The StreetStyle Trend We Embrace

Making layering won and works with everything. It’s one of those streetstyle trend we embrace and we don’t let down.


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And it’s finally upon us; the end of Summer, which means, it’s the moment upon the season I adore. Fall is the one I wouldn’t deny due to the absolute indefinite thousands of combination you could try regarding your wardrobe. The art of layering is an art I wouldn’t throw and I love to play with every year. You could consider the outfit above as one of my go-to combination that has never let me down. 

A) Black cami,    B) Buttoned denim Skirt  and   C) Leather jacket

Easily, it’s my go-to style uniform and I know it will always work  for me. The buttoned up denim skirt A shaped is flattering and the silhouette of it makes it appreciable when you don’t feel wearing something quite sophisticated. The black cami because it’s the ideal basic, yet sophisticated piece that’s making layering won and works with everything. It’s one of those streetstyle trend we embrace and we don’t let down.

Furthermore, being more personal and updated around the fashion sphere, I wanted to mention the Refinery29 #Seethe67 project that has been launch yesterday. Even tho, it’s seem easy today to pose in front of a camera, growing up I was one of those flipping through hundred of glossy magazines, wondering how it would be to look like the curated 90s supermodel, wishing to be beautiful, thiner, leggy and confident. That’s definitely how we’re built and how the society wants us , women, to feel along the way of our life. I’ve learnt to love myself, and I do feel more confident today, and I think every woman should too. Here’s why I’m supporting the #Seethe67 project, because it’s time things change in the sphere, and that women feel powerful about themselves, not being ashamed of their size. I think it doesn’t matter what size or shape you are, as long as you feel confident about who you are, being comfortable being you. I’m still in the process of learning this specific lessons, but I guess we all have our insure moments. Even tho, we’re thinking otherwise, it’s a general female problem. It seems there’s always something to work one, to how we look, how we behave and how we dress, we’re always worrying about something, and it takes times and confidence to be able to fight those inner critics and get some body confidence. I’ve been working through those steps, and that’s why I’m supporting the project, thinking to the things that had helped me fighting this society imposed stressful questions. 

You can support the project here, and be part of the change.

Wearing : Asos cami (similar here and here), Zara skirt, Mellow Yellow shoes, Lancaster bag

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