Introducing: Free Spirit Shana Elbaz

There’s been much discussions these past few months about what’s becoming of Tomboy Chronicle. And one thing is for sure – we’re hustling hard over the last year to evolve in the right direction, and for it to be more than a fashion blog and a complete creative space. We’re all about one thing: keeping fresh, inventive, attractive and keeping you inspired daily, so we’re putting forward outstanding personalities alongside yours truly to provide you with creative and thoughtful cool content. For you to stay excited and feel empowered, amazed as you’re walking through obstacles to success. 


Shana’s energy is contagious and she’s a kick-ass personality. Her ambitions are highs and she epitomizes all the qualities of a free spirit with a bold attitude from getting out there, and following her psychological studies in order to pursue her dream. Not only that, but she has the guts to write down everything she’s wearing on her sleeve regarding LOVE. Her blunt approach to yours truly has directly landed her to be considered for the next big thing on this platform and be able to count amongst the new contributors of this platform. As if running a kick-ass snapchat, her studies and her busy schedule didn’t keep her busy enough, she’s joining Tomboy Chronicle as a regular contributor. Here’s more about Shana down there :

#1 Describe yourself in 5 words

It ain’t easy to talk about yourself *laugh*. Describing myself in a few words would be more interesting upon people’s answers: sociable, curious, chatty, passionate, blunt

#2 What inspires you the most?

People. What do we, as humans, need ? We’ve all heard the words « All we need is LOVE ». Well, I won’t start singing « all by myself », you know… Humans and its powerful need to be loved, how love matter in all its form, how we feel it, how beautiful it is when it’s here and how miserable we are when it’s not… Happiness is You, Me and the bond we create with another one, which has the impact to improve oneself. Inspiring!

#3 Favorite life lesson ?

« True beauty is found not in how one looks, but in how one treats others » and I still do.

#4 Guilty pleasure right now?

Greed… I’m totally crazy about food…

#5 Last lesson you learned?

Interesting… Last summer I learned everything depends on the glasses you throw on whilst looking at some particular situation, which is related to the following action. Thinking positive or negative is just one’s choice and one’s sight. Pick the right one!

#6 The one garment that never lets you down?

Jeans of course !! It’s timeless.

Isn’t Shana just a bundle of inspiration? Be on the lookout for her first article on personal development the coming week! 

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