How To Make A Minimal Outfit Stand Out

How do you stand out when your wardrobe is full of minimal and basics? I’m hearing ya! Dressing minimal doesn’t mean dressing boring, because you have to remember it’s all about making a statement. Indeed, dressing minimal might mean being underestimated regarding your wardrobe and your day-to-day outfit, but if you want to prove them wrong, being understated in itself is a statement. So, how do you style your outfit, staying minimal, and still making it stand out? 

  1. Make it your hero! Your outfit should be all about your hero, and one way to make a minimal outfit stand out is by adding a statement piece to it. How so? It can be a top with an interesting structure, or an unexpected texture. Turn over their underestimated opinion by making your statement piece your hero piece. Case #1; this off shoulder top with its puffy sleeves is definitely an eye-catching item. In my minimal world, it might underestimated, but it’s still upgrading the outfit to another level. 
  2. Think minimal statement as the first step. Okay, so let’s be clear, there are basics and there are statements pieces, and you should make the difference between both. Building your wardrobe around ‘basics’ doesn’t mean you gotta to own only white and blacks basics tees. Think of basics as the one holding up the fort (am I being clear with the analogy?), something you can build around whilst you’re adding your hero piece to. Therefore, the more standout your piece will be, the more the rest of your outfit should be minimal. Because this off-shoulder top is already a statement in itself, I opted for a pair of black skinny jeans. Keeping all accessories low-key with gold earrings and a simple envelope black Lancaster hands off bag.
  3. Build around your statement piece. One statement is enough, why? Because adding another statement item to jazz a supposedly boring outfit won’t work. You’ll look so much more put together if you’re building your outfit around your statement item. Also, starting from your statement item is giving you a heads up from where to start, when you still don’t know how to build your outfit. 

Off the shoulder with neckline top – Zara
Skinny Jeans – Asos 
Open toes sandals – Zara (Similar here and here and here)