Dressed Up

Wearing: H&M Studio dress (similar), Shlomit Ofir jewels, Lancaster bag, Minelli sandals 

I’ve spoke about this many times, but something that can push me over the edge to decide to purchase an item is how many times I can style it, and make it feels different and fresh each time you wear it.

With a dress, you don’t get too many options, and this is just the way it goes.Indeed, there is something different each time I’m contemplating this dress and deciding to give it a shot. Having options is the best way to go for it, because there is always a good reason to dress up. 

However, with this H&M Studio V neck dress and its thin strap sleeves, you have the option to wear it with the V neck and be dressed up, or with a jacket to turn off the attractive vibes. We all have different body types and it might be more flattering for your shape, or vice versa. It is also as good as for a workday as for a play date. 

Shot in location at one of my favorite contemporary scene ; the Auteuil greenhouse located in the northern of Paris. The weather conditions were hot, and this shoot was definitely one I would never ever cross of my mind. As for being real, it wasn’t the first time we ever shot together, and we did this many times in the past couple of weeks, but since Deborah is in Paris, there was no way I would ever miss the opportunity to shoot a story with her. As so, coming up with creativity and mind-blowing art imagery, I though shooting into a greenhouse would be one-of-a-kind experience. And surely, I was right. To create art you gotta sweat. 

Photography by Deborah N Production

  • Jessica Barnett

    Girl! I love the black and green combo! You nailed it!
    That greenhouse is really pretty!! and that H&M dress, I am so going right now to look for it!

  • Olivia Aragon

    I love dresses! But trying to create different looks with them has always been a challenge for me… because of that, I find myself straying away from wearing dresses a lot. This dress looks great on you btw! H&M always has awesome options for casual clothing 🙂

  • Saidy Flores

    A absolutely love the way you put this together! keep it up <3

  • Allison @neversaydiebeauty

    Great looking, comfortable but stylish summer outfit! Wish I could pull off a look like that. Well done

  • Amy

    Me too, I love versatile clothing the best…you can dress it up, down, or change it up for the seasons. Black dresses are always en vogue 🙂

  • Alison Rost

    I love H&M’s clothes, and this v-neck is gorgeous. I love that it’s light-weight, and black always is a classic. Never would have thought about a greenhouse for a photoshoot, but it’s perfect. Everything always looks great against a backdrop of pretty plants! x

  • I love the simplicity of the black dress and the way you accessorized it with that cute bag and strappy sandals. It’s perfect for the summer.

  • Yeu Doi

    Great outfit. It looks very elegant and stylish.

  • Your photos are so cool! Thank you for sharing 🙂