2017 Summer Trends

Knock, Knock, Knocking on the door.

Summer is coming. As so, there are some current trends you wouldn’t want to miss the heads up, circulating the blogger sphere, and I wanted to take a moment to narrow those Summer trends down with you.

1.Off shoulder 

I just scored the one and only Tularosa stripped off shoulder top I’ve eyed for a moment! I do embrace the off-shoulder details, but the quite cool thing is the way the sleeves fall over the shoulders. 

 2. Slides

Nude sandals are always a summer favorite, and those blush slides are already been purchased due to the high probability I’ll wear them every day. Some of those are so not paired with a pricey hashtag, and I love when shoes are leather made and affordable. 

3. Lace details
I always thought lace tops are a fun way to mix things a bit, and it gives you some glamorous vibes you won’t find in any other fabrics. I love how Anine Bing cami fall over. It’s always my go to item to make a good impression.
4. Summer make up
One thing has changed in my skin care regimen these last past years, and it’s the use of Paï serum paired with this incredible lightweight SPF Estée Lauder foundation. Using this wonderful products (and the help of some Dermalogica ones), I have seen incredible changes. Yes, those products are an investment, but in my opinion, there are some products you need to splurge, when it’s worth it. 
5. Ruffles top
 I very affectionately call this top my go-to precious flattering one… and it might not sell them very well, but if you have ever tried one like this, you definitely know what I mean. Layered with some skinny high-waisted jeans, a lace bralette, it’s a lot less intimidating. Somehow, a fine chest has its advantages.