My Top Five Resolutions Who Are Not Really Resolutions

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I’m backkk. Hello. Hi. It’s been weird not being there for the past week.

Everything started with a though. Who said we should wait for the 2017 bell to ring loudly to start marking down the days, and write down resolutions, we would truly never respect, as well as it’s been for the past couple of years? Surely, I’m not the only brave traveler on this boat, and I know you kiddos are aware of the list I’m casually mentioning the existence. We can all pretend it doesn’t affect us, and the time passing by is just another day, another month, another year, taking a step ahead, thinking we’re ready to face anything and lying to ourselves, thinking we’re nailing it at resolutions. You’re definitely right: New Year’s resolutions are bullsh*t, and you convinced me. The holidays seems to approach way faster, and I don’t want to wait for the Santa song to display it, and this year I really want to try to make it count, and value each day to the fullest. I’m trying to make a better life for myself, and making a routine before January hitting the bell. Here’s my top five resolutions who are not resolutions

What’s one of your resolution who are not resolution, but quickly making your life much better? 


01. Write down what you’re grateful for
I ran onto an article wrote six months ago, explaining how it’s important to keep a gratitude journal. Of course, I’ve never thought of it, but then, thinking about it, I was wondering what would it bring to me, and to my relatives, to make it like it count and have some positive consequences on our daily routine. 
It brings positivity to the forefront, since you’re writing down the things you’re grateful for once a week for starter, there’s little room for negativity. As long as you go, it it will improve your ability to focus and better, you’ll learn which elements you want to develop to improve you way of living. Finally, you will understand what’s important for you and you’ll learn to understand yourself better. 
02. Smile To Strangers
Saying ‘Hello’ to strangers, smile to them is such a nice way to have a better life, and to make their own day even better. Putting positive energy out in the world can only be good for your soul and for the universe. It always come back. 
03. Live In The Moment
You’ll find a newfound appreciation for the little things in life, but it’s also important to take pride and acceptance into the past events. Reading on mindfulness will help. 
04. Snap Your Life
Snap your day to make it count, of one moment you want it to represent your day. 

05. Find Head Space

When getting through a rough and tiring day, we all really need to find some silence, light a candle and just enjoy the surroundings without any buzzing sound that would. There are so many ways to be introduce to the world of awareness and consciousness, and I’ve been drawn to it throughout this year, when I wanted to have a better life. Somehow, it just take 5 to 10 minutes to focus and find silence, just before your morning coffee. 



  • bc21578

    Love your outfits and the pictures above your bed!

  • Sam

    Really love the sultry vibe of the photos! I personally don’t do resolutions but I try to map out the things that I want to improve on various levels of my life 🙂

  • Robert Adolf

    Thank you for sharing your resolutions! And they are wondeful resolutions. Let’s just create a little more of space in ourselves. Many problems could be solved by being more present. Love the one gifting strangers with smiles!

  • Yan

    Love your photos! This reminds me I should make me own list soon, oooor I’ll just recycle my previous year’s resolutions haha

  • For me living in the moment and snapping pictures are contradictory. My main issue is that I’m sometimes too stuck behind the lens to appreciate the moment fully as it’s happening.

  • Laveena Sengar

    That’s a beautiful list of resolutions you have got there. I think it is very important to live in the moment and yes clicking pictures is a big important part of the same.

  • Berlin Domingo

    Used to make resolutions before. But I know I often fail myself. So I just make it a point to change something if I find the courage to change in the first place. It is more practical and seems realistic.

  • Eleanor Llabore

    Practical resolutions which are very essential to our daily existence. I have a gratitude journal, a happiness journal and personal journal. I love recording my feelings and thoughts on the pages of journal. Now I am beginning to share them in virtual world through blogging. Snapping photos, living at the present, saying hello and silence after the day’s busyness are all habits that I am doing. I just love your post because you mirror my thoughts!

  • I love how the photos used here were taken. The outfits are perfectly match together. Also, the bedroom looks comfy. I also like how it use the black, white and gray motif. Each colors really complement each other.

  • SiennyLoves Drawing

    Enjoy reading your sharing, interesting new year resolutions that you have. Would like to revisit them throughout as my life reminder. Frankly I have been always occupied with tasks, back to back, not really live in a moment. One of it capturing moment with photos, I have been doing it though, always carry my Canon S95 with me whenever I go. Cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing

  • RUBY Caberte

    When I was younger, I usually make a list of my new year resolutions. But as I grew older, I stopped making one. Then after a few years, instead of a new year resolution, I create a list of short goals I want to achieve within a year that will contribute to my long term goals. They may sound the same, but I felt like a goal is more of really doing it and somehow a resolution just became a wish. Well, that’s just me.

    Anyway, I love your photos. They are wonderful!

  • Great tips for remembering not to take anything for granted, especially at this time of the year.

  • I agree with you. Your resolutions are not really the typical New Year’s resolutions, but they are among the important ones, especially the ones dealing with attitude. I have written about New Year’s Resolution and why people fail to keep up. Mostly it is because of the lack of the right mindset. So for you, my friend, I hope the coming year will be a bonafide year for you and everything you planned for comes to pass as smashing success.

  • Berlin Domingo

    Love your resolutions. Makes me want to create my own. Ive always look forward to new years minus resolutions as I never get to meet any of them. This year might be a change.

  • Cassey Yong

    thanks for sharing your thoughts, I agree that counting your blessings are very essential for the soul, to remember everything good will create a positive mindset to your mind. Smiling to strangers, easier said than done, not many people can do that to complete strangers, but it is a good practice. Smile is a most connectable language and without any language barrier. Thanks for sharing and reminding me that I need to find a head space for next year as well. Your resolutions helped me to think through about the importance of simple things to have a better life next year. Thanks so much.

  • cieri (

    I personally like Number 1. This is part of my list this year. I believe that attitude of gratitude is good to practice. It paves he way for more blessings.

    • Oh YES! It’s so true, and I’m so glad you’re jumping on this ship with me! x

  • ktnielsen24

    Glad I read this post. I’m actually in the process of writing my gratitude list to summarize 2016 but I am not sure yet if I am going to publish it. I do agree with you that when we count our blessings and we are grateful for all that we receive, our lives are far more positive. I also like the idea of snapping a photo everyday of your life to make it count. I might try that as well. Let’s see if I can capture 365 moments.

    • You should, and if you do I will read it! It’s such a nice thing to do afterwards. I will definitely start the 365 moments of 2017, because in the end, it’s a nice way to capture the moment that matters and show some gratitude for our surroundings and blessings! x

  • mollymia

    I think jotting down everything that we’re grateful for and making head space are two really useful advice we all can use! We tend to get too absorbed into the daily rat race of our stressful, competitive society so much so that we’ve lost the ability to feel/show gratitude when its due. But for smiling or saying hi to strangers…. It’s still a little hard.

    • It’s exactly what I thought! We tend to never appreciate the common joys and never show gratitude for what we have been giving to. As Parisian, and French, let me tell you it’s really a strange thing to smile to strangers. But long story short, I’ve been passing recently a homeless person, next to my place, and every time around I see him, recently I’ve smiled to him. He was completely astonished by my behavior, because people tend to ignore homeless people in the street, and just pass by. Honestly, when he smiled back to me, and started to talk to me, wishing me a great day, it was one of the greatest joy of my day! I felt so much gratitude atm! But I totally get you tho! x

  • Laveena Sengar

    Those are some beautiful resolutions for the coming year. I strongly believe in capturing all the moments that pass by as they are the ones we have to look back at.

  • Adel C

    Seems like I’ll copy your list. They’re realistic and mood-elevating. Taking time to list things to be grateful for is a good exercise to harbor positivity. I also enjoyed your captures. Nice post!

  • Mommy QueenElizabeth

    I haven’t listed my resolution for the coming year yet. If i would write it then it might never happen again! Lol! But that was quite a good list you got there. Maybe i could follow that “live in the moment thing” 🙂 wish you all the best!

  • Lea Martet

    I especally love “Smile at stragers”
    It is wonderful how a smile sometimes makes your day =)

  • Young And Undecided

    I like these. Most reloutions lists (mines included) are Go to this country, do this cool thing. Yours are very nice, and thoughtful. I feel like it’s important to have resolutions that will not only make you happier but make a positive impact on others. I may need to rework my list 🙂

    • For me, it’s so important to make such a list, to remind myself we shouldn’t be all self-centered, and never take in consideration others. Positivity is my mantra, and it’s all been as so since I’ve been meditating! x

  • Once how I love the idea of a gratitude journal. I think we forgot things that make us grateful or just positive thing in general. I might make this part of my resolutions too. The smiling tonstrangers is actually something I do a lot, part of Mc job is working with the public and I find myself saying good morning to people when I’m walking to work or just smiling at them instead of walking with my head down, it certainly makes you feel better if you smile and who doesn’t like someone to smile at them! Wonderful “early” resolutions and I wish you well for 2017.

    • It’s so true. Little things make us positive and grateful, but if we don’t take attention to those, we’re just missing the whole sense of life. I so love how you’re doing it! It’s all about making people smile more, and being more cheerful about your day-to-day life! Thanks for the wishes, and Happy holidays Georgia! Have a great start for 2017! x

  • Venkat Ganesh Gudipaty

    I think that noticing little things and being grateful is very important thing. On a day to day basis there are so many things which might seem mundane or we take them for granted but the day they’re not around it’s a mess

    • It’s exactly what I though when I write down this one! Somehow we forget about noticing the little things, and we just fee like it’s granted, but it’s not. One thing is missing, and you feel lost! x

  • Meg

    These are such beautiful resolutions. I definitely second the head space and smiling more. You can never smile enough!

    • Thanks Meg! You’re right, there’s nothing more genuine than smiling more, and that’s what it’s all about in this festive season! x

  • I really like the smile at strangers and live in the moment. Very positive ways to live and act. 🙂

  • AngeliePangilinan

    I would locce to try to do no 1. I havebeen trying to live a positivr life lately. I just feel like I am too blessed to be affected by negative things.