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7 Essentials Your Wardrobe Should Show Off

These are what I would call the no-brainers essentials your wardrobe needs. If you haven’t ticked them off your must-have list, now is the time.

White Shirt. Duh. Should I ever explain how this is your definitive wardrobe essential? I don’t think so. There are so many options now on since brands understood the concept of minimalism, but Anna Quan is sort of a queen in the field. She’s starting to take the stage off and even as an investment, it’s a good one.

Large fedora. Alright, I don’t have any other argumentative points than I do collect them, and want to make out a wall out of all the Fedoras I own. Everyone should have at least one hat suiting them. Find the classic one. It always upgrading your OOTD.

Black belt with gold buckle. You never know when you’ll need a belt. Here’s the idea – go for a black with a gold buckle – which is going to match your jewelry/ hardware – and style it whenever you’re tipping into the jeans/ t-shirt ensemble. Style it also around the waist by putting an extra hole onto the leather. It has its advantages.

Dioresque earrings. We have seen those everywhere, but your jewelry/ hardware accessorize are – no matter what- essentials to your outfit. You always need a statement earring, yet stylish and classic, minimal but that will elevate your look to the next level. Don’t bother and go for one with good craftsmanship, so it will last on season after season.

Lace Bra. Confessing my obsession over lingerie is no news around here, but somehow I do consider everyone should own at least a perfectly craftsman shaped lace bra. Ganni, Calvin Klein, EastNWest, Etam.. they all do it well, but Etam delivers every time, especially when you’re collecting them each season.

Wrap ankles flat shoes. You need a flat ankle wrapped shoe that will fit your wardrobe as a dressy yet classic version of your black heels. Easy wear for a weekend drinks with your friends or even on a workday laid back meeting.

Cross body black bag. When you just need a classic, yet affordable and dressy cross body bag where you can throw your essentials, phone, credit card, disposable battery, keys, you don’t even need more. Topshop has made it so easy to find the perfect one, and the quality is well-known to be reward full.