The StreetStyle Trend We Embrace

Making layering won and works with everything. It’s one of those streetstyle trend we embrace and we don’t let down.


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And it’s finally upon us; the end of Summer, which means, it’s the moment upon the season I adore. Fall is the one I wouldn’t deny due to the absolute indefinite thousands of combination you could try regarding your wardrobe. The art of layering is an art I wouldn’t throw and I love to play with every year. You could consider the outfit above as one of my go-to combination that has never let me down. 

A) Black cami,    B) Buttoned denim Skirt  and   C) Leather jacket

Easily, it’s my go-to style uniform and I know it will always work  for me. The buttoned up denim skirt A shaped is flattering and the silhouette of it makes it appreciable when you don’t feel wearing something quite sophisticated. The black cami because it’s the ideal basic, yet sophisticated piece that’s making layering won and works with everything. It’s one of those streetstyle trend we embrace and we don’t let down.

Furthermore, being more personal and updated around the fashion sphere, I wanted to mention the Refinery29 #Seethe67 project that has been launch yesterday. Even tho, it’s seem easy today to pose in front of a camera, growing up I was one of those flipping through hundred of glossy magazines, wondering how it would be to look like the curated 90s supermodel, wishing to be beautiful, thiner, leggy and confident. That’s definitely how we’re built and how the society wants us , women, to feel along the way of our life. I’ve learnt to love myself, and I do feel more confident today, and I think every woman should too. Here’s why I’m supporting the #Seethe67 project, because it’s time things change in the sphere, and that women feel powerful about themselves, not being ashamed of their size. I think it doesn’t matter what size or shape you are, as long as you feel confident about who you are, being comfortable being you. I’m still in the process of learning this specific lessons, but I guess we all have our insure moments. Even tho, we’re thinking otherwise, it’s a general female problem. It seems there’s always something to work one, to how we look, how we behave and how we dress, we’re always worrying about something, and it takes times and confidence to be able to fight those inner critics and get some body confidence. I’ve been working through those steps, and that’s why I’m supporting the project, thinking to the things that had helped me fighting this society imposed stressful questions. 

You can support the project here, and be part of the change.

Wearing : Asos cami (similar here and here), Zara skirt, Mellow Yellow shoes, Lancaster bag

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  • Mommy QueenElizabeth

    I love the outfit! As long as its black i love it. Coz black gives me the slimmer look! 🙂 now i got new ideas on how to pair that black top with denim skirt, or perhaps a skinny jeans and a jacket 🙂

    • Haha; so we’re going to be friends! I love black just because it’s black! YES, it’s also perfect with skinny jeans! xx

  • Ariel Samangka

    You help me see the other side of females characteristic. I really like how you see fashion as part of your life, especially for the beautiful young lady like you. I’m not into fashion since I’m habituated to be always okay with whatever I’m wearing. anything (backpacker’s life).

    • Thanks Ariel! Fashion is part of my life, and I’m just passionate about! I totally get the backpackers’s life, I’ve been through this phase, and I tend to stay stylish either way! It takes work 😉 x

  • Kriswanders

    You’re looking fab with that street style vibe, dear! I’m into jeans and shirts but looking at how you work that denim skirt makes me want to give it a try. Haha! I love your style, looking fab yet still comfortable. i also like the way how you layer black cami with that leather jacket. So need for color blocking. 🙂

    • So good to hear! You def’ should! I don’t go for color blocking, actually, never! I don’t wear colors, and I play only with monochrome, B&W and denim, and now it sounds through your words, that it works quite well! Thanks! x

  • Jojo Vito

    Beautiful ensemble. I like the denim skirt which looks so perfect for your cami top. You just appeared to be very gorgeous in that outfit. The leather jacket appeared to be a nice accessory even if you just tied it in your waist. Great job!

    • I adore this skirt, so versatile! YES, this jacket is good on its own or through this idea of layering around my waist! Thanks! x

  • Yan

    Gorgeous! It’s typically hot in our country and layering is a no-no but this style will definitely work in our weather. Whoever told layering is all about wrapping up and getting warm is wrong (well, except in winter). Love the skirt!

    • Where do you live? Here layering is a must! YES to this! Layering is not about getting warm. It’s about layering pieces going together, and with a style philosophy that works! x

  • The black cami is very nice and you look fantastic wearing it. More than the outfit, it is your mindset. I agree with you completely. LOVE YOURSELF. No one can love you more than you could yourself and people will love you more if you do love yourself enough to take care of yourself.

    • Thanks Robert! YES to this positive mindset. Nothing can compare to the idea of loving yourself! Then, if you accept yourself, it shines through, and people will def’ be more attracted to you! x

  • Hey. The weather here in the Philippines is really unpredictable that’s why I envy some countries where the weather is more stable. Either way, I similarly just bring a jacket or an overcoat wherever I go in case that the weather changes. Also you look so effortless in this outfit. You really give the look the justice that it deserves.

    • Haha, I totally get it! But in Paris, the weather is also really unpredictable, it feels like Winter already! Thanks, that’s so nice to hear! I always tend to go for effortless! x

  • I love your fashion style! Your outfit may be simple but it has a great impact! You pulled off the leather jacket really well. Very fashionable indeed. 😉

    • Thanks Gryselle! My fashion philosophy has always been revolving around denim, black and white! Glad you loved it! x

  • Ma.Me.Mi.Mommy

    Great ensemble! I used to love wearing camis until I grew a bulge LOL! I usually go for jeans but seeing how you look on that skirt, I think I’d give it a try. 🙂

    • Oh my, I hope it’s okay by now! You should!, I love wearing it with a skirt of with flares!

  • Chessica ♏irasol

    Can I just say, you are very pretty! 🙂 Also, your choice of skirt is something that I also like. I think we have the same fashion taste!! I’ve been looking for one like that, but still haven’t found one.

    • Thanks Chessica! Really, it’s nice of you! Really? There are some like these everywhere! Check out the selection up there! It’s so cool to find someone who has the same fashion taste as I!

  • Teresa Dumadag

    Your outfit reminded me of a denim skirt I used to own with buttons in front as well. But mine was a long A-line skirt. I liked pairing it with tees in solid colors also. But there are also times when I match it with printed tops.

    • It’s kind of the best style I’ve ever came across! The A-line is so effortless and stylish! It’s such a good idea! x

  • Dawn

    You can never go wrong with a denim skirt. I like pairing it with t-shirts on a simple day if I just wanna go to the mall. It’s simple but it makes everything stylish. Love your photos by the way, so gorgeous.

    • YES! You can never go wrong. It’s a must-have in any wardrobe, and so easy to style! Thanks!! x

  • So simple, casual and chic at the same time. Love your style Liana! I am also super into the camisole dress/slip dress over long sleeves – that 90’s feel!

    • Thanks Suan! YES to the Cami dress trend over tee! That’s so 90s as you said, and so easy to style! x

  • This seems like a super cool project to support! Thanks so much for sharing it! 🙂 Also, love your casual and chic look! xo, Chloe

    • Yes, Chloe it’s really super cool! I love sharing projects that are making something good for women! Thanks! xx

  • Yag Dalal

    Gorgeous as usual <3 I love the 90's vibe!

    • Thanks Yag! You made my day! YES to the 90s! x

  • Im loving your outfit, total 90s!! I have like 3 different leather jackets myself hahaha