Spontaneous Spring Break

Why can’t adults have their own Spring Break escape as well, unplanned and spontaneous? I spontaneously got the itch waking up on every insta-blogger-stories to their Saint Laurent breakthrough show and instantly though “why not”? Why not booking a ticket for Milan, escape the whirlwind journey I was enrolled in and have a spontaneous trip to Italy? Booked a ticket, packed my bag, and instantly on Sunday, I escaped. We stayed at one of the Accor Hotels, the Ibis Centro, and when the manager asked for how many nights, I secretly wished I could have stayed forever.

The weather was absolutely perfect, and our spirits were so hight. I spent the first day from one place to another, and we landed at the Castello Sforzesco, challenging security, trying to get the best shot possible. Both nights were spent dining and chilling, eating the best pizza we’ve ever had and don’t even mention the vegan cuisine we had (City Guide coming!), drinking a lot of wine as well. 

Now, it’s back to life, back to reality, and back to our Parisian life. But it was fun to escape from work, from our routine for a few days, secretly, during the week. Plus, the forecast in Paris the past week was cloudy and rainy, which is down the best excuse to escape.

The beautiful sun glow casting down us was the perfect reason to get out of my wardrobe this amazing grey lace top, which is down over sexiest and classic as well. Those photos are undoubtedly dear to me, finally getting out of the blogger frame and laughing without excuses.

  • GlobeTrove

    I love the candid photograph where you are laughing. It is really gorgeous and it is a pic that made me smile. Lovely attire by the way!

    • One of the best she took actually! It’s a pic that made me smile either! Thanks! x

  • Love your outfit, so chic yet comfy for traveling. And the weather looks gorgeous. I am so happy that spring is already here.

    • The weather was amazing! Spring is making me joyful! Thanks Veronika! x

  • Kris M.

    That’s a perfect travel outfit. I love pairing cute clothes like that with sneakers.

    • Yes Kris, comfy and minimalist! x

  • ADULT SPRING BREAK is a funny concept. Treating yourself is never a bad idea especially when Travel is involved!

    • Aha, for me it was the right concept to come with, since it was definitely the one I wanted to live! x

  • We all deserve a spring break and take a few days off work, go travel somewhere new. You seem to have had a great time in Italy, and Milano is a great destination if you are looking for culture.

    • So true Joanna, it’s just brighten everything! Milano was amazing, but even for culture, I’ve heard Florence was the best place in Italy to go to! x

  • Chloe

    I never thought of that before but you’re right, everyone of every age deserves a break for sure. We all need one. I love your outfits too

    • Yes Chloe! Spring break is for everyone! x

  • Amy Chiang

    We absolutely need breaks as an adult! Our brains can only handle so much, that’s why travel is necessary for me. Also, I recently bought a pair of old school adidas like I used to wear in middle school and I love them!

    • Yes Amy, we really deserve one break since we can handle work continuously without having a moment of spare time. Travel is indeed also a must for me! Oh you did? Best purchase! x

  • berlin domingo

    We need a break. Now this post makes me.wonder, why we adults – moms to be speciiffic – do not have a break? Or perhaps we have the liberty to find our break. We just prefer to be with our family and serve them.. but seriously, I think I need to find some me time as well.

    • We should, definitely and especially moms. I don’t think as a mom you should only thing to serve your family and be there for them 24/7, because as a human being, you need a break, sometimes everything is too much to handle, so that’s definitely important! x

  • sophie

    Spontaneous that’s word! and that’s the thing which you must have in your travels. if your travel is not spontaneous then there is no point doing it. your article made me go to Miami , let’s see if I do it tomorrow 😀

    • Yes, the word was extremely chosen, since the booking was spontaneous and you’re totally right : why would we travel if we didn’t have the urge envy to do so! No way? I hope so! x

  • Hang Around The World

    We really need a break but in our traditions we don’t have a Spring Break. You have chosen a great location and we say this not only because we are Italian haha Love your photos!!

    • Yes, in Europe we don’t have it, and I do feel bad there’s no such thing like this. Thanks Amalia and Paolo! Coming from Italians, I do blush! x

  • Adrianna Vogel

    seems amazing! We all need a spring break to charge our batteries after winter 🙂 You looked great! Love your photos!

    • Yes, yes and yes Adriana! Thanks!! x

  • silvana

    My sweet Milan and Castello Sforzesco! You could not choose a better place for a short break and a photo reportage!
    I love your outfit: sexy and feminine but played down the white Adidas. I also want to take something like this for my travels with a backpack!

    • Yes Silvana! But one of the best spot was def’ Il Duomo, I fell in love with the terrazze! Thanks! I also try to create a balance between my neutral minimalist fashion style and comfy shoes! x

  • Bruce Schinkel Jr.

    this looks like such a fun break … you’ve inspired me to take more of my own!

    • Thanks Bruce, and I’m so glad I did! That’s why I’m sharing everything here! x

  • Lena Dre

    oh how I wish I could do that … having short trips is awesome, taking a short trip spontaneously is the cherry on the cake! I am happy for you that you could do and that you did it. And: that you obviously had a great time!

    • I book it without thinking, since I really needed a break, and short trips are definitely the best. I had such a great time, and more posts are coming, regarding the places and all! x

  • Anita Sane

    I like your idea of taking spontaneous spring break. I fully agree that Milan is perfect place for that. I just love Italy and Italian food.

    • Italy and italian food are the deal, and it was the best one for a spontaneous short trip! x

  • Agnes Aasmaa

    Absolutely agree! Why shouldn’t adults take a spring break? And Milan is a nice choice to have one with good food, good wine and plenty to shop. PS. Love tour top 🙂

    • Yes Agnes! Good food, good wine and Fashion city as well! Thanks for the outfit! x

  • Taking a spring break is a really fun idea and why not? Milan is a great place to go and I wish that we got a chance to go there during our time in Europe.

    • Yes, Milan is quite an amazing place to go when you want to have a spring break, and whilst visiting Europe, and Italy, some places are so interesting to fly to such as Rome, Milan and Florence! x

  • Marissa Abao

    Spring break is for everyone. I like to travel and have a getaway spontaneously from time to time. It takes away the rigidity of our everyday lives unless you are a world traveler by profession.

    Iza c/o Fill My Passport

    • It’s so true Marissa; it’s a moment we should have from time to time! x