The Real Cost Of Travelling On A Budget

¦ We all want to travel the world, and

have an amazing travel experience without spending a fortune.

In blogging (and any industry really), travelling has became somehow something one’s wants to be able to enjoy every other day. For the longest time, I was afraid to travel alone, getting lost in airports and lacking the ability to navigate through a city. It’s all in the past. I’ve actually learned that unplanned, surprising adventurous trips allows you to grow on the inside out. Even tho if you’re a student, and you’re on a budget, there are ways to feel the adventure. Here I leave with the real cost of travelling on a budget. 

#1 Being flexible

One of my first tip about travelling on a budget is being flexible. Either way in terms of destination or moment, you can find great flight deals. We can’t all travel last-minute, so we all know the last-minute deals would be attractive, but you might want to plan everything in advance. Try travelling off-season, and some destinations do have cheaper fares. Travelling through Europe is rather cheap, and taking advantage of a nice fare would let you explore a city you didn’t think to explore before. Flights within Europe are usually cheap. Another one would be to travel to Southeast Asia or Middle East.

#2 Learn how to fly

International and domestic flights can often be the most expensive part of your plan. Many airlines allow you to make stopovers, and you definitely should take advantage of those combine trips. Having your trip stops for a 24H stops for a minimal extra cost is another way to spend a few days whilst you’re on your way to Australia. My favorite way to search for flights is Skyscanner, and it might be confusing at first, but once you get the hang on it, it would your first tool to use. Take also advantage of stopovers: it allows you to add another city or country into your trip without paying much for extra flights.

*If you’re flying to Europe, EasyJet and Icelander offer a great stopover program.

#3 Don’t get fancy

Booking hotels can be another expensive point in planning a trip. As everyone, I like to stay in nice places, but it doesn’t mean it has to a dump. I like to book a nice hotel or a place, and if you’re flying to SA, you’ll always find a place, since even thing is way cheaper – find pretty reasonable prices for fancier hotels, and especially off-season.

When you’re staying in a hotel or hostel, be sure to check out Tripadvisor, and Airbnb comments. If you’re on a budget, having a place where there’s a kitchen would always be useful : you can store food and prepare meal, which mean you can cut down one food costs.

As for Europe, if you’re travelling solo, I can recommend hostels and you should look through Generator Hotels.

If you’re travelling through Middle East, I’ve stayed at a bunch of places, but the Abraham Hostels is definitely one of the best I’ve stayed so far.

¦ Decision-making & having faith in your choice will allow you to grow inside out and is a key skill to set up yourself whenever you feel like it. 

#4 Do your research

When you’re travelling on a budget, you’ll need to do a bit of a research: activities, food and shopping can be pricey. Starting point: Bloglovin, where you can cast all the posts bloggers have written about your destination and check out which place you should definitely check out. Of course, as bloggers, check out Instagram using the proper # corresponding to the city you’re planning to visit. Second, you can use Wikitravel: they broke down every city by budget, with thousands of information. If you’re on a strict budget, you can research the cheapest option for mundane things such as travelling from airport; finding grocery stores next door to your place and where you can stay. Ask your Airbnb host for local recommendation, which is also a great way for finding cool place, authentic one. If you’re taking time to plan such things, you won’t stressed out to find options last minutes and ending up at pricey restaurants.

#5 Stay organized

Create spreadsheet and budgets for your travel expenses, and if you’re not doing this already; it can be very helpful to make sure you’re keeping tracks of your costs. Seeing everything in one place is a life savior, and you’ll be able to see how much the total of you trips will cost, as well as how much spending money you have.

#6 Conversing with locals

When you’re flying to a place, there’s not a Lonely Planet that would ever know the city better than the people living there. You’ll be surprised how a simple question can lead you to interaction with people you’re meeting abroad. Those are the people you should trust and turn when you want to see the « Must see » to your to-do-list. Try Pinterest also, since there are some really good informations hidden through the verticals there.

Locals know how to avoid tourist traps and will make your travel a rich experience.

Hoping those tips have helped you planned your next trip, or inspire you to travel. Everything is possible, even cross an ocean without a ton of money. If you have any of your own tips on how to travel on a budget, leave a comment! Next stop… Milan, Italy!

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  • I agree with every one of your points here. I don’t travel much, but when I do, I make sure to make the most of it. ☺ like when I went on my first solo trip late last year, I went for nice but cheap dorm/hostel accommodation and saved quite a lot than if I went for a standard hotel room. It’s indeed a matter of being flexible and adapting as the situation sees fit.

    • I totally get you Nathalie! How was it? Where did you go? I’m so interested in that, since I’m planning mine in Australia! Yes, it’s so important to adapt in those situations! x

  • Adel C

    I agree with all your points and tips here. And I do all of them by the way. That’s how I sustain my lifestyle and still do a bit more of travelling than most of the people around me. Of all these 6, I must say that getting feedbacks from the locals is the best. They can help you out and save time, effort and money in so many ways during your trip. Great posts!

    • Adel, we’re on the same page tho! Getting feedbacks from the locals is definitely my fav one, because they will always help you and give you advice to where to go and eat and wander! Thanks! x

  • Ellis Veen

    Great tips. I always stay in dorms and that saves me a lot of money. Using public transport rather than taxi’s and I agree with getting feedback from the locals. They often know good and cheap places to eat.

    • You’re right Elis, if you’re able to handle it, that’s such a good one for saving money! They also have the best tips tho! x

  • Kendal Karstens

    Some of my favorite travel memories are from last-minute decisions, spontaneous spots, and tourist recommendations!

    • Some of mine too Kendal! x

  • Thank you for sharing your tried and tested travel tips. I also agree that the best way to see a country is usually based on recommendations by locals.

    • Yes Suzanne, I couldn’t agree more! x

  • meljc

    These are great tips! I just learned about skyscanner and I’ve been putting it to use. We also prefer VRBO/Airbnb for easy kitchen (and laundry!) access.

    • I haven’t heard of VRBO? I use Airbnb all the time since it’s so nice to be able to cook without ending in restaurants everyday! x

  • Ivana

    These are some awesome tips! I, too, use Skyscanner to try and find the best combination of flights. It’s a great tool!

    • I use it too Ivana, it’s my favorite one to book flights! x

  • I definitely agree with all of these! A lot of my friends wonder how I travel on a budget but they don’t realise all the “sacrifices” I have to make… Being flexible is such a great one – I love just seeing where my budget takes me and I always end up having a good laugh. Another one I’d add is travelling off season 🙂 especially in Europe, it’s a winter wonderland in some places.

    • People don’t realize what it means to travel on a budget, because I guess they don’t have the travel bug, and that’s such a thing hard to understand for millennials now. For them, we’re crazy people spending money for no reason… they just don’t know how amazing it feels to cross an ocean! It’s so true, when you’re on a budget, it’s going to take you some places you never thought about before! It’s also so important to travel off season in Europe – less tourist and winter isn’t that bad! x

  • Mes Voyages à Paris

    Nice pic babe! And great post, thanks for sharing!
    Mónica Sors

  • These are great tips for anyone who plans a trip.Travelling on a budget is always good.So,you can use the savings for another trip or you can use the savings from the flight tickets etc for other costs such as hotels.Spending with locals is interesting.And also,that saves money.
    -Amila Wickramarachchi

    • It’s so important when you’re broke, and being on a budget is a common thing now, since obviously everyone’s living on a budget – crisis and all – but the determination for travelling is not about to die soon enough! Spending times with locals is one of the best thing I’ve ever experienced tho! x

  • KT Peralta-Nielsen

    Thank you for sharing these tips. I really need this especially so that I am planning a trip to Prague for me and a relative. My husband and my daughter will not be traveling with us because they will be staying in Copenhagen so it will be quite a challenge. Our target will be to “adventurers” for a week, not really luxury travel as a matter of fact. So yes, we will be exercising our budgeting skills.

    • I’m planning a trip to Prague also KT! That’s the best kind of adventures, and there are so much things to do in Prague! Let me know! x

  • These are awesome tips! I am even more determined to travel to europe on a budget… i couldnt agree more that uou can cross the ocean without tons of money… it’s a matter of budgeting and being smart oon the spendings… thnaks so much!!!!

    • You should Erica, and I’m so glad that helped you! So happy you loved it! x

  • Excellent tips! Doing my research and reading blogs have saved me bunch of money. Also, being flexible is a great one. Once I must fly from Helsinki to New York in New Year’s Eve that cost me over $850 for one-way ticket. Yep that’s freaking much. When I flew back and was super flexible with my date and time I got an Iceland air one-way flight under $300 with two suitcases included. What I would add to your list is knowing where to book your flights and accommodations. The prices might vary a lot between different booking services.

    Nora /

    • Thanks Nora! Yes and yes! Reading blogs and being flexible is such important when you want to travel the world and you’re broke! What? 850$? Are you from Helsinki? It’s so interesting and yes, I totally agree. The prices are so different from one booking service to another! x

      • I’m not from Helsinki but I’ve been living in Finland most of my life (and only international airport here is in Helsinki, the capital, haha!). I live in 20 minutes from Helsinki at the moment. 🙂

  • orana velarde

    These are very good tips for solo travel on budget. I have never ever planned any trip to this extent since I just go along with whatever my husband has organized. I’m a lazy traveler jajaja. Maybe one day I will start traveling solo just for the sake of experience. All the best!

  • Bea De Guzman

    I have to agree with all your tips! It will all boil down to research. If you want a budget travel then you must exert some effort in googling and reading blogs and reviews on the place you’ll be going. But some travelers love being spontaneous, booking a cheap ticket and come what may when they get there. I’ve tried that once and I spent too much.

  • Amber Groce | A Resort Rendezv

    Flexibility is huge for traveling on a budget. Skyscanner is one of my favorite apps!

  • Dariel Lim

    Great tips! I usually do a lot of research before my travels and book my adventures way in advance which have helped to save quite a bit of money. I also use skyscanner to check and compare air ticket prices.

  • Good tips for the newbie traveler. I really have to jump on the Skyscanner bandwagon!!

  • Jean Bean

    These are some great tips and tricks!

  • Some really great advice! I’d have to agree with you on each of your tips! I love making the most of a stop over on those long flights and definitely recommend purchasing a ticket that allows for it and includes accommodation too!
    Kristie – you.theworld.wandering