Sunday Reading No.2

always on the go for some cultural uberisation of knowledge.


Image from Badlands

What have you been reading on your Sunday? I’m always on the go for some cultural uberisation of knowledge.

 ________ Around the web this week  ____________

01. What If We’re Looking at Our Limitations All Wrong?

02. 7 Buzziest Travel Destination in 2017

03. She’s Visited Every Country in The World

04. Discovering Amman, Jordan

05. Entrepreneur Jessica Alba Stays Healthy on a Trip

06. Trump Wins 2016 Election

07. The Best Books of 2016 So Far

08. Those AirBnbs Will Blow Your Mind (Not Your Budget)

09. Do Your MakeUp Like A French Girl

10. 5 Face Oil To Try This Winter


_________ On Tomboy Chronicle this week _________

4 Ways to Flawlessly Wear A Choker

A Quick Guide to Mindfulness

_________ Splurge of the week ___________________

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When it comes to fine gold jewels, I always want something extra, willing to elevate my outfit. Here’s the winner of the week, and I’m not feeling a second guilty for splurging on such a must have. 

Gorjana, Cayne Necklace

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  • Woah. Sure you have read lot this week. How did you have the idea on having something like on your blog? This is interesting! I’ll try to check out those that you have posted, especially that about Mindfulness. 🙂

  • Wow! That is an impressive list!
    I am afraid I hardly have anything to mention.