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Take Me To The Desert


Another one of those thing I can cross from my bucket list: having an adventure in the desert. A couple of days ago, I was still standing at this spot, and we headed right to the desert close to Ein Gedi, in Israel. It wasn’t the first time I headed to this place, but any time, you want to make me jump, take me to the desert. Hiking, sand boarding, dune bashing, sleeping under the stars and camel ride. I absolutely love everything about this part of the world, the dry climate in the desert, and I’m not one complaining for finding sand in my shoes.

Boarding for this adventure was challenging, and sleeping for a couple of hours was somehow, something I don’t even regret. There are so few things I get excited about, and not to mention, after this trip, I think of the Negev as a seriously amazing place, where you can have the most diverse and incredible experiences when you travel.


We stayed at the fabulous Gan Hakramim Hotel, which is a more of Kibbutz style, an hotel with huge mansion and is located next to the hiking trail. We even had the chance to be located in the room where there was a huge spa bath.

The second night we stayed at Kfar Hanokdim. Sleeping under the stars, away from any city noise, was a once in a lifetime experience, and if you’re adventurous, you’ll sleep desert style!

See & Do

Hire a car Turns out you’re gonna need a car to go get there, then park and start the hike following the trail markers. The closest town is Midreshet Ben Gurion, and from Kramim, it takes about an hour to catch up the lowest point of the trail.

Ein Avdat Hike The one-hour trek is not a loop, but it can be done in only one direction. Israelis are used to hike this one, and it’s something you usually do when you’re in the desert. This is such a wonderful and incredible place to see! One other reason to get a car, since you can go from Sde Boker (where is located the grave of David Ben-Gurion, the country’s first prime minister)

Visit Mitspe Ramon On the edge of the Ramon crater, at a height of some 300 meters above it, sits the town of Mitspe Ramon. The view is one of the take-your-breath-away variety. Mitspe is also one of the coldest place in Israel, since it’s located 900 meters above sea level. Pack carefully for a night escape.

Ride a camel In the heart of the Judea desert, if you’re looking for something crazy to do, and yet you didn’t try, overlooking the Wadi T’zelim and Wadi Rahaf Canyons, go for a camel ride

Hike Masada It’s a Unesco World Heritage site, and it has been considered as the Israeli shorthand for the attitude that ‘they’ll never take us alive’. The best moment to hike Masada is around 4 am, and even if the wake up call is hard on your stomach, be a bit brave. It worth the trail, since there’s nothing that would beat a Masada sunrise above the Dead Sea.

Have a massage at the Ein Gedi Spa. You heard right… a spa located a few hundred meters from the Dead Sea.

Don’t leave Ein Gedi without taking the Nahal David trail, and take a plunge at the highest waterfall.

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