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The Black Lace Top You’ll Be Investing In This Season

Spending a couple of days in Milan, I was able to get myself reacquainted with layering and preparing myself, mentally and physically for the Parisian spring (a) and for this travel bug (b) I’ve been working with.

Lace top are a must, now doing a stock counts, and some styles don’t work for you, well invest into some new-go silhouettes. So, I’m going to be quite clear in my message that you should invest in a black lace top before becoming adventurous, and heading up for another color. I would also argue there are different types of black lace and tick off a couple of styles, a crop and mid length sleeves, before you’re going for this one. This might be a bit contradictory to the title of this post, but I’m here to help you in building up you perfect minimal wardrobe, and that means also ticking off your wardrobe priorities, and building your wardrobe from the basics, first. 

So why investing into both of these items above? One, a black lace top which is going to dress up almost everything. Second, a black overall dress, which contrary to whoever’s cliché opinion, is a twist on its own. So if you have already made the investment, knowing your priorities – building from scratch your minimal wardrobe takes you to start with basics – you should re-assess it and tick off the box. If you still feel there’s a gap that need filling, like myself, keep reading.

I’m going to blame Pinterest for two things above, having to climb those 259 steps of Il Duomo and for growing my interest into owning a perfect black lace top. Actually, it’s to blame for a lot of my current obsessions; but this image (black with long sleeves), this one (Duomo) and this guy (here) are reliable.

All cemented my obsession for those above and for the idea of owing a black lace transparent top.

The best part is that it’s all going perfectly with everything, and especially with sneakers. All lay back right? Paired with a skinny jeans, it does the trick of course, but let’s lift a casual look out of the unwanted un-stylish wanderluster look. You definitely can be a wanderluster and be stylish on the top of Il Duomo in Milan. It’s great to have this option, especially when you’re living out of a little suitcase for a week or more, when you want to stand out and look dressed up, casually. 

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