My Top Five Resolutions Who Are Not Really Resolutions

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I’m backkk. Hello. Hi. It’s been weird not being there for the past week.

Everything started with a though. Who said we should wait for the 2017 bell to ring loudly to start marking down the days, and write down resolutions, we would truly never respect, as well as it’s been for the past couple of years? Surely, I’m not the only brave traveler on this boat, and I know you kiddos are aware of the list I’m casually mentioning the existence. We can all pretend it doesn’t affect us, and the time passing by is just another day, another month, another year, taking a step ahead, thinking we’re ready to face anything and lying to ourselves, thinking we’re nailing it at resolutions. You’re definitely right: New Year’s resolutions are bullsh*t, and you convinced me. The holidays seems to approach way faster, and I don’t want to wait for the Santa song to display it, and this year I really want to try to make it count, and value each day to the fullest. I’m trying to make a better life for myself, and making a routine before January hitting the bell. Here’s my top five resolutions who are not resolutions

What’s one of your resolution who are not resolution, but quickly making your life much better? 


01. Write down what you’re grateful for
I ran onto an article wrote six months ago, explaining how it’s important to keep a gratitude journal. Of course, I’ve never thought of it, but then, thinking about it, I was wondering what would it bring to me, and to my relatives, to make it like it count and have some positive consequences on our daily routine. 
It brings positivity to the forefront, since you’re writing down the things you’re grateful for once a week for starter, there’s little room for negativity. As long as you go, it it will improve your ability to focus and better, you’ll learn which elements you want to develop to improve you way of living. Finally, you will understand what’s important for you and you’ll learn to understand yourself better. 
02. Smile To Strangers
Saying ‘Hello’ to strangers, smile to them is such a nice way to have a better life, and to make their own day even better. Putting positive energy out in the world can only be good for your soul and for the universe. It always come back. 
03. Live In The Moment
You’ll find a newfound appreciation for the little things in life, but it’s also important to take pride and acceptance into the past events. Reading on mindfulness will help. 
04. Snap Your Life
Snap your day to make it count, of one moment you want it to represent your day. 

05. Find Head Space

When getting through a rough and tiring day, we all really need to find some silence, light a candle and just enjoy the surroundings without any buzzing sound that would. There are so many ways to be introduce to the world of awareness and consciousness, and I’ve been drawn to it throughout this year, when I wanted to have a better life. Somehow, it just take 5 to 10 minutes to focus and find silence, just before your morning coffee.