been finding these ones at Zara, but there are some of those at Asos or Topshop! They’re so useful and versatile! They go with everything!

  • Laveena Sengar

    I love this top so so much! The outfit looks amazing. I am looking for a top like this for a while now.

    • Thanks Laveena! You can find one in the selection I picked for you! I’m so glad you loved this outfit! xx