Sunday Reading No. 1





I don’t know about you, but as for me, Sunday means rolling up into my bed, and staying curled up and catch up on my readings of the week. Somehow, since I don’t have quite the time to do so during the week, I will do on the weekend. Here are a few of them I’ve missed online. Do you have some to advice me? 

 ________ Around the web this week  ____________

Lady Gaga on her new album ‘Joanne’

5 Korean Beauty Trends That Are About to Be Huge

The Greats according to the NY Times

7 Breakfast Secrets of the World’s Most Powerful Celebrities

This Is The Secret to Happiness, According to Danish Women

The 100 best bars in Paris

7 Fashion unlikely pairings

21 Successful Women Share Their Morning Routines

This is the ultimate way to lighten dark spots



_________ On Tomboy Chronicle this week _________

  1. 4 reasons why you should be more confident 
  2. A quick desert guide for your traveler soul
  3. The streetstyle trend we embrace


_________ Splurge of the week ___________________



Absolutely obsessed with this camisole black dress. Streamline shape with thin straps and flattering v shape neck. Flawless material meaning it’s your perfect wardrobe essential.


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  • Yag Dalal

    Big Magic for a boost of creativity if you haven’t read it yet. By Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat Pray Love).

    • Hi Yag,
      I didn’t read it, and I really love the recommendation! Thanks, I’m going to check this one since Eat, Pray, Love is one of my favorite book I’ve ever read. Liz Gilbert had so much impact on life tho! x

  • Caroline

    Great post and thanks for the links. Being Danish, I especially liked the article with the Danish, happy women 😉

    • Thanks Caroline, I’m so glad you’ve been enjoying this kind of article! Yes to Danish motto! x

  • A Sip of Bliss

    Perfect dress! So versatile. Definitely a great closet staple!

    xo Jen

    • Thanks Jen! Yes, this dress is just amazing, and it’s definitely so versatile and it goes with everything! x

  • Love that dress! Such a classic piece!

    Nicole |

    • YES! It’s amazing, and such a classic and must have wardrobe piece! x

  • AngeliePangilinan

    Uhm I really have to ask this. What camera are you using to take photos and where do you edit them? Your photos are way too amazing!

  • Some of the posts you picked appeals to me. Not all, but those that are more in inspiration and motivation does. I can see also that these posts mainly use catchy titles that has become so common in blogging, those that has X number types.

    Anyway, Sunday is always a good time to relax and yes, catch up on reading. That keeps you sharp.

  • The post about confidence surely hits me right in the soul! Hahaha. People nowadays seem to lose confidence because of rampant body shaming and other kinds of shaming. From smart shaming to slut shaming, it’s there. It’s just disappointing that people do those to others. I saw some suggest Big Magic; well it’s a great read for creative people living a creative life. 🙂

  • Maaya Legaspi

    This sure is a good read! I will bookmark this for when I have nothing to do on a lazy Sunday. What I notice is that those titles are really worth clicking. I mean when you’re a blogger, it’s a must t use titles that will let readers click those. And those that you list really have it. 😀