The 7 Pieces Every Girl Needs For PFW



The Fashion month has just ended with Paris Fashion Week, and as a Parisian attending the amazingness of this event. Paris Fashion Week is about breaking your past fall looks, and breaking into the new season playing with the essentials, preparing for the chill and packing your best outfits. Since leaving in Paris, when Fall is upon us, I always tend to pick my greatest coats, booties, and hats. Here you’ll find the 7 pieces every girl needs for Paris Fashion Week.

01 ___ Camel Coats


I’ll say it again, and I’ll keep saying it. Camel coats are a must have for fall. Consider it as an investment. No matter how hard you’re going to try to go around splurging on this one, you’re going to need it. It goes with everything, and you won’t have to worry anymore.

02 ___ Hats


Fall has to be the moment of the year where I’ll sort out my autumn hats. It’s the proper time where I can wear them and play with every type and color I own. Finding the perfect one is a quest, but for now on, you’d want to wear it with every.single.outfit.

03 ___ Booties


I wouldn’t dare deny those pair of booties a second. As well as the backless loafers. Those type of shoes are the one I wore all along the month, and they are the best effortless, yet classy and chic option to run around. Pick your option: dress them down with a pair of jeans, or dress them up with a cool detailed dress.

04 ___ Backpack


When in doubt, you can’t go wrong. There is something extra to pair together a well-put-together outfit with a backpack. It all goes up to the effortless level.

05 ___ Pyjama sets


It’s definitely hard to think you could pull out this casually and effortlessly on the street. I caught up this trend quietly, because it took time for me to set up with it. It grew up on me, but somehow, when you find the cutest pyjama sets, you cannot say no to wearing out there as well. Wear it with sleepers or even with heels for a comfy, yet put-together outfit.

06 ___ Bell Sleeves Blouse 


Nothing gets me like bell sleeves and take to another level an outfit. During Summer I tend to go for the off-shoulder option, but now, since the chill is settling, I’m all going for it. So throw one on top with a pair of jeans or a pair of flares, add an extra detail to your look, and here it goes. You can’t go wrong.

07 ___ Ripped Jeans


When you’re wandering around Paris, there’s something Parisians women wouldn’t ever deny: ripped denim. And when I definitely want to make a statement, and still find some balance, I’ll go for a good pair of ripped blue jeans, and a nice off shoulder stripped shirt. 

  • Ariel Samangka

    The Camel Coats, Hats, Booties, Backpack, Pyjama sets, Bell Sleeves Blouse and the Ripped Jeans they were all look so beautiful. This is what I like about girl cause you can wear anything simple and it appears to be so amazing and you look gorgeous when you get into it. I really see people awesome who are really good in fashion cause I’m not proficient at it.

  • Shaira Mariel Habon

    Ripped jeans are forever! I love how you can just pair it with almost anything. Anyway, I’m a huge PFW fan and I am definitely loving your picks! So stylish!

    • YES Shaira! They are forever, and you can play with them at any occasion! It’s definitely one of my favorite event, with NYFW! Thanks! xx

  • Love the camel coat! x

    Daniel x

    The Daniel Originals | Instagram: danielpoonvignez

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  • Love this! I hadn’t recognized the backpack trend until you pointed it out- so so true! Love the hats and camel coats, but not loving the pajama sets… What is with that trend?

    • YES! And it’s one I lovee! As for the Pyjama set trends, I was reticent at first, but when you try it, and you find the RIGHT one, everything falls perfectly again! You should try it! x

  • I’m eyeing on the ripped jeans, hats and booties! I may not be such a fashion junkie but I love what you featured here. Ripped jeans is eternal. Looking forward for your outfits! 🙂

    • Ripped Jeans, hats and booties, here is my perfect everyday look and combo. I can’t get enough! Just found the perfect ripped jeans, and as you say, it’s classic and eternal! Thanks! Looking forward seeing you again around here! x

  • So far so Sabine

    yes so true! I don’t have ripped jeans because I can’t stand them. The Pyjama hype is so strange haha! But I would want to try that. I have two hats for the autumn!

    • Yes, try it, it’s really fun to go out wearing pajamas! x

  • Sandra

    Great points and I totally agree with you! My favorite are the bell sleeves and the pyama! Still looking for a second Pyama set. X

    • Aa the bell sleeves is definitely one of my favorite trend atm! They work with eveything, and they instantly upgrade your outfit to the next level! xx

  • Claire Santiago

    Those are really fashionable! I love ripped jeans, I feel so pretty and cool in it.