Why You Should (Only) Wear What You Love

Why you should only wear what you love.

What I learned from my past fashion faux-pas.

I’ve never considered myself as fashionable, meaning NYC fashionista whatsoever. In fact, I dislike the term, and I do feel it’s kind of an outrage to the Fashion sphere, and to whom ever has ever had an interest for Fashion. Indeed, for me, Fashion is way beyond clothes, and as you may have heard before, it’s an expression modus operandi, and I had many ill-advises misadventures fashion wise in the past. I learned from my so-called fashion faux-pas, and find out what my personal style is through those faux-pas.

Let’s start in middle school, my favorite piece of clothing was a green skater wool dress, that I could spin around tirelessly, and whilst taking advantages of my clumsy skills, I knew taking out a vase or two was worth it. All the others students were wearing t-shirts and jeans, but me, I was always trying to be a princess in my wool dress. Until, I couldn’t fit it in anymore, and I passed on to others blowing-mind piece of cloths.

Come High-School where I developed a relative awkward obsession over denim skirts paired with crop tops and wool sleeveless blue sweater. Despite being the cause of much fingers pointing from strangers, I wear embracing this “style” everywhere and every day.

Then comes uni, and things are getting hard than I imagined, and learning nothing about fitting in the crowd, discovering how laziness could ever lend you to the moment where you’re skipping from wearing denim length floor skirts to mini skirt because you might do as well – didn’t have heard of tiny steps back then – I didn’t feel the humiliation of being pointing at, unwelcome and categorized as outsider at Law School. Quite the contrary of being embarrassed I found out I didn’t have to fit in, and then came the moment where I gain pounds – my early 20s weren’t my best years.

Later, embarking on my legal career, deciding to take care of myself and embracing working out 6 times a week, I thought it was time to step up my game and enter the real adult life. I wanted to fit in, and be socially acceptable, but well, reading fashion magazines, looking up to relatives, even bloggers didn’t help me out, rather confused me.

Looking back at my fashion ignorant and lost self, I realized something I continuously ignored the past few years – I wanted to fit in so badly, I was ready to ignore my true self, and accept to be reduced to a transparent copycat of others style, whilst wearing cloths I couldn’t even bear to hold on. One thing I should have asked myself wasn’t “How X would wear this?” “Should I wear this? Is it appropriate?” “What am I supposed to wear”, but rather “What do I want to wear?” and “What is my signature style“.

Deeper soul-searching later revealed that, despite my previous fashion faux-pas, I am nothing more than a minimalist. I would rather wear something I’m comfortable in than wearing the last trendy dress, wanting to win this competition, because everyone wants to win the best dressed one. I would rather own a few things, and have a rack full of black cloth, well designed and feeling well put on, than a rack full of fast fashion cloths. Alright, so I wear sneakers, I do feel comfortable in those, and I also wear black lingerie paired with the simplest skinny black jeans, believing in casual cloths for all occasions (so what? I own them in neutral colors as so), because it’s who I am.

It’s not I’m an advocate of dressing traditionally. It’s not the time to judge personal style, telling you what’s right or wrong, but rather being an advocate of looking for your own personal style, and being okay with the person you are. Every other thing is not relevant. Rationally, context is important, and expressing yourself is important. Doing so depends on where you are, and wearing a full-dressed up gown at the beach is inappropriate – except if you’re shooting something specific, which I’ll say to a big yes – but I will myself wearing such gown in a tropical spot paradise easily.

I created Tomboy Chronicle to turn over the misconception of the fashion truth, expected to be out there. There’s no such thing as this – even tho I do believe Hogwarts is out there, no matter what people are trying to backlash at me. Your life should make your life easier and happier, and for that you shouldn’t feel uncomfortable to wear one look without other’s pointing to you. To truly express oneself through how we dress, is after all, your personal style card, and the final purpose of why fashion exists.

So go forth for it, find your personal style and be yourself. 

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Ruffle top  & Asos & QEDZara | Enveloppe bag – Lancaster | Jeans – Asos | Shoes – Jonak

Photography: Laury Bensoussan – Im149