The Real Cost Of Travelling On A Budget

¦ We all want to travel the world, and

have an amazing travel experience without spending a fortune.

In blogging (and any industry really), travelling has became somehow something one’s wants to be able to enjoy every other day. For the longest time, I was afraid to travel alone, getting lost in airports and lacking the ability to navigate through a city. It’s all in the past. I’ve actually learned that unplanned, surprising adventurous trips allows you to grow on the inside out. Even tho if you’re a student, and you’re on a budget, there are ways to feel the adventure. Here I leave with the real cost of travelling on a budget. 

#1 Being flexible

One of my first tip about travelling on a budget is being flexible. Either way in terms of destination or moment, you can find great flight deals. We can’t all travel last-minute, so we all know the last-minute deals would be attractive, but you might want to plan everything in advance. Try travelling off-season, and some destinations do have cheaper fares. Travelling through Europe is rather cheap, and taking advantage of a nice fare would let you explore a city you didn’t think to explore before. Flights within Europe are usually cheap. Another one would be to travel to Southeast Asia or Middle East.

#2 Learn how to fly

International and domestic flights can often be the most expensive part of your plan. Many airlines allow you to make stopovers, and you definitely should take advantage of those combine trips. Having your trip stops for a 24H stops for a minimal extra cost is another way to spend a few days whilst you’re on your way to Australia. My favorite way to search for flights is Skyscanner, and it might be confusing at first, but once you get the hang on it, it would your first tool to use. Take also advantage of stopovers: it allows you to add another city or country into your trip without paying much for extra flights.

*If you’re flying to Europe, EasyJet and Icelander offer a great stopover program.

#3 Don’t get fancy

Booking hotels can be another expensive point in planning a trip. As everyone, I like to stay in nice places, but it doesn’t mean it has to a dump. I like to book a nice hotel or a place, and if you’re flying to SA, you’ll always find a place, since even thing is way cheaper – find pretty reasonable prices for fancier hotels, and especially off-season.

When you’re staying in a hotel or hostel, be sure to check out Tripadvisor, and Airbnb comments. If you’re on a budget, having a place where there’s a kitchen would always be useful : you can store food and prepare meal, which mean you can cut down one food costs.

As for Europe, if you’re travelling solo, I can recommend hostels and you should look through Generator Hotels.

If you’re travelling through Middle East, I’ve stayed at a bunch of places, but the Abraham Hostels is definitely one of the best I’ve stayed so far.

¦ Decision-making & having faith in your choice will allow you to grow inside out and is a key skill to set up yourself whenever you feel like it. 

#4 Do your research

When you’re travelling on a budget, you’ll need to do a bit of a research: activities, food and shopping can be pricey. Starting point: Bloglovin, where you can cast all the posts bloggers have written about your destination and check out which place you should definitely check out. Of course, as bloggers, check out Instagram using the proper # corresponding to the city you’re planning to visit. Second, you can use Wikitravel: they broke down every city by budget, with thousands of information. If you’re on a strict budget, you can research the cheapest option for mundane things such as travelling from airport; finding grocery stores next door to your place and where you can stay. Ask your Airbnb host for local recommendation, which is also a great way for finding cool place, authentic one. If you’re taking time to plan such things, you won’t stressed out to find options last minutes and ending up at pricey restaurants.

#5 Stay organized

Create spreadsheet and budgets for your travel expenses, and if you’re not doing this already; it can be very helpful to make sure you’re keeping tracks of your costs. Seeing everything in one place is a life savior, and you’ll be able to see how much the total of you trips will cost, as well as how much spending money you have.

#6 Conversing with locals

When you’re flying to a place, there’s not a Lonely Planet that would ever know the city better than the people living there. You’ll be surprised how a simple question can lead you to interaction with people you’re meeting abroad. Those are the people you should trust and turn when you want to see the « Must see » to your to-do-list. Try Pinterest also, since there are some really good informations hidden through the verticals there.

Locals know how to avoid tourist traps and will make your travel a rich experience.

Hoping those tips have helped you planned your next trip, or inspire you to travel. Everything is possible, even cross an ocean without a ton of money. If you have any of your own tips on how to travel on a budget, leave a comment! Next stop… Milan, Italy!

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