Trend Alert: The White Off Shoulder Dress

I was overwhelmed with the urge of finding the perfect one, that would fit any silhouette.

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When I heard that the white dress trend was back on the runway, I was overwhelmed with the urge of finding the perfect one, that would fit any silhouette, but still a bit skeptical, when it comes to style it runway style.

A trend that I’ve seen coming through after wandering on The Undone and other shops is the off shoulder including some bows detailing along the sleeves, tops and dresses, white or black.

This is the most beautiful boho inspired cotton fabric to touch, and seriously, the layering is just so thoughtful it made me want to wear it non stop. Apart from the sweltering temperatures in Paris, being back feels good. I get so much inspiration lately, and I do feel it reflects  on the way I dress myself. I tend to be more put together, more classy and in an outgoing way more “creative” with the components of my wardrobe. I already plan some new combos and layering, which will always make a place to the details. I like you can wear it upon itself and make a statement. Or add a leather jacket, and the boho style is suddently elevated to a all new level. Personally, I like to subtky dabble this trend at the most of the boho chic tend by wearing it paired with double straps wedges, and playing with the bow sleeves as one of my favorite things on a Tuesday morning. 

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  • Beautiful look! I love the shoes, they look fab and so do you! xoxo

    • Thanks Angelina! That’s so sweet! I appreciate it so much and blushing! xx

  • john rodgers

    This is an interesting look. Not one I think my wife could pull off. But simple and easy, and looks good on you.

    • Thanks John! I bet she could! Every woman would be able to wear anything as long as she’s confident and she’s feeling good inside whilst wearing it! x

  • @KarenBurnsBooth

    Very pretty look, although it would not suit me! I like how you have styled it with the high wedges too!

    • Thanks Karen! YES, I thought it was a good option since Summer wasn’t over yet around here! x

  • verushka ramasami

    Beautiful pictures love the attention to detail of the bows.I would wear this over some pants as it is too short for me.

    • That’s so awesome you’re mentioning what you like tho! The details are so important when you want to write an article about a piece of cloth such as this dress. You have to make it worth the read and the splurge! That’s such a great idea! I have to try this on colder days! x

  • Paola Viaggi&Delizie

    I love that dress!!!!! If only it would be a little longer I woul buy it…. but thanks to putting othe options below the description. You are becoming my style guru!

    • Thanks Paola! I can’t believe it, you’re making me blush haha! There are so much options and some are longers, so I hope you’ll find the one fitting! x

  • lexhan

    Simple white dress this is, but the design makes it classy and chic. Good to go.

    • YES, it really is simple, but it’s so easy to wear and to accessoirise! Thanks Lexhan! xx

  • Indrani

    You look gorgeous in each of the pics! Hard to choose which one of yours is better.

    • Thanks Indrani! That’s so sweet of you! xx

  • Sabine Krestel

    Loving the pictures and you really rock that dress…even though I never would wear it…if I try wearing these dresses I usually look horrible…short and cute so doesn’t work for me…but damn you look great in it!^^

    • Thanks Sabine! I really appreciate you’re loving my dress, and I bet, you can rock it too! It’s not that short when you’re wearing it tho! xx

  • Retlyn

    The dress suits you perfectly. I also have an off-shoulder dress and I love the feeling that it feels so comfortable. btw I love all your photos in this post and you look so pretty in all your photos

    • Thanks Retlyn. YES, the off shoulder is incredible to wear, because it’s comfy, and it makes you worth a million bucks. Thanks so much! *blushing* xx

  • I love this dress! And the photos are soooo lovely. The off shoulder blouses and dress trend is actually also really big in the Philippines! Love it!

    • Thanks Johna! I didn’t know about this! It’s so interesting, because Fashion is one of the way to feel connected to one another when you’re just sharing tastes and passion for such a a piece of clothes! x

  • Ariel Samangka

    That dress you wear is simply fit to you. You look prettier wearing that, it speaks about how you carry yourself in all honesty because of the color. Beautiful!

    • Thanks Ariel! It’s all about confidence, and I have to say, confidence comes from within and from how you carry yourself and what you wear! White is definitely my color actually! It seems I wear only off shoulder white top or dress, as well as in this one ! xx

  • Berlin Domingo

    Love every detail of the dress. Even the cute ribbon by the sleeves. I guess what makes the dress even beautiful is how you carry it. Even the bag and the shoes go well with the white cute dress. 🙂

  • Anna Plaida

    You look stunning in your dress. Your bag also compliments your dress. I don’t have a guts to wear an off shoulder

    • Thanks Anna! Wearing such piece makes you feel like a million bucks, so you definitely should try it on! x

  • Thanks Kristine! That’s so coool and sweet to hear! You should wear it more, really. It makes me feel so happy: you just get the point! It’s all about summer vibes, and making you feel effortless and chic is easy and nice on the eyes! x

  • nicolepaler

    WOW. How can you pull off a dress with that type of cut? I’m pretty sure if I wore that it would seem like I wore a towel to work. You look so gorgeous here! Please give tips on posing perfectly soon 😀

  • So far so Sabine

    I love the color white. The off shoulder looks great with your tan! The dress is very loose and fashionable. I like that you look so effortless wearing it! xo Sabine