Silver and Monogramme

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Matin dress, Holly Ryan earrings, Madewell tee, TDE Diary, Dune London boots, The Dreslyn bag

I’ve had a Cami dress as this one, but as soon as I saw this one on the Undone, I couldn’t resist. For a few years, I’ve been absolutely in love with those kind of wardrobe staples, and I should have known, the luxury version of this piece would catch my eyes. So, even if it’s the colder season, it doesn’t prevent you to feel the best version of yourself and handpick one of the luxurious version of this dress on the market? Am I not right? I was pretty excited to add this new white tee and, this incredible, pure leather incrusted with gold buttons details to my essential list. The flawlessness of this dress resides in one thing: the material, and you can only realize the perfection of it whilst trying it on. It’s a true boost of confidence. According to the Undone and to some of my favorite bloggers/ influencers out there, some wardrobe essentials have to be considered as must-have. As I always consider those, I have also a real admiration for the indubitably admirable work of Vanessa essentials earrings.¬†

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  • Caroline

    Love the boots – and the rest of the outfit too! Classy yet simple.

    • Thanks Caroline! The boots are definitely heavy on the balance! x

  • I get why this set is a must have for all ladies. The classic white shirt is for all seasons and you can partner it with anything and you’d still look great. The boots are lovely and can set your style to formal. Together with the black bag, silver earrings and the purse, It simply completes your monochromatic style.