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Spontaneous Spring Break

Why can’t adults have their own Spring Break escape as well, unplanned and spontaneous? I spontaneously got the itch waking up on every insta-blogger-stories to their Saint Laurent breakthrough show and instantly though “why not”? Why not booking a ticket for Milan, escape the whirlwind journey I was enrolled in and have a spontaneous trip to Italy? Booked a ticket, packed my bag, and instantly on Sunday, I escaped. We stayed at one of the Accor Hotels, the Ibis Centro, and when the manager asked for how many nights, I secretly wished I could have stayed forever.

The weather was absolutely perfect, and our spirits were so hight. I spent the first day from one place to another, and we landed at the Castello Sforzesco, challenging security, trying to get the best shot possible. Both nights were spent dining and chilling, eating the best pizza we’ve ever had and don’t even mention the vegan cuisine we had (City Guide coming!), drinking a lot of wine as well. 

Now, it’s back to life, back to reality, and back to our Parisian life. But it was fun to escape from work, from our routine for a few days, secretly, during the week. Plus, the forecast in Paris the past week was cloudy and rainy, which is down the best excuse to escape.

The beautiful sun glow casting down us was the perfect reason to get out of my wardrobe this amazing grey lace top, which is down over sexiest and classic as well. Those photos are undoubtedly dear to me, finally getting out of the blogger frame and laughing without excuses.