How Do You Make Your Friendship Last

Growing up means business. Growing up means, also, growing apart from the friends you had in high school. One of the question I usually hear regards maintaining strong friendships with my girlfriends. Once you get graduated, married, have a job, settle, travel around the world, have babies, expanding your career… It’s going to be more difficult to spare some times for the important friends in your life, even the one whom you just met. Laury is one of those person you met, and you feel totally inspired with. Actually, she’s not a friend I got for years, and whom I met when I moved or whatsoever (I’ll introduced you to this one), but she’s the one who made it with me through the past months, and will remain very dear, if not near. On a recent trip to Milan, Laury and I decided to toast to our recent friendship on the terrazze of Il Duomo, celebrating the only way we know, dancing, twirling, shooting and so on and on.

We came up with 7 tips we think make your friendship last. 

1. Make a plan

Since Laury and I don’t live in the same country anymore, we have to map out and plan when we’re going to see each others, sometimes weeks or months in advance. Even if you’re living next to your old-time friends, planning a date with your girlfriends take a sweat. No matter what, we try to stick to the plan and not cancel. This helps to set a routine. And if we have to travel the world to meet – as we did last week – we keep this on. We do not pressure each other. We just take this on and on. Obviously, when the date comes around – especially with my two closest friends – I’m beyond excited. 

2. Set reminders

Friendships hold together due to honesty, communication and mostly caring. Indeed, if your girlfriend had a big appointment, or is sharing with you some important news, you should look forward to it. Set a reminder in your calendar for the birthdays, anniversaries and dates. Sorting this out make me able to not forget anything and special moments in my friends’ life. 

3. Loyalty

I am very protective with my friends, and I do have their backs, always. Honestly, I treat my friends as family, because for me, your friends are the family you choose, and I do feel it’s important to be able to be there for one another. 

4. Communication

Any relationships holds onto communication, and it’s the same for your friendships. Sometimes, we have different things going on in our life, but communication helps one another, and it’s so important to be able to count onto someone with whom you can share anything. There’s a reason why friends are growing up apart and don’t stay close, and I do think it’s all about a lack of communication. 

5. Keep up the social

When you’re living thousands of kilometers apart, and you don’t see each others on a daily schedule, use social media at your advantage. Leave supporting comments, tag them and engage on their social media channel, to tie up the communication more until you have the chance to be together. 

6. Don’t over think

Don’t sweat over miscommunications, or late texts you didn’t have time to answer or the time she didn’t get back to you. Even for the birthdays, the celebrations or the events she / you might have missed. After college, my friends and I have grown apart, because we picked different career path. Tiny things don’t make me over think our relationships. I’ve lived for half a year across the world, and even tho it was hard, I did manage to keep everything together. Just keep in mind, people’s life get very busy, and if you get upset for tiny things, the best thing to do is to be honest, talk about it and move on.

So even tho you’re growing apart from you old and closest friend, you would be able to catch with her and hold up onto this relationship. 

How do you maintain your friendship? Let me know all about your tips! 

  • Una-Minh Kavanagh

    Great photos – love the dress! Visiting Italy and Milan in June for the first time so really looking forward to it 🙂

    • Thanks! The dress is amazing right? You’re going to love it! Xx

  • Pack Your Baguios

    With the business of life, I have to make a point of scheduling in “friend” time. It’s so easy to let other commitments over shadow the time spent catching up or just talking.

    • Yes and Yes! We’re always so busy and we keep on scheduling stuff, and we forget about those who are dear to us. But it’s so important, and sometimes it’s what matters the most! Xx

  • I love the tips. It’s so hard to not take communication mishaps personally but you are so right! Just have to let those go. I too have some really old friends I’ve been able to keep in touch with. Thanks for sharing your tips!

    • Thansk Meghan, it’s so important for me for you guys to consider those and give me some feedbacks! You’re so right! Thanks for being here, and I’m glad you found those interesting! Xx

  • Sona Sethi

    Love the dress and the laugh. Your pictures look great. I wish I could read what is written. 🙂

    • Thanks Sona! It’s all in English, tho! You don’t have it in English? Xx

  • Adrianna Vogel

    I moved so many times and I made a lot of friends but unfortunelty its hard too keep in touch with everyone especially when you live in different continent and you know you might never seen them again. But your plan sounds great! Maybe I should use some of those tips 🙂 Great photos

    • It’s definitely hard when you’re constantly moving, and especially when you’re living on a different continent! I’d love to hear your feedbacks! Thanks Xx

  • Ipanema Travels

    Nice photos and maybe some good advice in the post, but what’s the connection between these two?

    • The connections between the photos and the post? It’s simple, Laury is one of the closest friend I have, and she just decided to live abroad, and as so, we keep scheduling and making time to catch flights and see each others’ ! Xx

  • John

    Looks like you two are having a great time. Making time to have fun with your friends is so important!

    • We had John! It’s so damn important, you’re right! Xx

  • Lovely photographs and love your dress too. It seems you two had a great time together. It is very important to set aside some friend time in your busy schedule.

    • Sure, we had an amazing time! Of course, because they definitely are the ones who are going to last! Xx

  • The last part is so required as half the issues start with that… Overthinking. It just leads to unnecessary stress in a relationship. It also, makes you feel as if you are taken for granted. Glad you put that out

    • It’s so true Ami! Overthinking led to complications and misunderstanding, and that’s why I try from now on not to overthink everything! Yes! Thanks Xx

  • Chiara Cisario

    I loved the photography in this post 🙂 It looks like your having a really great time, also love your tips about friendship!

    • Thanks Chiara! We had so much fun in Milan! Xx

  • I love this post – it’s true, even without the distance life can get in the way of friendship, despite our best efforts. You have to make sure you are creating space for your friendships to thrive.

    • Thanks Sam! Life gets in the way of friendship and sometimes it takes a lot of efforts to make it okay, but it worth the drive Xx

  • Christina

    The Duomo in Milan is beautiful. We saw it last summer. It is very true that staying in touch with your long time friends can be difficult but making it a priority in your life is important. Setting reminders to call or text has helped me in the past as well.

    • Yes Christina, Milan is incredibly beautiful. As for staying in touch with your friends, it’s so important and it’s even more than a priority, because we need our friends. Xx

  • Alice Cardillo

    You girls’ pictures are awesome, this place is incredible!! These are really good advices, I especially like and use the reminders for special dates, etc. I think it’s the little things that help… But still, being in two different countries is hard. My best friend has a difficult job so it’s hard to plan anything in advance, but can’t wait to see her!

  • Mary Graves

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