Jump, And Play

We’re digging the idea of ripping them off, but still liking the idea of wearing them on Instagram.

What a paradox to jump & play.

Despite the outbreak of our the new update, the release of this story is nothing but oddly timely. Jumping from one project to another, handling everything together which is accountable for me being reasonably sane, it seems 2017 has flown, but yet, the first quarter of the year seems more calmer. The primary reason for such a peaceful environment was the need to acknowledge the ephemeral passage of time. We all need to take somehow a minute to stand up and stop any movement. 

Cue to the main subject of this post, the aforementioned jumpsuit. The real one is the democratisation of fashion. Both are mainly sustainable, and on one hand, we have the luxury brands, which have trouble connecting with the mass, the millennial, because let’s face it, having to buy a $1500 sweater is not on the must-have list when you’re continually struggling to find a job or the ‘passion’ turning, hopefully, into one. Then, we have the high-street brands, which have by far made it, and producing a mass amount of runway copycat rack of clothing. On the ground of ethics and intellectual property, we’re digging the idea of ripping them off, but still liking the idea of wearing them on Instagram.

What a paradox to jump & play.

The reality is most of us can’t afford to spend $700 on a jumpsuit, because there are much more important necessities we have to be able to pay, or even joys. Food (sushi and coffee) and phone bills have to be addressed, but you probably won’t wear knotted crepe fine jumpsuit in a heat wave by virtue of it costing $700 in the first place. Over time, you’re learning brands are cutting their shirting for your shoulder to fit in proportion to your arm length, what pieces you really need to invest in for comfort and flattering your silhouette. What pieces you can trash due to the cheapness and the thread pulling out of the cloth.

Knowing how to jump & play, and where to put your hard-earned money regarding your clothes is quite stressful, because you never know if one piece is going to be worth it, or not. Branding is everything, and in reality, when designer brands are making you pay for any piece of their collection between $300-900, their quality of production would never let you know, for sure, if it’s quite well-managed, even tho you can assume, your purchase will worth a quarter of your paycheck.

Meanwhile, Inditex and Zara are thriving, and I am definitely in the same boat as all of you. They’re manufacturing amount of pieces, astronomical quantities to reach efficiency and productivity, sacrificing on quality et cetera. Of course, they are highly competitive, and they are obviously the best at what they do, which means they’re not sacrificing on a certain quality, which is for a lot of reasons even more attractive.

Yet, there is market for exceptional luxury brands, and as well, this boat had sailed, and still is increasing its revenue, but you have to make a choice – for it, I’ll advice to bet on the high-end, and picking on one-piece of cloth suiting you, more than an amount – such as this jumpsuit – pairing it with vintage accessories and a luxury-brand bag. But, nothing in between. There are some fabrics that will never let you down, and from whom investment means longevity and thoughtful purchase – as leather – but that’s all. 

Use it, deconstruct, wear it, recycle, add some details, nobody cares, it’s yours. Own it. Nothing is “of season”.

At least, it’s how I see it. 

Zara Jumpsuit (here & here)- Vintage hatPull & Bear Mules – Lancaster Bag

Photos by Shana Elbaz