Take Me To The Desert


Another one of those thing I can cross from my bucket list: having an adventure in the desert. A couple of days ago, I was still standing at this spot, and we headed right to the desert close to Ein Gedi, in Israel. It wasn’t the first time I headed to this place, but any time, you want to make me jump, take me to the desert. Hiking, sand boarding, dune bashing, sleeping under the stars and camel ride. I absolutely love everything about this part of the world, the dry climate in the desert, and I’m not one complaining for finding sand in my shoes.

Boarding for this adventure was challenging, and sleeping for a couple of hours was somehow, something I don’t even regret. There are so few things I get excited about, and not to mention, after this trip, I think of the Negev as a seriously amazing place, where you can have the most diverse and incredible experiences when you travel.


We stayed at the fabulous Gan Hakramim Hotel, which is a more of Kibbutz style, an hotel with huge mansion and is located next to the hiking trail. We even had the chance to be located in the room where there was a huge spa bath.

The second night we stayed at Kfar Hanokdim. Sleeping under the stars, away from any city noise, was a once in a lifetime experience, and if you’re adventurous, you’ll sleep desert style!

See & Do

Hire a car Turns out you’re gonna need a car to go get there, then park and start the hike following the trail markers. The closest town is Midreshet Ben Gurion, and from Kramim, it takes about an hour to catch up the lowest point of the trail.

Ein Avdat Hike The one-hour trek is not a loop, but it can be done in only one direction. Israelis are used to hike this one, and it’s something you usually do when you’re in the desert. This is such a wonderful and incredible place to see! One other reason to get a car, since you can go from Sde Boker (where is located the grave of David Ben-Gurion, the country’s first prime minister)

Visit Mitspe Ramon On the edge of the Ramon crater, at a height of some 300 meters above it, sits the town of Mitspe Ramon. The view is one of the take-your-breath-away variety. Mitspe is also one of the coldest place in Israel, since it’s located 900 meters above sea level. Pack carefully for a night escape.

Ride a camel In the heart of the Judea desert, if you’re looking for something crazy to do, and yet you didn’t try, overlooking the Wadi T’zelim and Wadi Rahaf Canyons, go for a camel ride

Hike Masada It’s a Unesco World Heritage site, and it has been considered as the Israeli shorthand for the attitude that ‘they’ll never take us alive’. The best moment to hike Masada is around 4 am, and even if the wake up call is hard on your stomach, be a bit brave. It worth the trail, since there’s nothing that would beat a Masada sunrise above the Dead Sea.

Have a massage at the Ein Gedi Spa. You heard right… a spa located a few hundred meters from the Dead Sea.

Don’t leave Ein Gedi without taking the Nahal David trail, and take a plunge at the highest waterfall.

Also this.



  • verushka ramasami

    sounds amazing ! I too love the desert there is just some magic. Would love to go someday and experience what you did.Gorgeous pictures.

    • YES Verushka! There is! Then if you go, you’ll have to let me know! x

  • Christina

    Absolutely stunning photographs. I find the dessert so mesmerizing. I would love to visit this region in the very near future.

    • Thanks Christina! This place is so mesmerizing as you said! There’s something mysterious about it, and so magical. You definitely should! x

  • Anamika Ojha

    Loved your pictures! Thanks for sharing this post with us!

    • Thanks Anamika! I’m just happy you loved it! x

  • john rodgers

    I also love the desert, I was in the Great Gobi for a time last month. That was the first time I had the chance to visit one in over two years. I would love to visit Israel the photos in the article are just fantastic.

    • I’ve heard about the Great Gobi desert John, and I must say, I definitely want to visit! It’s my favorite place in the world, and I could have pick any city I’ve visited, but the Desert has something majestic I can’t deny! YES, and thanks! I tried to make justice to the beauty of the place! x

  • Paola Viaggi&Delizie

    I have been to Jordan desert, Wadi Rum, and it looked pretty much the same.
    I even slept in a tent camp and it was an amazing experience!

    • Yes Paola, it’s such across the boarder. So you know exactly what I mean when I’m talking about amazing experience. There’s something magical, and yet, as you can never grab the mystery about it! x

  • When i think of desert, I think of sand. I wouldn’t have ever imagined that you can find such beautiful canyons and even waterfalls inside a desert. Or that you can hike there. It is indeed a special place! And I would love to pass by that spa. 🙂

    • Yes, Joanna, before I thought of the desert as dune of sands as in Abu Dhabi. The Israeli desert is really different. There are canyons, oasis and waterfall where you would never expected! It’s crazy that you can hike there right? x

  • Shounak Mondal

    Amazing place, so close to the dead sea. I always wanted to the dead sea.Hiking and campaing in the desert on a starry night sounds interesting

    • YES Shounak! So close to the dead sea, and it’s such a crazy place to go. It was one of the best experience I’ve ever did! x

  • Indrani

    I had some desert experience in Jaisalmer, India… this sounds so similar yet different in so many ways!
    Noting down the tip of massage… we don’t have it here in the deserts.

    • I’ve never landed a foot in India yet, and I didn’t know there was a desert down there! It was such a treat, and it was extremely good after such a great hike in the middle of the desert Indrani! x

  • Subhadrika Sen

    I had been to the deserts of Dubai a long time ago. deserts are back on my bucketlist again and would. Thanks a lot for the post its nice reading it.

    • Thanks Subhadrika! I’ve never been to Dubai, and I don’t think I will. I’m not that attracted to this place, but why not? I guess it’s not the same desert! YES, they always will be! Thanks a lot for reading and appreciating it! x

  • Those photos are incredible! I agree with you that the desert is an exciting place. I’ve only been to the deserts in the Southwestern United States in Nevada and New Mexico. But this winter I am going to the Sahara for the first time!

    • Wow, the Sahara? That’s so cool! I’d love to set a foot there! It might be so different! Dunes of sand everywhere! YES, the desert is one of most exciting place on earth! x

  • Dash the Map

    Those shots of the desert are beautiful. How was it riding a camel? Was it really humid in the desert?

    • Thanks! It was ama-zing, and so worth the drive! It was not! It was just really hot, but it was nice to feel the sun again haha! x

  • Pier Nirandara

    This post was absolutely breathtaking, especially in the photograph you included! Thank you for sharing it 🙂 It looks absolutely beautiful – can’t imagine what it must be like at night!

    • Thanks Pier! I really appreciate your words! You definitely made my day! It looks even more mesmerezing at night. The sky is full of stars, and you can try to count them, but ain’t that easy! It’s countless, and there are so much magic in the air ! x

  • Janine Good

    Wow, what a lovely post. I love the desert and think it is a natural gem of scenery and archaeology. I so badly want to head to Jordan and see these things for myself and to Egypt. Thanks for sharing those beautiful photos and suggestions for the land on what to do.

    • Thanks Janine! I love the desert and as I said, it’s my fav place on earth. The scenery is unique and I think it’s such a gem we cannot throw. We have to take care of it! You should! I definitely want to go to Jordan this year! Petra is on bucket list 😉 You’re welcomed!

  • Tom

    I was near this area when I visited Isreal a few years ago and was struck almost dumb by the amazing beauty of the area. I would go back tomorrow.

    • YES Tom, it’s just incredibly beautiful! I fell in love with the landscape!

  • Komang Ayu

    around look dry. may be very hot if in daylight. but it is also an interesting place to visit. No harm we visited many new places. hehehehehe …

    • YES, it’s very hot around the desert atm. You should, there’s so much to explore around this area! x

  • Thanks Laveena! Ain’t nothing better than the Spa! x

  • Traveltorecovery

    Your pictures are great. I’m going to Israel next year and hope I get to go out to the desert like this did you feel save as I will be travelling alone although I might go on a organised group tour for this

    • Thanks! You have to if you go to Israel. There’s so much more to see than the main cities, even tho, I do love them! No worry, you’ll feel safe. Ain’t nothing to be afraid of! x

  • Beautiful pictures. I have not yet been to Israel but if I do, would love to get here. My desert experience has been the Gulf and Thar. And both have been quite different from what you share. Thanks for sharing it.

    • Thanks Ami! I’ve never been to the Gulf and Thar, I’ve heard about those desertic area, and the difference is so much more appealing! Now that I quite know well the Israeli desert, I’d love to go to the Gulf one!

  • I am much more into sea/green land adventures. Thinking about the blazing sun, burnt skin and lack of water, both drinking and sailing, does not sit well with me. Photos are beautiful, but they were not clicking with me up until pic #7. Just look at those adorable big-nosed faces 🙂 (just for a record, I am talking about camels here). Maybe, I should visit a desert after all ;).

    • I totally get you. There’s such a difference, and the North of Israel is just surrounded with green lands and incredible landscape. You can sail, fish and enjoy the sea as well. Haha, I got you talked about the camels! They were so cute… and wild! You definitely should! I won’t the one telling you otherwise! x

  • Beautiful! And a side of Israel I feel like I don’t see too often. Thanks for sharing this. It has been a long time goal to travel to Israel.. I hope I get to go there some day soon!

    • YES Judson. We don’t see the best side of Israel, but this country is quite amazing, and you cannot reduce it to what we hear on the medias… but it’s like for every country. We must fight the stereotypes! You should! Let me know when x

      • I couldn’t agree more. I always defer judgment until I have my own experience to reflect on. I do that in everything ranging from movies to destinations. I had a wonderful opportunity last year to spend a few weeks in Egypt on a fellowship program which was designed to encourage east-west dialogue. I got to meet with and have truly deep conversations with government leaders, military leaders, business leaders, educators, and humanitarians. The experience completely reshaped my view of Egypt. But I will say, the whole time I was there, especially when questions of Egyptian-Israeli issues came up, I felt like any opinion I formed was only half-informed until I goto Israel and have a similar dialogue. Hopefully one day I’ll get to do that too!

  • Great post and beautiful pictures! I’m planning a trip to Israel next year and of course a visit to the desert is a must. Thanks so much for all your tips, I’ll definitely keep this post in mind when I start organizing my trip!

    • You’re welcome Alberto! I’m so glad you’re planning a trip to Israel, and you def’ should visit the Desert and the South and the North of the country. The magic is different up there, but it’s quite amazing too.

  • Tamshuk Saha

    This does sound like quite an adventure and an amazing experience. Those photos of the vast open desert are truly amazing. Israel has been on my travel list ever since I read your first post on Tel Aviv. And now this, well, I need to hurry up my travel plans 🙂

    • Tamshuk, it was one of the best adventure I’ve ever went on. Such an experience to be able to share it with 30 friends. The desert is the place I tend to go when I want to be completely out of our busy world. I’m so glad you’ve been enjoying those posts. Hurry up, you’re missing it! x

  • Chantae

    Ahh I’ve been reading all about Israel lately and this stokes me desire to go there even more. Especially to do do that desert hike 🙂 beautiful pictures like usual, and thanks for the guide! Never ridden a camel before – sounds a bit wild 😛

    • +1 Chantae! You should do that hike, it’s so fun especially in Summer! Thanks for the words, I appreciate it! YES, it’s so wild and fun. Nothing you’ve ever expected before!

  • Aditi boghani

    I’ve never had a chance to visit Israel yet, didn’t know there was a dessert there. This is a great mini guide to a dessert in Israel. I’ve been to a lot of dessert safaris in the Middle East and they were a lot of fun and different.

    • YES Aditi, there’s a desert there, and it’s half the country actually! I definitely want to try another adventure in the desert, and yours sounds fun! x

  • I am thinking about heading to Israel next April. My husband has been there several times but the kids and I have not. I think it would be nice to get away from the German cold weather. I am not sure we would go walking through the desert though… or drive. I think my kids would be bored.

    • It’s one of the best period to go there, and I bet your kids are going to love the trip. Yes, sure, it ain’t for kids, since there’s a lot of hiking. Otherwise, there are a lot of kids doing the hike and trekking. They just love it! x

  • Michelle

    This theme is clean and I love the photos but I must say, your font is so itty bitty I can hardly read it. If you have any control over this, I highly recommend making it bigger. That said, the Ein Avdat hike is my favorite in Israel. What an oasis it is!

    • Thanks Michelle for the feedbacks! I’ll totally take this into account! YES. It’s my favorite Oasis I’ve came across! x

  • I love the middle east, myself now based in Dubai. Great adventures and tips you got there. Most importantly, your pictures are amazing and really makes us want to go asap!

    • I have a deep love for the Middle East! There ain’t a place like it, but I didn’t yet visit South East Asia, so I have to say I’m excited to see how different it is! Thanks! You made my day! x

  • Amazinggg Shots.

  • Joseph Humphreys

    Couldn’t agree more that sleeping under the stars in the desert is a truly magical experience, having done that in India’s Great Thar desert. This place looks like it’s right up my street as well, and the photos are absolutely stunning. The vivid contrast in the colours of the scenery is beautiful 🙂

    • YES! I’ve never been to India, but I’m dreaming of it. Thanks, I’ve been loving sharing those. The moment is unforgettable, and I’m so glad I’ve been to capture it, and share it with you, the essence of what I’ve been experiencing there. It was exactly like that. The colors were stunning and mesmerezing! x

  • Christine Krzyszton

    Spectacular photos. The desert looks like it would be a great escape from our North American winters. Love the oasis and hearing about your adventure on the sands.

    • Thanks Christine! This place is amazing to escape from colder place like North America in Winter! Thanks, and I’m so glad you’ve loved it! x

  • Kallsy Page

    Wow, these photos are absolutely incredible. It makes me want to hop on a plane and go there right away. There is something so majestic about the desert scenery. Thank you for the information as well, I like having a basis of where to look and what to see when visiting.

    • Thanks Kallsy, you’re so sweet! I totally get the feeling. Everytime I see those pictures or some from Tulum for example, I feel like hoping on a plane right the second. The desert is majestic in its all global landscape! It’s my pleasure, and so glad you’ve been enjoying it! x

  • Hi Liana!

    These are amazing images! I would absolutely love to go on a desert adventure someday. On the bucket list for sure 🙂

    xo Gennifer

    • Hi Gennifer, thanks so much! Yes, you definitely should, you’re going to live such an amazing adventure surely! x

  • Smidge

    Stunning photos! How is the hiking in the heat? I am so used to hiking in the cooler air that I am sure I would only manage to walk anywhere at night!

    • That’s so sweet of you! It’s not that btw, I’m used to hike in the hottest weaver, so for me it was okay. But you should try to see if you can bear it. At night, it’s really nice to do tho. I’ve been doing it during this trip, to catch the sunrise. It was as well such an incredible experience. Hiking in the desert under the stars even tho it was way much colder than I would ever thought! x

  • Wanderers Hub

    We did sand dune bashing in Dubai this April and it was an awesome experience. I can imagine how enjoyable it must have been for you. Nice pictures.

    • I’ve never did this, it must have been such an incredible experience as well! Thanks! x

  • Marinel de Jesus

    It is refreshing to read your post as hardly do people write about Israel’s hiking spots. Love the photos. Is it possible to do long hikes or even multi days?

    • Yes, it’s true! People are rarely talking about it! The photos are talking for themselves. Of course, some hikes can take 3-4 hours, and you can go for another one after. Camping and having a party in the desert is common sense there, so there’s no reason you couldn’t. I did! x

  • Your photos are truly spectacular! Israel is one of the places that I’m dieing to go to (not literally obviously haha), and now there is another reason added. Looks incredible!

    • Haha, I totally get it. It’s such a special place, and people are raving about it when they’re coming home. So you definitely should book a ticket! x

  • Adelheid Bethanny

    I’ve never been to Israel before, to be honest. So i really enjoyed your post and I really love your photos as well. I can’t imagine how enjoyable the adventure was for you. I’d have to make my way soon!

    • Hey Adelheif you definitely should go. Thanks, I’m blushing now! The adventure was… I don’t even think I have those kind of words in mind to express it. It was just revealing, and completely changing! Let me know 🙂

  • EG Green

    I’ve been living in the Gulf for a few years now and I hope to finally make it to Israel next year. Glad you were able to cross that off your bucket list!

    • You definitely should. It’s such a beautiful and wonderful place! YES, and I have so many to cross over yet! x

  • Oh my… the vastness, the emptiness… and it is so beautiful. I imagined myself sitting on the rocky spots gazing out to see … nothing but rocks and sands. Somehow, I feel like it is a good place for soul searching. Except for one thing… the sun. 🙂

    • YES Robert, it’s just… wonderful. It’s definitely what I felt. It was such a moment for soul searching, and you can meditate above there, and feel like even if no one is around you, there’s something special. The sand, the horizon and the sun. Just this are enough! x

  • Wow, this comprehensive guide might do me well someday, so it’s best that I save it now! Looking at these pictures sound so adventurous. It might be awesome to walk around the sand and do some soul-searching, perhaps. Haha. I probably couldn’t take the heat, though — but it would be a nice addition to my bucket list! 🙂

    • Thanks Mimi, I really appreciate it! It was an adventure in itself, and something I will never forget. It’s exactly what I’ve been doing. Enjoying the moment, and make it count, doing some soul searching and thinking about adventure coming. The heat was extreme, but it was supportable! Depending on how you support it! Would love to know if you’ll go! 🙂 x

  • Julie Kern

    your photography is INCREDIBLE! wowwwza

    • Wow, thanks Julie! xx

  • Joseph Humphreys

    Wow, the scenery looks amazing! Totally agree that the experiences you get in a desert – camel rides, sleeping under the stars – can’t be beat. Staying in a place with a huge spa as a contrasting experience sure doesn’t hurt either 🙂

    • Hi Joseph, YES, the scenery is just amazing! The experience was just amazing and it’s something you have to cross from your bucket list! It doesn’t hurt, but it was such a contrasting moment, from sleeping under the stars to being taking care of in a Spa… Nothing beats the desert experience even a Spa! x

  • Culture Passport

    Gorgeous shots, makes me really want to go now! 🙂 x
    Victoria {culturepassport.co}

    • Hi Victoria! Thanks for the words! You definitely should! x

  • I Alwayd dream of going to a desert but i dont enough money to go to but in these photos inspires me a lot to go and visit the middle east as soon as possible. How I wish that someone would sponsor this for my trip. Great visit and photos. Thumbs UP!

    • You definitely should go and visit the Middle East. It’s such an underestimate place, because people see it as a dangerous place, but as for me, I felt so much more secure and in peace there, than I would ever be in Europe. Let me know if it’s possible! Thanks! x

  • Carola K

    Wow the desert is amazing. I would love to go to the desert once as well. There are so many great things to do! Very curious about sand boarding.
    The edge of Ramon.. would definitely like to visit that. You photos are incredible. Very impressive.

    • Hi Carola, YES, there are so many things to do and you feel like you don’t know where to begin! The Mitzpe Ramon cliff was one of my favorite moment of the trip! Thanks so much! I’m so grateful for your words! x

  • Ivana Malarić

    I see it was a great experience! Great photos. Greetings 🙂

    • It was an amazing experience! Thanks 🙂 x

  • 2travellingsisters

    WOW! This dessert looks nothing like the ones we have visited in Dubai and India! The enthire landscape looks surreal and so amazing! Watching the sunrise from Masada is something which we would like to do!

    • No it’s really special! I’ve seen the one in Dubai and the Negev is nothing like this, it’s just surrealist and somehow you’re just speechless! Yes you should do it! x

  • I love going to the desert. The solitude and emptiness provide for some deep retrospection. Not to mention amazing scenery and landscapes. Great photos, thanks for sharing.

    • The desert is my favorite place on earth atm. There’s something so special about the peacefulness, the feeling of emptiness and of mindfulness. Thanks for the sweet words! x

  • Nicki McLaren

    Your photos are stunning. I, too, enjoyed my time in the desert <3

    • Where did you go? Dubai? Thanks for the sweet words! x

  • Kesi Irvin

    Such great shots! I’ve been traveling for 15 months but still have yet to visit a desert. What are prices like to ride camels and go to the spa?

    • Thanks for the words! Oh my. god. You’re so lucky! I want to plan such a trip and travel for at least a year! I will definitely check out your blog! It’s not that pricey. it’s around 50 Shekels (meaning 11$) for a 20 minutes ride! Thanks for stepping by! x

  • It must have been so hot , hiking in the desert. I remember when we to Israel , we had also stopped at the Ein Gedi for some time and then drove on . I have hiked in hot weather in India but Desert hikes, yikes!.

    • It had! Melting wasn’t even a word that would not crossed your mind when you’re hiking under the sun! Where did you stay and how was it? I’ve never been to India YET, and I’m so curious of everything regarding this amazing land! It was an amazing experience, and I would definitely start again! x

  • Kriswanders

    I don’t know when but I would really love checking the other part of the world. Im in a tropical country so a dessert scenery is purely something taht I totally want to check out. Hehe! Your photos are great too and Im sure you had a great time. It must’ve been really humid..

    • Where do you live? I’m so curious! I’m so jealous of your everyday tropical scenery, I do live in Europe for the moment, and there’s nothing tropical about this! Thanks for the words, and I def’ had a great time! It depends where you’re staying, but yes, in Summer, it’s really humid! x

  • Wow what an experience! Israel looks like such a fantastic place to visit and is now on my list! great post with some fantastic photos 🙂

    • Hi Katie, It’s a fantastic place, and you definitely have to plan a visit! I’m planning to relocate there, so keep in touch! x

  • Aisha Sylvester

    I. Must. Do. This! Your intro paragraph painted the most beautiful picture and then you actually posted the most BREATHTAKING photos of this experience. I never actually fantasized about staying in the desert but you’ve made me add this to my bucket list. No exaggeration. Great post!!!

    • Hi Aisha,
      I’m so grateful for your words! You definitely made me re read my post again, since I has wrote it some months ago. It wasn’t my first time there, and definitely, this time was just breathtaking, I was speechless, and there’s no exaggeration of me. The desert has a special power over my person, and I definitely think it’s one of the most incredible and peaceful place on earth. So glad you loved it! You have to plan a trip there! Keep in touch x

  • Lisa

    Israel is at the the top of my list. The desert has a beauty all its own. Looks like you had a great adventure camel and all! And who doesn’t want a day at the spa after a hot day. Thanks for sharing will save for a future visit!

    • YES Lisa! I had one of the best adventure yet! Thanks for commenting! x

  • Sam H Travels

    Your trip looks like a lot of fun and your photos are fantastic. I especially like the last photo, of the sun set. I went to Israel when I was a teenager and would love to visit again 🙂

    • Thanks Sam! The last photo was taken above Masada at sunrise! It’s totally another one when the sun sets haha! You should, it’s such a magnificent country! x

  • The desert is beautiful. Hiking in the desert sounds like a lot of fun. That’s funny there a spa right near the dead sea. How cold does Mitspe Ramon get?

    • It was such a lot of fun!! Yea, that’s such a cool thing! It can get really get cold during the Winter month! Like below zero, but it’s not snowing tho! x

  • Susan McNulty

    I’ve been dreaming of going to the desert, unfortunately my travel partner/husband is not the biggest fan of them. They’re just so stunning visually, and also I’d imagine a great place to do some soul-searching. Thank you for sharing, your photos are gorgeous and giving me some wanderlust!

    • Susan, I totally get the refusal of your partner. There are some things I can’t take also! For me, it was the best place to do some soul searching, and I really needed this moment for myself. It’s the only place where I like to go and just enjoy the moment. Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment! That’s definitely my point, making you live my wanderer adventure! x

  • Oliver Darwin

    Your shots deserve to go viral 😀 Great post! I love the idea of riding a camel in the desert and having a massage afterwards…. Wonderful 🙂

    • Wow, thanks Oliver! Really like you enjoyed it! That was such an amazing moment and doing both the same day was incredible! 🙂

  • Oi Meira

    Wow, wonderful pictures. I have’t been to Israeli. I really want to but maybe after visiting all countries in Asia. 🙂 You’re very talented in photography. May I ask you what gear you usually use?

    • Thanks Oi Meira! You definitely should, and I definitely want to go to SE asap! Oh, that’s so nice of you! Yea of course. I use a Canon 650D with a 50mm lense! x

      • Oi Meira

        wow thats professional gear. 🙂 awesome

  • Ma. Clarice Lao

    This is also one of my dreams. I know its not good for my health since I may have asthma attacks when I visit but I have been really curious how is it out there. Is it true that people don’t really ride camels in the desert because its smelly?

    Also I would like to let you know that your photos are really nice as I have enjoyed in your other posts too. Keep up the good work.

    • My friend has asthma and she was really okay after doing it, so no worry, you can’t take it your own rythme. The view is just spectacular as you may have seen through my post! It depends! Riding a camel is an experience, an amazing one, and if you don’t do it because they are smelly, you’re just missing the fun! Thanks! x

  • Claire Summers

    This sounds epic! Incredible images too. Especially love the one of the camels!

    • It was! Thanks! YES to camels! x

  • Venkat Ganesh Gudipaty

    I’ve hiked quite a few mountains, jungles, beaches and rivers. But never have I hiked desert. Wonder what that’d be like? Melting hot I believe!

    Amazing pictures by the way!

    • I did everything you’ve mentioned, excepted jungles, and then I’m wondering how it is! It was melting, but not hot as you can bear with it! Thanks so much! x

  • Kathy James

    Some great photos here. I love the sound of Mitspe Ramon. I haven’t been to Israel yet but I am looking forward to doing so when I get to that area of the world. Thanks for sharing.

    • You definitely should, and if I’m around time you’re there, I’ll be your guide haha! x

  • Paula – Gone with the Wine

    Wow! I love these photos! There is something magical about desert and especially seeing the sunset, camels and such a thing. Someday, I would love to stay the night at tents in desert somewhere. I had no idea such a place exists in Israel. I visited few years ago but I guess we just stayed in cities.

    • Thanks Paula! The magics explains why I’m so in love with this region of the world. Chasing the sunsets and riding camels were one of the best thing I’ve ever did! Where did you go? Yes, it’s in the south of the country, and it’s even more attractive than the cities! x

  • Totally digging how even your photographs evoke so much words and emotions. so moving! 🙂

    • I do have to say; those are the words sending shivers through my spine. You made my day! x

  • Wow, what can I say…Nature is stunning and you captured it great. Love the post and now, now I really want to go there.

  • Jean Bean

    Sounds like a lot of fun. Desserts. Hiking. Camels. My kind of adventure

  • Conversations of Us

    The photographs are just breathtaking! We have always wanted to go visit the desert, but maybe when we’re more ready with the heat. Thank you so much for sharing this story, we had a great time reading it!

    • You should definitely visit the desert during the winter, it’s just incredible and it’s not that hot tho. Thanks for reading tho! x

  • That was quite adventurous of you to hike in the heat! Some cool shots in the hot climate 🙂 Whenwe went, it was so hot in the desert , however in Ein Gedi Oasis it was a different experience altogether.

    • Yes, and it was amazing! Thanks! Id love to know more about your experience! x

  • Catarina Leonardo

    What an amazing experience… I´ve never been in Israel but i believe this might be something i would like to do. Beautiful pictures!

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    • You should Sarah, it was kind of amazing! Yes, you should go by car there and then do the hike! Yes, there’s nothing better actually, because catching up the sun is quite an amazing and unforgettable experience! x

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