A Quick Guide To Milan

As a wanderluster, there would be thousands of ways to visit Milan.

Ciao! I’ve been travelling the past week, taking a break from the whirlwind I’m constantly evolving in, and went to Milan, which is known for its Fashion week. Since then, I wanted to share my some of my favorite moments from Milan and countless memories I’ve made. 

After spending a couple of days in Milan with one of my best friends, a quick guide to Milan has to taken place upon this space. As a wanderluster, there would be thousands of ways to visit Milan, to wander around the streets, and to write down a supposedly simple article about it, as the thousands of travel bloggers would. We had 3 days, and it was enough to be able to discover and see the amazing gems this city holds.


There a hundred of hotels and AirBnB options in Milan, but we wanted to be in the center of the city  and still be able to enjoy a good hotel experience. Ibis, one the Accor Hotels, welcomed us amazingly, and we’ve been really enjoying the services. One of the main features this hotel has and why I would definitely recommend it would be for its localisation. It’s located behind Corso Buenos Aires, and it’s just 5 min walks away from the first Metro station. So you can definitely walk to Il Duomo on foot from there. They’ve also where there for any requests we had, which is such an important thing when you’re travelling, and want to feel comfortable abroad.


Shop on Corso Buenos Aires Milan is known as one of the four fashion cities whilst the Fashion Month is thriving twice a year. Admitting people are really fashionable there, shopping on Corso Buenos Aires is a must, since there are definitely brands you should take a risk upon. Such as 3iNA, Liu Jo and Intimissimi  – tho the Lingerie brand is beyond everywhere in Paris.

Navigate the Navigli If you have any opportunity to check this one out, you won’t be disappointed. We didn’t had the chance to buy tickets and navigate the Navigli since in April, it wasn’t the season to do so. It’s only working around Summer, so you might want to book tickets for this before. We navigate the hood on foot, and actually, it was such a cool opportunity to be able to visit this hood.

Had a break in Corso Como Corso Como is another hood where you can shop hundred of fashion gems, but here is not the point. This hood would definitely one of the best representation of Le Marais, really upon for Millennials, and youngsters.


Castello  Sforzesco Looking for blowing-mind things to see and do in Milan isn’t quite an easy task, since we are used to visit old European cities where the architecture is the main thing to look for. Milan was quite different than Rome tho. First thing we decided to go for was the Castello, which is located in the center of the city, always packed with hundred of tourists. It’s also holding the Michel Angelo museum (which wasn’t on our list). The Castello has a special vibe you would only feel whilst sightseeing through its centuries old pillars, stairs and windows.

Il Duomo di Milano Out of questions, and no discussions, take yourself to the rooftop of Il Duomo di Milano. Take the risk, and climb the 259 steps, and take a deep breath: sightseeing above the old architectural balcony of the Cathedral is a must. Either you’re turning your head right or left, you will find yourself speechless. Seeing Milano from above is out of any thing you’ve ever experienced. Disclosing how we handled ourselves up there, we kinda of privatise one of the balcony, and even for the sakes of the thousands of tourists at 9 a.m; we’ve had a shooting that turned out to be one of the best experiences whilst travelling. Then, you definitely can climb the other stairs, and you’ll find yourself on the top of terrazze of Il Duomo, which was definitely way beyond expectations. Picture two girls swirling in designer dresses on a rooftop above Milano.

Navigli hood If you have a spare time, there’s a neighborhood you should definitely visit: Navigli hood. We went early in the morning on Sunday, no locals were arounds and we just caught up on coffees places opening, which sounds like the best plan. As a wanderer, the best advice I could ever give you is to chase the morning, when no one is around and you can definitely enjoy the city.


Italy wouldn’t be the same if it wasn’t all about one thing, we all share, no matter our diets: food.

SoulGreen Vegan healthy restaurants are really hard to find, and finding a vegan cuisine who’s still amazingly good, is harsh. SoulGreen had just opened when I travelled there in April. The perfect mix between Italian & raw healthy vegan food.

Mantra Green Looking for the best zucchini pastas and avocado & seeds salads? It’s the place. Vegan, raw, healthy and welcoming.

Carmel Pizza Italy wouldn’t be the same without going on a food tour including pasta and pizza. Definitely one of the best pizza I’ve ever tasted.

10 Corso Como Milan, Rome, Palermo, Naples, Turin, it all comes to one thing for Italian: coffee, and they have the best kind down there. If you want to enjoy a coffee break in an hipster veranda coffee place, with coffee tables hidden behind giants plants, you should go to 10, Corso Como.

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  • Hayley

    Such a lovely guide, and your pictures are beautiful! Milan seems like a wonderful place to visit, I would go crazy over the food 🙂 Love that they have loads of vegan options!

    • Thanks Hayley! It is! Yes, because as a vegan, it’s so damn important tho! Xx

  • Adrianna Vogel

    Milan is such a beautiful city! I cant believe I havent visited it yet! Next time when I will plan trip to Italy I definitely need to visit! Thanks for great tips 🙂

    • Yes Adrianna! You should, it’s kind of an amazing place especially if you love food! Xx

  • Mariella

    Great guide! I visited Milan approx. 10 years ago and only stayed there for two days. I definitely need to come back! 🙂 I didn’t get the chance to experience everything that Milan has to offer in my short visit. Thanks for sharing. xoxo, Mariella.

    • Wow, it’s a long time ago, but you should definitely come back, there are so many things to do up there! Thanks for reading Mariella! Xx

  • Christine Morgan

    I have never been to Milan, but it’s on my list! Great Guide. Love your page and your photos are lovely!

    • Yes Christine! Thanks so much! Xx

  • Bri

    Beautiful photos! I hope to visit Milan soon.

    • You should Bri! Let me know! Thanks Xx

  • Nicole LaBarge

    Milan is so beautiful. Great photos. I hope to be there in April next year.

    • It’s just one of the prettiest place in Italy Nicole! I hope you’ll be there! Xx

  • Stacey Billingsley

    Your pictures are stunning! I would love to go someday! I really like your food pictures.

  • Diana C

    My mouth is watering! I loved Milan when I visited and LOVED the food there. One place I’d recommend staying at is the Ostello Bello – it’s super affordable and they serve free pasta every night (at least they did when I visited a couple years ago)! YUM! Also, your photos are so pretty, I love them 🙂

    • Haha Diana, so true! The food was AMAZING! Thanks for the photos! I should check out this one tho! Xx

  • Great post. The pictures are beautiful and the food sounds really delicious!

    • Thanks Danielle! It was delicious as hell! Xx

  • Leigh

    Nice list which would be very useful when visiting! I contemplated visiting Milan after leaving Switzerland this summer, but ultimately decided not to see too many countries in one trip. Italy deserves it’s own trip!

    • Italy deserves its own trip exactly, it’s such an amazing country and there are so many places to see! You should schedule one definitely Xx

  • The Castello looks great but a place I really enjoyed without any crowds was the Massive Cemetery that houses many famous italians, with ornate graves and mausoleums, it was a gorgeous natural setting to explore. It was in a guide book I remember which is why we went!

    • We didn’t go there, but it sounds interesting! And yes the Castello was completely booked with tourists, but I get it, because it’s a nice and amazing place to visit in Milan! Xx

  • Evie

    Such beautiful photography. I love your style, you visited some gorgeous places

    • Thanks Evie! Yes we did, it was amazing! Xx

  • Opium teahouse

    I’ve been to Milan so many times and yet I’ve never checked half of the places you mention here. I blame the Quadrilatero della Moda 😛 Love your style and photography! 🙂